How to get my Ex back Please Help!!

I have been reading up on LOA and reading some of these many responses. It all seems so clear. I have always attracted guys who have put me down and never accepted me truly for who I was and would put me down and try to change who I was. The longest relationship of nine years has ended up in two daughters I truly love of two and four. There father kicked me out several times finally after about six months or so I had moved on from him and was living with a lady from church. I was happy and confident in myself and one of my long time older friend's son came into town to live in Ohio from California. I had always though he was attractive but at the time ten years before he was dating a girl who he eventually married (his high school sweatheart he knew her when he was 16)They got married young when he was 19 and they only stayed married for two years. He was caught cheating on her. he said he could count on one hand the times they were sexually together. So he cheated because he wasn't  being fulfilled sexually he also said she would put him down as well on occasion. We met and it hit it off. there was such chemistry and we both felt we were so lucky to have each other. He said he felt like he had always know me. he was kind loving and a very soft hearted guy which i loved. we were so good together. There was a lot of drama with my kids dad though he was angry at first then he tried to control me to get me back and then finally he said he loved me and couldn't live without me. He even caused me to doubt my new love for Jason. (I'm sure this didn't help Jason and my's relationship either) but I didn't realize it at the time. My family even felt I should give him another chance. I didn't want to give my children father another chance I loved Jason. We moved into an apartment together and shortly after found out he was talking to his ex wife still. I showed concern and told him that I felt it probably was not good for our relationship for him to be talking to her. His dad later told me he over heard her and him on the phone outside of our apartment and he said to her just say the word and he would go be with her. She didn't want this at the time. A couple weeks later he was going to leave and go back to California told me she was the one. I initially told him how much I loved him didn't want him to go ecetra... then I changed my tune and told him to do what he needed to do that i loved him and wanted him to stay but if thats what he felt he needed to do than to go do it. He decided to stay, I left my two daughter s with him for two hours while I was in class and he decided to send my daughter to her room for a nap since she was sick this was a BAD idea. My daughter is strong willed  (she's four) and she pounded on the door and I'm sure kicked pounded excetra... she can be almost like she's possed when she gets out of sorts and throws a tantrum. He probably tried to open the door to keep her from causing damage to the apartment and he caught her finger in the door (I'm sure he didn't realize since she was already screaming) her finger nail got ripped off :( . He said then she went right out on the couch and took a nap. I'm sure after all the screaming and shock/pain of losing her finger nail she was pretty tired so she slept. I got home and realized her finger was hurt. I was sick inside my baby was hurt i knew it was an accident on his part but i didn't know how to feel about it. I thought it looked weird and like he finger nail was gone and was going to take her to the doctor. I was a little standoffish with him. I gave him a hug and then left. I for got some paper work however and then came back to get it. Jason was packing up his car to leave! He said he felt I didn't want him there any way so he was going to go. I told him I didn't want him to go and so on and he left anyways. two hours later he was in Indianapolis and he turned around and came back only to leave the next day anyways. He said if was meant to be he'd come back. His dad said he'd come back as well. So he spent the weekend there and told me he'd call me Saturday evening and didn't till the next day he told me Sunday he was coming back of course I was ecstatic. He met up with his ex on Monday though and come to find out later they where together sexually. He came home to me and we smoked some green after he proceeded to tell me that he had been with his ex and that he felt he loved her and couldn't be with me. (leave it to a guy to wait till i was inebriated to tell me this) I started crying into his chest I loved him so much. Despite