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Abraham Hicks
Workshop Excerpt February 16, 2013 Long Beach, CA Session 3

Guest: Duality; I wanna know what's the deal with duality. Because if you say that there is no source for the unwanted then why does it appear in so much detail to the human senses as the wanted?

Abe: Because all of it is necessary for the figuring out what you want. Because contrast is necessary for focusing; if you don't know what you don't want you can't know what you do want.

Guest: But if it all comes from one infinite Source and that Source is all life, all love, all good; how can its opposite appear in the human

Abe: (interrupting) Because you have the ability to focus on all life, all Source, all good; or not.

Guest: But where does that ability come from if I only have what Source gives me?

Abe: You [humans] figured it out! In other words, it is in the human experience that you find ways to block the light. This is really good; this is the question that we've had for all of you [humans] for a really long time; why do you do that? (audience laughter) Why do you do that? Why do you do that when Source is flowing, why do you do that?

Guest: HOW can I do that? If I'm only what my Source created me to be, how can I do that unless Source is doing that?

Abe: Because you have the ability, you are an extension of Source, but you come into the environment to explore, to take thought beyond that which it has been before.
So the reason that Source would come forth in the likes of you is because in exploring the contrast there is enormous value. You see, the very premise of your question is that there is no value in contrast.

Guest: Yes!

Abe: That's the premise of your question and (audience laughing; Abe is miming shock and shutting down) We'll be alright (audience and guest laughing) How can there be EXPANSION without contrast?

Guest: That was one of my next questions.

Abe: Well, start there!

Guest: Can we use another format to expand from without the use of duality consciousness?

Abe: Nope. Deal with it. (audience laughs) So you're telling us just because you have trouble focusing you want everything to be shifted around so you don't have to think.

Guest: I know.

Abe: So that you don't have to focus.

Guest: Tabasco sauce in my pie; I know. (Guest is referring to an old Abe analogy of the variety of life experience and choices aka contrast each individually being like ingredients in a well stocked kitchen and a cook worrying that Tabasco sauce, because it is an ingredient in the kitchen, might accidentally get in the pie he/she is making)

Abe: Why does there have to be something I don't want? And I have to use the discipline of focusing? Wouldn't it just be better if there was just stuff I wanted? Source; you're pure positive energy, what's the deal here? Why don't you just be pure positive energy and why can't I just dwell in pure positive energy? And we say: Because then there would be no expansion. If you do not have something that gives you reason to ask for more, there is no more.
That's really big.
Your eternalness, our eternalness all depends, it all hinges upon this premise of expansion.
We're not making fun of you. These are the most well-spoken questions on this subject that has been confounding humanity from the beginning of time. And there is nothing more worthwhile to talk about, so we're not making fun in any way. And we appreciate your stubbornness; it just so far off track! (audience and guest laugh)

Guest: Okay, setting stubbornness aside, um

Abe: (interrupting) We can see how someone would say to their mother: "Mother, why do you present options to me that I wouldn't want to choose from?" But that is a very narrow world that is not needing to expand that much in that moment; but when you are a genius creator that's come forth into an environment and you want to be stimulated to new ideas; contrast is just the best thing, you know it. You wouldn't want to be in a kitchen that only had two ingredients.

Guest: Well, I think I'm missing something because; okay: Infinity precludes anything but itself.

Abe: That was, but; what does that mean?! (audience laughs)

Guest: There's no room

Abe: (interrupting) What does that mean?

Guest: There's no room for something other than the infinite one if life is infinite.

Abe: Well then that's a concept that cannot be. That's a concept that, there's a, say it again? (audience laughs) Infinity?

Guest: Yes, infinity precludes anything but itself because its filled all space, all possibility, all potential. Its the only

Abe: (interrupting) Then we're all done and we cease to exist in this moment. It's been great. (audience then guest crack up) But we're all done because infinity is finished. (Abe mimes shutting down, audience laughs throughout)

Guest: Well (pensively). Well, what is purity but one thing, not two? I mean, doesn't the Tao say "Not two"? Just one. One infinite one. One consciousness, one life.

