i never heard of the law of attraction until a beautiful woman pointed out to me. last night (october 28th 2010) whilst by the river i started thinking about all the things that i once wanted ie; certain car, sneakers, trips but it wasn't until i thought about relationships that actually got me thinking, how i had what i always wanted but now don't. which got me asking how can i use the law of attraction on a permenant basis? and where was i going wrong?

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  • the question put to abraham was by a mother who'd lunched with her child during an abe seminar. the question was posed by the child who asked: Why are grownups so grumpy? The answer was: Because they've forgotten that it's good to have something to want. Don't have the date, maybe someone else, but remember the story with pleasure. And I loved this version bc inspiration to "watch that list of objections"...that's a thought that is quite refreshing and brisk ;)
  • Here's a funny Abe comment which, I paraphrase...(Maybe DS or ?? knows where to find it?)
    A youngster asked them 'Why are old folks so crabby?' They said something like...Basically, bcause they've had LOTS more time to accumulate a list of things they don't want, things they object to..and focus on them. Being clueless about LOA they concentrate on the problems and not-having, ignoring feeling good about the the things they want, and things they already have.

    Not meaning much, just funny, but illustrating 'crabby': Remembering my grandfathers, one Irish, and one a New England Yankee. Both equally cranky. They rarely saw each other except Christmas at our place and regularly vyed to outdo each other, shoutin' and screechin' about how the world was just awful these days. We all fell down laughing, hearing one of them say (shout, rather), as an argument against Democrats:. "Jacqueline KENNEDY?!! She's nothing but a CLOTHES HORSE!!!" They made Resistance into an art form, honestly... :-)) I loved them, but they've inspired me to watch that list of objections! Much Love, Maia
  • lol...you ever feel like the tiger that something got by the tail? loa has got my tail and since i can't beat it cause it's just too big, i'm going to make the game that it plays pay me as well....and i've decided to be paid well...and all is well. not my rules or game, tis my inner being who's to blame...but i'm not above seeking my own profit since i hear we can't turn this ride off once we are on it.
    • you know i have to thank AG, and you guys as i had heard certain things about but never really research in depth about it as i just thought it was what another person interpreted it as.

      it's only when i thought back to all the things that i wanted and had achieve and stuff that i wanted but never thought that would have the oppertunutiy to achieve, but have now presented me with an oppertunity to achieve them that i thought long and hard and indepth about LOA.

      thanks guys
    • there is really more to this than meet the eye
  • You have always used the LOA, preacher. And, it's always been permanent. Just like gravity has always been permanent.

    What you are referring to is being "deliberate" about using the LOA. And, that's doing what DS pointed out earlier... studying and understanding and practicing = harnessing it's power in a very deliberate way.

    But, it's always here, and you've always been the powerful Creator that you are now. It's just that now, you're noticing it.
  • will try that
    when negative things happens i am like why me
    as i try not to think negative thoughts
    although it does take some time for positive things to generate

    after all i suppose i am a working progress
    • me too. is remarkable how well this stuff treats us if we just kinda sorta make the only acts of will be about what we want to think and feel. even doing it 'wrong' pays pretty darn well ;) and i'm hardly actually a powerful creator yet...so...is kinda soothing to look back and laugh at my own ignorance without feeling a bit sorry for it. hope lives in me at last, without giving me whiplash. yay for me. and you too, fellow work-in-progress ;)
    • strongly agree with you
      for me it was the fear of losing the thing that i have always wanted
      now that i have lost them i really want those exact things back
      well one which is the most important.
      that walk i took just had me thinking about life other precious things
      so i hope by improving my knowledge of myself as well as the law of attraction
      i can regain the most treasured thing that i lost
      i wish you all the best with your growth as well
    • ;) no semantical comments right now. right now, i'm just enjoying hanging around. nice to see you preacher. glad that you are here. and that i am here too. nodding and smiling all around.
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