Getting Back My Equilibrium

I feel like I've been knocked off balance -- out of alignment. I could use some thoughts on how to get back.I took a voluntary layoff from work. I'm fiddling around with a few online ventures -- not putting all my eggs in one basket. I know all of them require work. One of them promised to yield some fairly quick cash. But upon following the instructions, well, I have come up against all sorts of walls and hurdles.Now, I know that probably means something -- resistance on my part, for sure, but it just could be a contrast deal to help me launch better rockets.But I note that now, I'm not feelin' so good because the idea of quick income feels just a bit farther away than did before.So it's taking some doing/feeling to get to a place of peace and OKness with this.I want provision, I want income, I want my needs met, and I want to enjoy my life. I have a mortgage to pay, and my and my son's mouths to feed (plus the pied piper's followers who traipse through my house with 9-11-year-old appetites). So I feel a bit of pressure from myself that I want to let go of. I want to hear more Abe saying, "Time is irrelevant." Not only do I want to hear it, though, but I want to believe it and FEEEEEEEELLL it!!!!I guess I'm focused a lot on the "how." It's kinda scary to just take time to focus on "what," when a part of me keeps saying, "Hurry up!"So if you have Abe quotes or your own sage wisdom, I'd love to hear all of them, more than more of them, anything, everything -- stuff to sift through...And thanks.Mary Jo

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  • There is duality inside of trinity inside of duality again . . .

    We have a physical universe based on positive-neutral-negative, which is a trinity . . . but it exists inside a larger context of male-female, or masculine-feminine, meaning that for everything MALE there exists something FEMALE into which it fits -- the infinite "within-ness" of which I've spoken now on many occasions. Everything fits inside of something that fits inside of something else, and there's no end to it -- nor is there a "middle" or a "neutral" to it. You're either "inside" or "outside" -- there's nothing in between.

    Yet inside this "binary" there exists also a "trinary" of Positive, Neutral, and Negative, which manifests in many ways: The simple electrical circuit ("hot", neutral, ground); the basic atomic structure (proton, neutron, electron); the primary colors (red, yellow, blue); and let's not forget the three physical dimensions (height, width, depth) . . . not to mention the gravitational, electromagnetic, and thermonuclear forces . . .

    The "duality" of both a trinary and binary system existing simultaneously in the physical universe is inescapable. While the terminology seems contradictory . . . if you really examine what I just said, it's easy to see, and easy to understand. Because one lives inside the other, that lives inside the other, that lives inside the other, to the unending reach of All Things . . . so it's not too surprising that we, focused here in this physicality, have the same tendencies to swing from one extreme to the other, always seeking that "neutral" point where it's most peaceful . . .

    . . . where the pendulum naturally comes to rest . . . in the middle!
    • Well, blow me down! LOL!

      I don't want to try too hard to wrap my mind around this one, because I'm afraid if I try, I'll completely miss it.

      In fact, I think I will just sit here, in the middle, for now, and let this information soak into my female mind...LOL!

      Mary Jo
    • LOL! Yeah, let it soak . . . no need to get in a hurry!

      When in any doubt, "the middle" is probably the safest place to be.

      Once you've mulled it over for a while, you'll see what I mean . . . it's just the "within-ness" of it all . . . but if you pin me down on the either/or of "trinity" or "duality" I'd have to say "duality" -- just because I don't know what lies beyond the obvious fact that everything fits inside something else in this physicality.
    • I kinda thought the middle was a good place...

      However, if you're looking at something like bipolarism, I'd probably prefer the mania, LOL!

      I just hadn't thought a lot about things fitting inside things -- except for bowls and those little plastic barrels I used to have as a kid, where the very inside one has a little bear standing in it --

      I am familiar more with the idea that when you break everything down, all you find is space, infinite space, in between the actual particles that make up this reality...

      And that when you zoom OUT on things, what seems so HUGE to us is actually very, very small in the great, infinite scheme of things.

      Meanwhile, it's time for me to go leap into the middle of my bed...'night!

    • The point is not to get caught in systematic thought. The natural state of All-That-is is "Is-ness". When in doubt, be. just be. Instant relief.
    • Is-ness.

      I is.

      It is.


      What it is!

      It depends on what "is" is. Simple.


      You guys are great.

      Luv ya,
      Mary Jo
    • A-aahhhh, yeahhhhh . . . LOVE that IZness Bizness!

    • Breathe . . . just breathe . . .
    • 'Night, Sparkles . . . it's that time for me, too. Be back in a couple of days . . .
  • Well, as far as my experience goes, thinking you are off-balance and accepting that as a reality is what puts you off-balance. To restore balance, simply withdraw from the duality of balance versus nonbalance. When you let go of either-or and choose "as it is', you are then in unshakable balance.
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