I am a firm believer in the LOA. so here is my question....
I just recently moved states and during my move I constantly daydreamed about meeting a girl 
at my new school, in my head she was an artistic, tom-boyish, lesbian low life, but there was something about her that made me want her, but couldn't have her although she was always there for me. <---- this was all just thoughts to help keep me entertained its also post knowledge of the LOA.

I started a new school in January, and there is a girl who fits this description very very well, which in itself is rare considering the school i go to consist of mostly upper class students. she is a basketball player so is considerably tom-boyish, is an artist, come to find out is gay, and as of now unobtainable.
Not only that, but I can't get her out of my head....I pretty much have the biggest crush ever! :)
So the similarities between my thoughts and what i'm experiencing are shocking and I can't help but think the universe brought her to me, even if that wasn't my intent.


So basically my question is about co-creators....
I realize I have attracted her into my life, and every experience I have involving her is a manifestation of my own thoughts. so does the same go for her? Does my existing in her reality mean that she has had thoughts about me also, or an idea that matched me? so the universe delivered.
So i guess i trying to ask that since i'm apart of her life does that technically prove she thinks about me?

I have another question also. 
like I mentioned she is currently unavailable. 
So here I am constantly thinking about her, yet its going nowhere... 
I have been trying to decide whether "letting go" of my crush is appropriate... 
from my understanding your "inner being" is all-knowing and communicates with the physically with me through emotions... when i think about "letting go" I get an awful, near tear jerking feeling. 
So if negative emotions occur when your thoughts,desires and inner-being aren't aligned, isn't it correct to say that "letting go" would not be the right choice? Is it safe to assume that my inner-being is telling me to hold on, because what I desire is still to come. Does this mean the universe is not done drawing this individual experience to me? Is there more in store?

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  • Oh wow thank you!
    Thank you for taking the time out of your day
    to write to me, its greatly appreciated. you have given
    me more insight then you know.
    Thanks again:)
  • I thank you for seeking help in this matter.

    I may not be the perfect soull to assist in such things, yet here my advise to you is...

    You had a wanting and the Universe answered, You realize that what you wanted has been provided.
    The law state that if you do not want anymore, the gift will fade away, just as it came to be.

    " In my life I have been hurt by relationships and I just put pure thought into one creation." I looked apon the universe and asked for someone that could not be. I wanted her to have a pale skin with diffrent coloured yes. young beautifull yet untuched. I wanted her to have certain quality's. She had to be without parents and also a tendency towards a lesbian."

    This was my wish, witch I thought would never come true. I challenged the universe you see....Then ...they answered.

    A new receptionist had to start at our computer company. At first I thought nothing of it. I distance myself from co workers as far as relationships. .. ...

    Then on a day.... This receptionest was sitting on my lap during a lunch break and told me her life story.

    I was shocked when in that instance, I realized that she was the answer to the wish I made to the universe.

    In high school she had a girlfriend. She had no parrents, Her mother and farther was brother and sisters. The details of her life made me cry for nights as the universe defined me in every way. Even gazing in her eyes, there was two difrent colours. ... It works. The LOA realy works.

    After that clear understanding thought, there was many ways and means how I could be with this lady. Even when after a year has passed and she bumped her boyfriends car. I was the first person she called. Standing there all afraid and alone, all she could think of was calling me...

    I can not give you advise as to your own situation, yet I hope that my story will give insight to your stuation.

    You should at least let her tell you her story...and maybe share yours with her...

    Thank you

  • Hey Danielle,

    So where does the belief come from that she's "unobtainable"? You don't need the LOA to catch someone's eye - you need the law of flirtation, girl!

    I'd say you're over-thinking this. You fancy this girl - that's chemistry. You can't "try to let go" because that's like trying not to think of an elephant! (You'll just think about elephants all the time. Believe me. Don't bother, it's pointless).

    So, how about visualising yourself with the courage to make a move - sure, you risk rejection, but if that's how things turn out at least you'll know where you stand and you'll be able to go forward from there. You also "risk" acceptance! Surely the worst case scenario is to do nothing and watch this lady slip through your fingers - a decision you might (both?) regret forever.

    I'd say, stop trying to analyse the universe's motives and take a risk on following your heart!

    Good luck!
  • ah...I went through this...when the thought of "this one or someone else" felt worse and FAST!

    for me that rapid shift that hurt a lot was lack...this one seemed so perfect, more so than I'd seen before that I was basically not buying it for even a minute that another could even exist. so, when I thought "this one or someone better"...what I was really thinking was "this one or something that I believe even less!" (lol) ...and pointing right at what you want but don't believe always hurts.

    her thinking about you...specifically? welll...probably, but sorting that one out would take getting to know her. you might find that she laughs at guys like you, or always wanted one, or her brother is like you and she likes him a lot...there are millions of ways the puzzle could fit. but somehow, unmistakably, it does. if only that she FEARS guy like you could never want standing around and wanting her is actually a perfect match. not a fun match, but perfect, non-the-less.

    i don't know what your inner being is communicating really, and in my experience, I just got tired and let go. the whole thing was off, i hope yours goes better.
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