Abe: One consciousness with one thought? Again; we're done.

Guest: No, infinite thoughts, but infinite thoughts of life and love.

Abe: But how do you find life and love if you dn't know, if you can' find [something else]; how do you do that? How do you know, how do you define something as wanted if there is not anything against which to measure it? And do we have to call that a duality or could we just call it variety? Could we call it options?

Guest: Well, when it's life and death; health and disease

Abe: (interrupting) Life and Death?

Guest: That's duality; that's the Is and the Isn't.

Abe: But again, no it isn't; there's life and life. There's life and life. There's only life and life; there is no death. There's life and life, but there's life that you are allowing to focus here and now and there's life that you are not allowing to focus here and now. You can't stop your life from focusing.

Guest: So there is just life.

Abe: There is life. So, if there is just life and there is just Source, are you satisfied?

Guest: Yes.

Abe: Good. Really good. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. (guest giggles)

Guest: Then why do I perceive, you're saying there's no source for the unwanted; why do I perceive the unwanted if there's no source for the unwanted?

Abe: Well, what we mean by that; you are the source of the unwanted. Your thought is the source of the unwanted, your beating the drum of the unwanted is the source of the unwanted, your getting the momentum going, your activating the thought which is the source of the unwanted, but what we mean when we say there is no Source of the unwanted is that there's no Source like as in God Source. In other words, there's this Source of well being, but there's not a Source of evil. There's God but there is no devil, is what we mean. Man is the creator of all that is unwanted and you explore it here in this physical environment.
But we want to come 'round to helping you understand that in that variety there is only value. So, you want us to say well, then if there is only value then nothing is every going wrong. And we'll go along with you on that; we want to say that too. We want to say that too.
So, let's proceed then. [Abe now attempts to reconcile Tao teaching for hotseater] There is One. So, there is one thought and let's call it God and then let's assume that all of us are part of that so we are still one. And now, we are exploring and we are focused upon pure positive energy and so we're still All One and we're still "good" (from the standpoint of what you're talking about) and now a part of that consciousness is born into a physical experience. And you gotta ask: Why?

Guest: murmurs affirmative

Abe: Because if I was [speaking for us] pure positive energy, then why would I expose myself to any contrast? We say: Because from that broader non-physical perspective you knew that the more would be accomplished by the exploration of more variety. In other words, you knew that by exploring that physical, which is the leading edge by the way; this physical place with all that's here, this is the leading edge. So, as you are exploring this variety and coming to yet new conclusions; that which you want to call Source, which is The One has expanded. So, you're right, you're right, you're right. Source is pure positive energy; flows here; flows to you; you're exploring and Source becomes more as a result of what you have explored and discovered and concluded and decided and wanted.

But now, the duality is introduced by human, by physical who is not now able to keep up to speed with the expansion that he has accomplished.

