Getting into the Vortex

Hi all! I'm new to this group but I've been studying the law of attraction for a year now.Abraham hicks always talks about getting into the vortex. But when I google how to I just see results to buy an Abraham Hicks guided meditation for getting into the vortex. But I'm not gonna pay. So how do I get into the vortex? And share your stories of being in the vortex.

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  • I'd say being in the vortex is downstream

    Download the book / audio book "ask and it is given"  by abraham hicks. 

    It's free online since it's quite an old release it helped me a lot.  

    It teaches you how to work with your emotional guidance scale. 

    Being in the vortex is mostly associated with feelings of love,  ease and appreciation. So my top three tips would be to A)  make a list of things you're grateful for everyday or whenever you have a chance.  Say you're in a long line and in a distasteful situation just count things you find ease in and appreciation for. 

    B.  To indulge in things that bring you joy,  whatever it may be

    C) to not get involved in negativity and ego battles. 

    The  vortex is simple to get into but keeping the bliss is something you work at,  without efforting. 

    Ask and it is given,  the book, gives you exercises to keep you in the vortex and is the old favourite for many manifestors today. 

    Good luck. 

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