• Guest: I love myself so goddamn much!

    Abe: Well we love you so goddamn much too. 

    12/04.2012 Phoenix AZ workshop Abraham Hicks Publications

  • ©Jerry & Esther Hicks
    Seattle, WA — 6/21/98 4
    Abraham: Step back from the details that are hammered at you in such distorted proportion and 
    accept that your Earth spins in its orbit—that’s big. That’s bigger than all the things... That’s
    bigger than all the things you worry about put together. Just think about the water content. That,
    too, is bigger than all the things you worry about. Think about gravity. That’s bigger and better
    than all the things you worry about. In other words, you have so many evidences of Well-Being.
    We can barely understand why you get focused on some little clump of something that holds
    you. It’s like all of the radio stations in the world pleasing you but that one, and every day you 
    listen to it and complain about it. There are 500 others. You say, “Nope. I’m going to listen to 
    that one until it’s off the air.”

  • Guest: Is it possible for me or any human, to look at everything through the eyes of source, through the eyes of love? Like, I look at a butterfly quite different than I look at a cockroach. And...(at a loss for words..)

    Abe: The cockroach is so appreciative of you though. (laughter) That was Jerry. (more laughter)


    Guest: Thank you Jerry...

    August 2012 Cruise CD 5 of 11 track 11

    Abraham Hicks Publications

  • It is easier to croak than to tune yourself to the frequency of source; in other words, there are buses out there right now. (smiles, audience chuckles) Run right over you and off you go. (pause for laughter) May 5, 2011 Abraham Hicks Publication

  • Hahahaha

    • Yeah, I don't take all their advise either. I had a surprise visit from an ex-bo last night. I sent him packing :) I've got kids to raise and have enough contrast, thanks. ;)

  • Q: There's someone in my life who's interested but I don't think he's the one in my vortex?

    A: Then use him for step one experiences to shore up the one who's really in your vortex.

    "I know that you're not the one but I think I can use you for data... and sex."

    Tarrytown NY 10/18/09

    transcribed by abequotes

  • April 21, 2012 San Antonio, TX

    Hotseater: So, my question has to do with what you were talking about earlier; by virtue of wanting something it's a reflection of the fact that you don't have it. So, how do you have something in your list of desires without the fact that you're back filling your grid with the fact that it's not existent in your life?

    Abe: Perfect question. No better question ever. We don't know.

    (audience laughs)

    Hotseater: Okay (mimes leaving chair and smiles, remains seated, everyone is delighted and laughing)

    This is hotseater one, 23 minutes into segment one here

  • Could a
    physical human believe so much in Hell that they
    create that for themselves in that future experience,
    so that when they emerge they do have a Hell
    experience, maybe even for a little while? And we
    say, not even for a little while. Because in the
    moment that your consciousness withdraws from the
    physical and you re-emerge, you literally become that
    Source energy that you are and idea of Hell, the
    absurd idea of Hell, is... really quite a jovial
    talking point, especially from the newcomers.
    -- Abe -- Portland, OR, 7/12/03

  • What is Abraham? Is Abraham a spirit? Is it what we
    call in the Bible an angel? What are...?

    Abe: We prefer spook.


    Q: (Laughing:) Okay.

    -- Abe -- Portland, OR, 7/12/03

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