So then, your premise sort of sounds like: Well then we shouldn't have come because if we can't keep up to speed with the expansion then we've introduced an unnecessary duality. We say: Yeah, ya did but its not one that didn't give you benefit because that you are unhappy about caused an expansion of the universe which you now have the ability through focus to come back into alignment with The One about. And you're right, it does feel really good to come into alignment with The One, but The One that you're talking about is the one that came forth into the contrast. In other words, the contrast is not a bad thing, its just choices, you see.
That's really what we are wanting you to, when we say; There's no Source of badness and there's no Source of darkness; we really mean that. There is a Source of contrast and the contrast is all about the expansion, but we think its the devaluation, we think its the judgement that you are making about what the contrast is that is making you want to call it duality that you don't want to embrace. We promise you, you want to embrace everything about this physical experience. You would far rather have exposure to a lot of variety for the purpose of your and our expansion than you would want to just be born into a feathered nest. Humans don't know that when they haven't gained control of their thoughts, if you don't know about vibration, if you don't know what your guidance system is telling you then sometimes you do want to sort of close yourself off in the neighborhood that has walls around it or in a neighborhood that has a gate up that you need a code to get into. Or you might want to just hang around with people that you trust, or put your children only in the schools that you believe are the safest. In other words, if you don't know about your ability to navigate among all of this contrast by striking a vibrational pose that equals your point of attraction that brings you only what you want then we can see why you would have a problem with there being things that you don't want to see.
But oh! When you come into alignment with this knowing, then the variety thrills you; it never frightens you. It inspires you; it never makes you feel guarded. It uplifts you; it never makes you feel like you need to manage it or defeat it. When you come into that (pause) wholeness is a better word than oneness, into that wholeness of who you are, the wholeness of who you are and the wholeness of the frequency that you are, then you become like Source. You get such a synergy of pure positive energy going that anything that doesn't match it bounces off, bounces off. And that's why that which is good is dominant. So dominant that the word dominant doesn't even do it. The word dominant is not big enough to describe the dominance of well being.

Guest: Can I have one more?

Abe: You are a lot of trouble. (audience laughter) You are a duality we didn't count on. (audience cracking up, guest laughing warmly) You made trouble and you evoked from us the clearest answer we've ever given about that. Its a lot of trouble. But you evoked from us the clearest answer we've ever given. So we deem it worth it. Do you?

Guest: Yes.

Abe: So how are you going to feel about trouble that come to you? You gonna say: No! You should not be here; you might cause me to expand! (laughter) And I was happy. I was happy in my nest.

Guest: Yeah. (pause) One more question? I had a specific experience with my son and I'm wanting to know whether or not I have or am learning the lessons that was intended to offer both of us.

Abe: Well, you can't help, no lessons are being offered; you're not on trial, and you're not being given lessons. You're not climbing the rungs of an enlightenment ladder. But you are co-creating with other brilliant co-creators for the purpose of establishing more and more clearly what you want. 

So, out of the experience, what is your new conclusion about what you want? What do you now want way more than you wanted before you had that experience? Is there something? 

Guest: Yes. 

Abe: Then you are learning; then it was of benefit. If something came out of it that you want that you didn't know that you wanted then it was way way way way worth it. 

And so the next question is: Do you have the ability to focus upon what you now want? 

Guest: I'm working on it. 

Abe: Without holding yourself or him in a regretful-that-didn't-have-to-happen, that-shouldn't-have-happened-that-way. You see, we always enjoy so much when someone has 2 or 3 things that they want to talk about. Because they're always about the same things, just approaching it from different directions. This subject is really about your previous decision. You decided to believe that contrast or anything uncomfortable is inappropriate and the Source within you doesn't believe it. The Source within you knows that in discomfort comes stronger decision about what comfort is and about the comfort that is wanted, you see. 

So, you just get better and better at it so that you don't have strong discomfort. You get better and better about it when you accept the perfection of the contrast. That really is the reason that we are having this conversation with you. Because you want to, you must, you have no choice but to accept the perfection of variety and contrast. So, it must show itself to you. 

So, you say: "Well, I like it at the buffet; lots of variety and I just pick. And I have the ability to control my behavior. I can't really control what the cook did in the kitchen; might look good but not taste good, but I have some reasonable, I have control to not choose that again because that crazy cook makes it that way every time. So, I can pick around the buffet until I find the things that suit me. And, its a buffet of 1000 things and I found 5 that fit me. 5 delicious things in this buffet and I pick them every time. And I'm pretty sick and tired of them (audience laughter) so I think I'll go to another buffet. 

Uh-oh. Can't trust the cook in that kitchen either. I'm gonna have to just try it, gonna have to try it to see how I like it. 