all he said I mad love with him any way. He cried and I asked why? he said it was the happiest he had ever been, he also said why was he being so stupid that I was everything he had always wanted and more. We had a great next few days he acted like he was going to stay and that he was going to tell Valarie that he was going to be with me. He stayed about another two weeks or so all the while I of course was trying to keep him by showing him how much I loved him and so on, I even tried going on a date to make him jealous after he had semi decide he was going to go back to her, but was waiting for her to decide she wanted him back for sure. (all the while she didn't know he had moved back in with me and he was still being interment with me) the jealous thing kind of worked but not really. In the end I asked him why he had talked about me moving to California and how he loved me and told me I was his soul mate and how he felt like he had known me his entire life and so on. I asked him do you love her more than me and he said no that she was just the One. He said that I was better than her in every way. he also said at one point that if I didn't have kids it might have been different. I think at that point though he was just trying to find things to justify to himself his going back. His dad is kinda psychic and told me he would be back that if it didn't work the first time it wouldn't work a second time. He did call me  and tell me he was coming back and that it wasn't what he thought it would be, and that he would leave the next day wrote Valerie a letter and everything. I didn't hear anything and then finally he texts me to tell me he isn't coming back that his mom convinced him to stay a little while longer. He told me he was sorry to get my hopes up. we remained friends on Facebook and snap chat and i unfollowed his page without un-friending him so I wouldn't see his posts as it was hard to not think of him all the time. His dad told me that they where going on vacation together and the weekend he was suppose to be withe her he snaps me telling me he wished i was there with him, I found out later for some reason they didn't go together. he would occasionally tell me he missed some sexual things and so on... I would get snaps from him and i could tell it was just to see if I was still checking them. He even told his dad at one point he wasn't sure who he still wanted to be with. Eventually he got kicked out of the apartment that he shared with his ex and her sister and her female partner. He got his own place and Valerie didn't move in with him because she didn't like the place. His dad told him to take off the rose colored glasses. His dad and I felt that if she really loved him she would move with him no matter what. Next thing I know from his dad His mom who is Rich loaned Valarie money to buy a condo and she put a good size down payment on the place. Jason name is not on the title and yes since she put a good amount down he is paying on the mortgage. His dad says its a way for his mom to control him through Valerie. It has been eight months since he Left and the hurt has mostly gone I can look at pictures of her and him and it no longer hurts I don't really go to his page much any more as I know this is center productive he has dropped off in contacting me and I am mostly focusing on getting trough nursing school. I stir love him and want him back though. His dad says he will be back and this time he will break up with her I believe him as he has had psychic impressions before (he can't choose what he see though, its just the universe giving him random impressions about lots of things) but they have always been right and happened. I just don't know when and I want it to happen sooner than later. How can I make this happen sooner. Any insight into the situation and what I can do would be great. he changed his number and dint tell me( i know from his dad) but recently texted me saying it was him and that he had changed his number and he would be able to pay me back soon that we would keep in touch and he hoped all was well with me and how much he appreciated me helping him out. (I had landed him the money to get back out here the first time) I said sure and that I hoped all was well with him too. He said thanks and it was! and I haven't talked to him since. Thanks for reading my book! Oh I for got to add after he left my apartment became moldy and I had to move back in with my kids dad as he wouldn't help me with our girls other wise. He doesn't know I love Jason but he does subconsciously  know I don't care for him.


