• Because it works whether you know about it or not. You get what you place the most attention to, so if your attention is misdirected (worrying about failure, experiencing resistance etc) so your results follow.
    The 'law' exists always, whether you consciously worked with it or not :)
  • On other thing:  Does Abe ever discuss being able to help lift another's vibration?  For example, can we spend be grateful for their strong and best qualities, and try to help lift them?  Is this possible?

    • As for myself, I'm one of those who get stuck. I listen to Abraham on Youtube continuously. Nevertheless I figured out that I needed more than just listening to Abraham and the cd of The Secret all day long on a continuous loop. For myself I discovered I need like-minded people to come into my life and give me support as I also give them my support in their own Law Of Attraction quest. I sincerely do believe THE LAW OF ASSOCIATION is a necessary law for some of us. I think some people are able to make great progress all by themselves and are fine just logging into the internet and talking to others at a very long distance. And then there those many people like me...people who are struggling and who absolutely LOVE the LAW OF ATTRACTION but need a little more help in applying it. Christians have their churches. Muslims have their Mosques. Jews have their Synagogues. Buddhists have their...not sure what they are called but you all get the point. I have created an organization for us. It is my intention for it be in every major city and small town one day. For now it's in Pomona, California. If you're in the area drop in.



    This message is unbelievably helpful to me!!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to write it!

    It all makes complete sense!!  But, one question I do have is, what if these people are people we love, our mother, our friend, etc...?  But they are caught in a negative situation, they are caught in negative it wrong for us to only spend time with them when they are being positive?  Is it wrong for us to try and help if they call upon us?  Is the answer in drawing the line when you feel your own energy being decreased?


    What book or videos do you consider best for listening to on this topic by Abe?  There is SO much info out there, I wouldn't know exactly how to find it.

    • One thing about the Abe material...You can start anywhere you like, and likely find helpful personal meaning that relates to your  life and choices!  So.....just make a decision to  start reading and listening!  A good place to start...?  The files right here....Abraham by Subject...are excellent, and put together for us by our webmistress, Deliberate Creator to help sift through and focus on specific questions, specific concepts...

      My own fave "beginner book"..."The Law of Attraction/The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 

      As for your questions above...Abraham (the real expert we all turn to, here!!  lol) talks quite a bit about those and related issues, so start readinging!   Be easy on yourself regarding "right and/or wrong" decisions...Just start where you feel comfortable...Gradually, things will change as you decide to do things differently, and consistently choose to feel better and better...  :-)))

    • Thanks!  I've only been learning this for about 2 months.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed that people think negatively or just "i don't want..." that it is alarming and I fear us all drawing bad things to us.  Of course not all our thoughts are bad, but those that are or sort of scary!  So yes, I'd like to learn all i can and always learn to help those i love along the way.  Thank you for your help!

  • Re other "stuck people".....That's what reading and listening to Abe is all about, hey??....the details of how to get unstuck! :-)))))))) However, the details must apply to our OWN situation first.. Abe cautions that it is impossible! for any of us to judge even another human being..."there are just too many moving parts!" ....And because of that, AND that our own plate is already!! filled with our own creations and learnings...we just have to buckle down and ALLOW others their own course, decisions and actions.... It might be NOT this lifetime! that they figure out their own best course...or it might be in the next ten minutes! YOU, however, cannot affort to wait around until it's all "fixed"! Best to work on ourselves first...
    Regarding that NON-allowing "thing", ie., the habit of getting getting caught up in others' dramas: Remember that it's always your OWN drama you're creating, simply by giving it your attention. It IS always a personal journey we're on...and by getting caught up in others' (especially the) negative energy for more than a few minutes, BUILDS momentum of the similar-feeling "stuff" that you probably don't want to show up in your own!! life. Much better to imagine them in a positive way...with problems already solved, happy and safe, etc. Your own positive energy HABITS will help them more than anything! They will find their best path when they're ready.

    Worth a repeat: don't spend your "quality time" getting facinated with negative dramas... the HUGE reason being that you risk reproducing their ! worst stuff without meaning to....and if you keep at that, ie, you're just re-creating more of the similar-feeling problems and ENERGY BLOCKS in your own life...very tricksy, indeed! lol So...think about them ONLY when you can be, when you're in the vortex...OR, if you can't manage that, best to not think about them at's less destructive! (Now I'M getting too serious!! for my own good! lol )

    My GENERAL advice: Read and listen to more of the Abe material. You're bound to absorb the main ideas and make them absolutely central to your thinking....But in the meanwhile, it's tempting!! to revert to the older ways of thinking...because momentum that's built up over many years still has power over your choice of thoughts and feelings...and therefore, what you're creating in your life. All this takes determination and practice, but honestly, it gets easier! :-)))))))))) Fly Bright, Maia
  • Good point.  Because, failure is really just an idea and we can always turn our "failures" around.  They are never final, they do not define us.  True, true.  I guess I probably mean the people who seem to be "stuck" either unhappy, or not quite where they want to be and can't seem to get out.

  • ...or whether you BELIEVE in it or not!  lol

  • What IS "failure", anyway?! It pays to be cautious, at least observant in a neutral way, at least at first!...about the beliefs/vibrations picked up..adopted?...from mass consciousnesness, and held! to without regard to how they FEEL (ie., good or bad feelings)... The bad-feeling ones do have a way of severely limiting one's energy and creativity. For better Understanding of the process, try substituting Abe's concept of "contrast", specifically, what Abe says about why we should learn to appreciate it. Hint: Contrast is a chance to learn how to flow our personal energy, as it always! just gives us a chance to flow energy deliberately! "Failure" puts you into a bucket, is 'old thinking'?? Contrast is just a choice..... :-))) Read all about what Abe says about 'contrast' in the files....
    As for the 'why' part....Why does gravity work the same for everyone?? It's LAW...albeit 'natural law'. LOA is UNIVERSAL law, even more 'basic', and works for everyone and everything CONSISTENTLY throughout the Universe....The Abe-quote that comes to mind...."You get what you think about, whether you want it or not!" :-)))
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