Now, we're talking about something with action here but really; this is the way you are vibrationally tasting your way around the planet too. You are vibrationally tasting your way in and out of relationships, you are vibrationally tasting your way through life experience. And what we're wanting you to understand is that they way that we are describing this sounds like it is-what-it-is and you're just picking from among the things that are pleasing you, but THAT'S NOT DELIBERATE CREATION. Deliberate creation is getting out ahead of it. Deliberate creation is BEFORE you go to the place where you're choosing the food, acknowledging what a good feeling, good tasting meal would be like. By remembering bits and pieces of others, remembering that you want to be fueled and that you want to be energized and that you want it to taste good and you want it to look good and you want the environment to be delicious as you are participating in it. And so, as you get out there ahead of it and you find that feeling place and you find that feeling place and you find that feeling place and you practice that feeling place until you own that vibration relative to the selection of food or whatever the subject is, then you get an impulse, you get an inspiration. So your timing is right. You show up when the cook that cooks like you like is or you show up at the restaurant where the food that is prepared the way you like it is. In other words, you receive the inspiration that leads you to the path of least resistance for the results that you have already identified that you want. 

And it is so profound and so perfect that every one on the planet can have a different set of criteria and all could make their way to perfect moments in time and without demanding changes and differences from others. 

That you have the ability from your life experience, and we don't mean to minimize that; FROM your life experience you have the ability from your life experience to come to conclusions that matter to you, and you have the ability to practice the vibration of them until you own that grid and then you have the glorious experience of getting to watch the things that dovetail into your experience as reassurance and evidence. Evidence of the vibration that you have honed out of it. 

You see, the molding of the clay is the molding of the thought. The molding of the thought is the thinking of the thought. The molding of it is the thinking and feeling of it. Its the deciding of it.  

That's why as Esther stumbles across one of these thoughts that seems to just show up out of the blue, never out of the blue, always out of the oblivious; you've got some vibration going on and here it comes and so now's here this thought that you are participating in. Where did it come from, what duality brought that negative thought? Is there really some really creepy Source that wants Esther to be unhappy and so beams a negative signal at her and "We'll get her sooner or later; we'll get her, we'll get her" (audience laughter) "She can't be that sunshiny person all the time; we'll watch. We'll watch and we'll get her, we'll get her; ahhhhhrgh!" (mimes "getting her"!) Its not like that at all. It's just stuff out there, rivers and streams of momentum that you have the ability to tune into or not, you see. And oh! It is so delicious when you finally understand that you have control of the way that you feel because you have the ability to guide your thought.

We haven't talked about it here today but we want to. You have the ability to give your attention to thoughts for the purpose of evoking within yourself a feeling. You have the ability to do that. Sometimes, if the momentum is already strong, you can't do it right now. And that's what makes you object to something that feels like duality. Because its the biggest argument that people give to us when they say "Abraham, you say I am the creator of my own reality but I do not believe that I am because this is happening to me and I know that I would not have done this thing that I do not want to myself. So there must be another factor that you are not telling us about that's introducing into our experience this thing that we do not want." And we say: There is nothing that is introducing anything that you do not want into your experience other than  that thing that you do that is not letting what you do want in, you see. 

So, it doesn't matter how you verbalize around that; the truth of it is that you wouldn't know what you do want if you weren't surrounded by some of all of it [wanted and unwanted]. And there is an exhilaration that we can't even find words to describe when you just take at face value some of what you've heard here. And words don't teach so you had to have found some resonance with it; did you? (murmuring affirmative from audience) So that means that you do accept that you are more than you see in this physical body, and that you there is another part of you that is pure positive energy that is offering a signal against which you can measure your signal. That's what your guidance system is: a signal against which you can measure your signal. And when you are tuned to it the result is that you FEEL enlivened;  you feel really good. And when you're off the signal you feel less and less all the way to the point of feeling totally depressed. Totally pinching yourself off from that pure positive energy. So, since you now know that; do you? That you have the option of choosing something in between, you have the option of choosing something that feels better? Then you gotta ask yourself the question: "Then why don't I do a better job of choosing?" And what works against you are beliefs that there is a duality, that there are things that are preventing you from choosing. And then we say to you there's nothing that's preventing you from your choosing other than your own habit of thought, other than  your own momentum, that you can do something about. 

