Having Formerly Been in the Rooms Myself...

Hi, Everyone-

Having formerly been the chapter chair of a process addictions 12-Step program back on Maui, I do have to say that the basic concepts of 12-Step programs and the tenets of LoA are not a natural fit and are difficult to marry together. I did finally have to exit the 12-Step world because of the contradictions & lack of acceptance of my LoA views. My younger brother is an addictions & relationships counselor at a drug rehab facility on the East Coast and has struggled for years to counsel his clients from an LoA perspective. The long-accepted framework of addictions treatment is slow to change but he has slowly gotten the attention of folks in this industry of addictions treatment in his state. He is making some exciting strides in treating the addicted using the LoA approach. Best of luck with those in the Rooms who are also big followers of LoA. Reach out to me if you want to share experiences or ideas.

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