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  • Hi there,

    Arielle, it may be that your ex is just not the right guy for you and by obsessing over him, you are missing the one who is. He could be right under your nose! Let go, move forwards and trust that the right person will come into your life. Sending love. xx

  • Happy Girl is correct.."I think the best way is u have to let him go and start to focus on yourself, When you let him go, he will come back to you."

    First when you made him the one... you places BIG expectation on him (that feels like a knot in your gut!) it is way to specific, and you forgot about your own well-being.  The law of Attraction is all about alignment,....alignment with Source, with love, with Clarity, with self love, alignment with appreciation.  When you do those things, he is pulled to your uplifted energy.   In the Law of Attraction going general is softer,... like saying I want to line up with my own wellbeing, I want to line up and be filled with appreciation for life, for the beauty in the planet, I want to line up with my ideal partner that brings out the best in me  "this or something better so we do not lock them in as being our "one and only"  that is holding him in a lackfull way. AND NEVER EVER EVER,,,,EXPLAIN TO OTHERS OR TELL THAT VIBRATIONAL STORY THAT DOES NOT FEEL GOOD!!  Tell the new story in a General way... a softer..less resistant way.  I'm hopeful and love and fixate on being happy now...whether or not they come. When you feel good in self and with life... you attract anyone that adds to the goodness. Go general.....less specific... tell the New story... And date yourself, write yourself the beautiful letters as if they came from your inner being our real soul mate!!! That is powerful!  When you MISS push him away, when you live life and self... you draw the great ones near.  And get a LOA coach that really knows.  I'm a need to build up momentum. but get anyone that can talk about the alignment side of things!  It tooK me 22 years to learn this...self taught and with Ab for that long.   It is amazing work.  

  • Hi ... I wanted to understand how to ask from the universe and then let go ... i have read that universe always says your wish is my command ... then how do i ask for it ... and once i have asked for it how will i let go it ....don't we have to visualise it feel as if we have it right now ? please advice

  • I wanted to add a story to this. I knew someone who was in a very unstable, very bad relationship and when the other person left, they went into the bathroom, obviously very fed up, and wrote on the mirror:

    Next person I am in a relationship with will have the following qualities:




    Just another thought about giving guidance to the universe for what you really want and need and then letting go.

    This person ended up marrying the next person they met, because that person had all of the qualities they wrote on that mirror, and they were not acquainted with LOA when they did that! They are still married and successful, I might add!

    Only YOU can write down those qualities that will be best for you!

  • Let Go and remember that the universe abhors a void and will fill that empty space in your best interest, if you allow it! 

    Whenever a person has to force something, it isn't the right choice for them and obviously this situation has caused you a lot of angst~ with both men.

    The other replies to this are valid- learn to love yourself and you will vibrate at a higher level and attract a higher minded soulmate.

  • Thanks Wonder I will!
  • Justifying your position by giving all the reasons it should be different, but what is the common denominator?  What is the ONLY thing you can change? You cannot change him, but you can change YOU and how you feel about the situation and not make it contingent on the change coming from some place other than yourself.

    You might watch some of the videos on this site under the Abraham-Hicks link.

    Rockets of desire are sent when you are in a situation and you really and truly wish it to be different -- you start to vibrate towards that desire and eventually you will get what you desire.  For instance, I have a friend who was very dissatisfied with her job and once she made her mind up, within a week, she had a new job that she liked a lot better -- better co-workers, no more working weekends, no quotas, etc.  BUT she forgot to put in her new job what the pay would be so she is currently sending new rockets for a job that pays better with all these other things.

    Before she could get this new job she had to quit complaining about the old job and everything that was wrong about it, and instead only see herself in a job with all the other qualities, so read back through your original post and see where you are -- is it more complaining, or appreciation?

    Look up Book of Positive Aspects also -- that is a marvelous tool!!

    Best wishes!

  • Wonder
    Thanks so much for your reply. Do you mind explaining what you mean by justifying my position? I don't know a lot About law of attraction I'm guessing it's hard to attract somethings positive when you feel like your in a negative situation. I feel like at his core Jason was a caring person, I don't agree with the dishonesty for sure, and he would need to be able to better handle my little girls, so he would have to do some growing before I would want him to come back. What do you mean by being in the situation I am in I am sending rockets of desire for what I truly want? I will defiantly say yes I just hope I know it when I see it. Any other feed back you can give is so much appreciated!
  • Seems to me that the 'book' you wrote was trying to justify your position -- what do you know of The Law of Attraction? In reading this, where would you say your prominent energy is?  Are you SURE you really want this guy back? I think by being in the situation you are in you are sending "Rockets of Desire" for what you TRULY want -- just know that when it appears, you have to also say YES to it!

  • Thanks happy girl I defiantly need to work on loving myself and being happy with who I am.
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