getting in the vortex

Anyone want to share some favourite things that help them getinto the vortex? Mine is when I first wake up and my cat comes over for a cuddle. As soon as I wake up I'm straight there. It's such a great feeling and I'm pretty sure kedibey (Turkish for Sir Cat) doesn't understand the importance of this - or maybe he does, what do you think?

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  • I had a feeling that kedibey knows he is lifting my spirits. He has a that look in his eye, you know. I must go and find the abe recording on animals. Its interesting becuase in Turkey, as in other muslim countries cats are held in high regard as companions because mohammed has a favourite cat. He must have known.
  • egads i want to be in love and married! that's MY favorite way...the easiest way so long as the relationship is functionally healthy! and no shame...abe says that abers predominantly want bodily conditions, lovers, money, to feel good and for others to feel big deal, really. so nice that abe speaks plain.


    sometimes just waking up does it for me



  • Oh I bet he does. 


    My friends dog runs after me every time I go over, wagging her tail and jumping up to say hello.  The fun part is once I've past her, I can feel her teeth on my calf.  No pressure, just a nibble hello.  Almost a nibble with every step.  To me it's the cutest thing and such a sweet way to say hello!


    Babies too.  Always get me in the vortex, unless they're crying.  Fun! 


    Chocolate works pretty well too.  Soft sheets, ice cream, Michaels Rampages of Appreciation, especially the ones about food.  My kids laughing at almost anything.  My kids telling a story about something that really excites them. 

    And those accidental slips into the vortex where I wasn't intending or trying to get in, just found myself now.

  • who's line is it anyway..i know that show! thanks for the tip!
  • abe says that animals function deliberately as energy balancers for us. domesticated ones can get trained into our vibrations...that's the "risk" that they take being so close to humans, but in general they are co-creative with us for the deliberate purpose of providing us energy with which to uplift ourselves from within our environment. sir cat knows exactly what he's doing, that's what i think.


    when i'm out of the vortex and know it..i'll do anything. meditation makes it worse but cleaning, something distracting with my kids, flipping creation semantics....sometimes i can figure out what i'm not doing that my inner being IS doing or what i am doing that my inner being is NOT doing....those are my most fun moments for getting in the vortex. i love it when i can do it knowingly and head on. that's the most delicious.

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