So, recently we've introduced into this dialogue the notion of going general. Getting general about the thing that bothers you. Getting general about the subject that you feel has you trapped in a vibration that is preventing you from getting what you want. So, as you go general, which means less specific, in the less specific there is less momentum. And in the less momentum there is an option for an improvement in the way you feel. So, the less you do that thing that holds the cork under the water, the more likely the cork will float (Abe is referring to an old analogy that our natural vibration is one that is high on the emotional scale, but our discord with Source causes it to lower like a cork being pulled under the water that would otherwise be floating). 

So, most of you have corks that are like this: you go to sleep and up they go, and then you wake up and down they go. And then something makes you feel good and up they go and something makes you feel bad and down they go. You sort of, you're like roller coasters, in that you focus sloppily with no regard to the vibrational content of your thought. And then we have a discussion like this where you are made aware of the vibrational content of your thought and then you decide that you can think and therefore feel on purpose and in the moment that you begin that then you are free. Because the more you deliberately allow your cork to float the more wonderful things flow into your mind. And the more wonderful things flow into your mind the better you feel. 

This is simpler than we are all making this out to be. The children have it figured out; the kids. The kids. They just: now what fun can we do, now what can I do that's fun? Now what can I do that's fun. Then they'll say now what would be fun to do. What would you like to do with me that is fun? These are the questions that, what would you like to do with me that is fun? [Speaking for adult responders to children] Well, you could clean out that drawer. (audience laughter) [Speaking for children] You're not fun! You're not fun. [Speaking for grownups] Yes, but it would be responsible. [Child response] I wasn't asking to be responsible, I was asking what could be fun!. And we want you to know: finding fun is the most responsible thing that you can do. Find as much fun as you can find in a day and do anything else that you have time for. Find as much fun as you can find. Show yourself what alignment really feels like and what a fun filled cooperative universe feels like. Show yourself how blessed  you are and how valued  you are and how smart you are. And show yourself that how disciplined you can be. Show yourself that you have the ability to choose a thought because it feels good. And if you get hold of one that doesn't feel good you have the ability to soften it now, to diffuse it. And that's why we play with you in the way that we do; we're not mocking you, we're not making fun of you ever. We appreciate every contrasting moment that you live. But we think that you've got your feet stuck too hard in the step one part of the three step process. You're exploring the contrast in a harder way than you need to. 

So, everything that we've said today, if you could walk away with a theme to this gathering, what do you think it is? ("Get out ahead" called from audience) Get out ahead certainly it. ("Feel good" and other responses called out from audience) ("Go for the fun, make fun" from hotseater/guest) So we've said all of these things and all of these things dovetail into the very thing that you (current hotseat guest) so starkly brought to us: CONTRAST IS GOOD! Contrast is good. Contrast is good. Contrast is the thing that propels me into the more. And if more is good then the thing that propels me into the more is good. So as I embrace rather than resist the idea; so that means that when I'm not standing in a place of where I want to be, am I in the wrong place? Or am I in a good place? Am I in the right place, you see. It's all part of it. You're not ever going to get it done and we think that's the flawed premise that so many of our human friends are functioning under: you've got some sort of a misunderstanding that you're supposed to get it done and that there will be this, what did you call it? This infinity (audience laughter) or this thing, this finally worked out, this finally worked out. And we say: Then what? Then what? Don't worry about it, its not ever going to be like that; you're always going to have stuff to do and the stuff that you have to do always has the potential of being surprising and delightful. 

Really good. 

Guest: Thank you. 

Abe: Yeah. 

(closing statement of this workshop is very relevant, click here)

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  • “When something really matters a lot,
    it tends to get really an inordinate amount of your attention. And when it´s moving into the direction you don´t want it to move, than that inordinate attention increases the momentum.

