Things were awesome in my life years ago. I had so many expereinces of loa working.

well in the favour of what I wanted, in flow, in the direction I wanted to go.,

Now, I have an illness , a dis ease that I did not even know much about,, never had it on my radar, thought about attracting, whatever reason, it is now in my experience, I dont get it, but ...

Despite best efforts, years have gone by, and I am still, not well

how do I pivot?

I have anger, cause It has affected organs, including the brain, so it is difficult

to be in the vortex like I use to be

I do believe life is awesome when your brain and body works normally.

Everything has changed, I just want to be how I was, nothing else matters.


I just want things to work out well for me again

to be healthy and wealthy

to be back in flow

to be happy


and when you are in physical pain all the time

walking is painful, etc, it is so difficult to be positive, and attract what you do want...

when years of things being good, positive and then your world unexpedtldly turns upside down

How do you get back in the vortex?


when u have the chills in teh summer

when you cant remember most things, when your speech is affected

when you gained over a hundred pounds, when your stomach hurts all the time

how does one possibly pivot to turn things around for the better..?


when they say there is no cure for what u have

My hats off to people with physical disabilities when they are in pain all the time


when you have a normal body not in physical pain

it is much easier to be positive..

I just want to be well again,



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