    And the thing that is so confounding about it, to you, that thing that makes you feel that disgust and rage is, a part of you knows, that it doesn´t have to be that way. A part of you knows, that you are smarter than this, a part of you knows that if you just could get hold of it and apply yourself in a different way-
    you could turn it around! We want you to make momentum your friend, too!

    The thing we so want to convey to you 
    in a way that you can really feel it, is that sliding in opposition to what you want does not indicate bad creation. It indicates strong determination!

    If you really want something, and you are focussed in opposition to it, it´s really really uncomfortable. If you don´t care at all, then your opposition- thought doesn´t hinder you, at all.

    And so, when you feel strong about something, as you do there is very very very good news, in that. And the good news is: There is strong, strong, strong, strong, strong momentum!

    Now we want to help you understand something about momentum! Because, so far in this conversation, it felt like we´re talking about momentum, that´s taking you into the opposite direction
    of where you want to be!

    But momentum -ahhhh- momentum is never ever taking you into the opposite direction of where you want to be! Hear this! Momentum is always source energy, moving towards something you really really want!

    But in opposite vibration, in opposing personal thought-vibration, the momentum that is really leading towards where you want to go, feels awful while you are pulling against it! Now, did you get that??

    This momentum, this is not a downward-slide that you are upon,
    this is an onward slide, this is the Universe lining everything up, to give you everything that you want! That’s what’s really happening!

    But where you are standing within it,
    and almost everybody would understand it- you are pulling in such opposition that it feels to you, that the momentum is going in the opposite direction- because you´re taking score of current manifestations instead of understanding the power of the momentum!

    It would be a little bit like, if you would be garnering the empathise, that you where going to shoot something far far far out into space- but so far, the rocket hasn´t been launched. So, it´s just sitting there- in a resistant state!

    In other words, it wants to go, but they got it all strapped down, and so it looks like it´s going to tear the whole launchpad up, if somebody won´t cut it loose and let it go- and that’s what we want you to focus on, here! This momentum, that feels like downward-spiral, is not a downward-spiral.
    It´s an upward-spiral, that you are not flowing with, yet. That´s all that it is.” (Date/place unknown)

  • The thought that you think, you think, which attracts to it; so you think it some more, which attracts to it; so you think it some more. In other words, when you have an expectation, you've got a dominant thought going on, and Law of Attraction is going to deliver that to you again, and again and again. And you say "The reason that I believe this, is because it is true." And we say, the reason that you believe it, is because you've practiced the thought. All that a belief is, is a thought that you keep practicing.


    Excerpted from the workshop: Indianapolis., IN on May 28, 2002

  • When you're vibrating purely, you get only what's a match to that. It's your ambivalence: "I like that but I don't like that... I like that but I don't like that..." that keeps what you like and what you don't like coming at you all the time. You don't have to "turn the other cheek" when you are in vibrational harmony only with what you want. Then, only what you want comes.


    Excerpted from the workshop: Chicago, IL on November 01, 1998

  • As you understand this law basis, then you'll say what you just said in slightly different terms.    "I'm looking to manifest something."  We would say,  "When I'm allowing the manifestation to be realized by me."


    Because you're not manifesting.  You're creating the environment that allows the manifestation.   


    And there's a distinction if you can hear that distinction.  It's not like you are going out and getting it.  For if that's your approach, then you're more aware of the absence of it.  And when you are aware of the absence of something you want, there is a big wobble in that (wobble in your vibration) isn't there?  So when you think about that contrast caused you to create a vibrational version.  And that vibrational version is ready for you.  If it hasn't manifested in only means you're not ready for it....  

    So your work is to create here - where your point of attraction is - a climate, an atmosphere, a mood.  It's like the scientists with their petri dish.  They create the perfect environment in order for them to grow what they intend to grow.  So you are creating the environment which allows what's in your Vortex to flow easily p- non resisted, non-restricted, non-hindered - into your awareness.  


    That's why we want you to accept that emotions are manifestations.  And ideas that come to you are manifestations.  That means the flow's going.  And if you would say, "Oh good the flow is going.  I'm getting the emotion.  I'm getting the thoughts."    Then the momentum would continue and you would get the full blown manifestation.  But if you say, 'Oh ya, I've got all kinds of ideas but it never shows up."  Now you've thrown stuff on your path of least resistance....  


    There's momentum.  When you feel good that momentum.  That means the manifestation is on its way.  When the emotion is there, that's a manifestation.  When ideas start flowing to you, that's a manifestation.  When impulses start occurring to you, that's a manifestation.  And if you keep that open, by not blocking it with your incessant looking to see if it's there yet, it will be there.  it must be there.  It HAS to be there.  It is certain to be there.  And instead of going from belief - to hope - to doubt, you will go from belief to knowing.  We want you to know it before it manifests.  Don't try to make it manifest to prove itself to you.  It won't.  If you need the proof before you believe it, it slows everything way down.


    Abraham Hicks, 2014-04-19 San Antonio TX

  • "Do you want to be influenced?  Do you want to be influenced?  (Murmuring answers in audience)
    It does depend, doesn't it?  So, you want to be influenced by your positive momentum? (Yeses in audience)
    You want to be influenced by your Inner Being? (Yeses in audience)  Do you want to be influenced by general
    intentions of Well-Being? (Yeses in audience)  Do you like the idea of just establishing that momentum and 
    then letting it play out in DETAIL that HAS to be pleasing, yes?  Isn't that the best example of momentum?
    So, is it possible to stop momentum?  Can you withdraw your attention from something and stop momentum?  
    Can you withdraw your attention from something and stop momentum?  Can you stop-thinking-about-that-
    thing-you're-thinking-about? (Audience laughter)  Or is there enough momentum in that-thing-that-you're-thinking-
    about?  So, do you think it's easier to stop thinking-about-that-thing-you're-thinking-about, or think about some 
    OTHER thing you're thinking about?
    So, are you just going to sort-of coach yourself into better- and better-feeling momentum?  Doesn't that seem simple
    enough?  And is anything really going wrong in your experience?  And isn't it nice that there's evidence of momentum
    all around you?  And that you get to choose what momentum that you are adding to?"
    ~Abraham-Hicks, Cancun, Mexico, 4/15/13
  • You cannot notice what-is and complain about it, and be a vibrational match to the solution. When you were living the problem, you were asking for the solution, and Source said yesimmediately.


    So, there's never a reason for you to be wallowing around in a problem for more than about a second? You can get so good at this that before you're even aware that the problem has gotten started, you've already got the solution under way.




    Excerpted from the workshop in Sacramento, CA on July 27, 2005


    When you reach for the thought that feels better, the Universe is now responding differently to you because of that effort. And so, the things that follow you get better and better, too. So it gets easier to reach for the thought that feels better, because you are on ever-increasing, improving platforms that feel better.




    Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on March 11, 2000


  • HS: ...the most extreme polarity, the most extreme contrast of my entire life....

    abe: Isn't it good?

    HS: It IS good but at the same time I feel like I have, I have the tools ---

    abe: --- it's only polarity if you choose the part you don't want and push against it. It's harmony if you choose the part you do want and align with it.

     ~Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA, 6.2.12, disc 1

  • You come together with, let’s say, one other person, just for the sake of a simple analogy.
    Who is dominating the vibrational atmosphere of the two of you? 

    Well, you might think whoever has the highest vibration. But it isn’t who has the highest vibration. It’s who has the most momentum on the disk they’re on.

    Isn’t that good to know?

    So if you...feel pretty good and you walk into a firestorm of your children, or someone who’s really got a lot of strong momentum going, you don’t stand a chance with them.

    Denver 8-17-13

  • May 18, 2013 disk 2 track 5 attached, is longer segment of above quote. In order to get all 12 minutes into a recording under 5mb for upload the quality was lowered for those that notice that kind of thing. 

    i thought i was past that from 02.05.mp3

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