I started changing my thoughts about people....

So....I began doing something different when it comes to people in my life that "appear" to be wronging me and I would like to share.

Instead of focusing on how I perceive these people, I began to vocalize (to myself but I needed to say it out loud) the exact OPPOSITE of what I think about them.  I began saying things like, "They are the nicest, sweetest, most considerate, loving people I have ever known!"  and as soon as I began saying these things, my ego started screaming, "NO THEY AREN'T!  DON'T YOU REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS THEY DID!"  To which I calmly continued praising these people for being amazing, wonderful people.

I continue this process and I have become much more peaceful, happy and realize that my happiness has nothing to do with anyone....not at all!  I feel in alignment with source and although this is not an easy process, I will continue to praise and thank them for being loving, loyal, kind, dedicated, wonderful people.

I am very grateful to be able to share this practice,



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  • Hi Susan,

    Thank you for sharing.  How wonderful that you are discovering the qualities inherent in you.  I am glad you are tuned into your feelings enough to know when your praise is authentic.

    I can relate to "denial with a Capital D"!  (When I first married, I uninvited my Dad to walk me down the aisle, because i was so hurt.  I an now see that symbolically, I left God out of my marriage.  This was a real hidden thing, that I felt justified about for so long.  After all, I was the good daughter, and church girl, and devoted wife and mother who was living the righteous life!!  It was mostly BS!)    

    It certainly won't hurt anyone to be positive when angry or sad, but we might miss or delay the lesson to be learned from it.  The ego would love it if we never got it.  The truth is deep down we want the truth and seek it and so we go back and forth, like a dance. So, we can learn to tune into the daily signals that come our way, or we can delay until something, that appears to us, more major and traumatic happens, to wake up,  We are free to choose.  (It took the sudden death of my husband, of 23 years and four children, to wake me up, but that wasn't enough, I felt so vulnerable that I married an abusive, controlling minister in my church.  After 4 years of that I left and divorced and that really brought me to the depths of despair as I did not believe in divorce at that time.)

    Love and Light,

    Elaine Enlightening

    "Light is unlimited...and spreads cross the world in quiet joy..."

  • Thankyou for sharing this. I have been sexually abused I am sure . Even though I don't want to admit it to anyone, least of all myself.  How did you work through this/these blocks?


  • Wow! That's what I am trying to do. Isn't it hard when they have been quite horrible to me! Hard to do but worth it. I am going to work this afternoon and work with some really negative, unkind people, especially one - who actually scares me! But yes I am sure this is the way to go:)x

  • Hi Elaine,

    I really appreciate the depth of your sharing. 

    I too have had trauma surrounding sexual issues and then used alcohol, food and sex to cover my feelings, so I know how to do "denial" with a Capital D!  I also have been blessed to have wonderful therapists who helped me get in touch with my emotions, feelings and deep release work surrounding these issues.  I don't think anyone ever gets "done" but I have experienced a freedom and lightness since Abraham-Hicks has come into my life and especially over the last year or so...I have found profound levels of unexplained peace and joy.

    This is a new practice of praising....that I am working with now.  It is authentic (if I am not feeling it as real, then I just stop).  I like what you say about my Higher Self reflection in others and I agree.  That feels really good.  I also do "anger" really easily so if I need to get in touch with my feelings....I can and do.  I guess I would rather be happy.....and praising makes me happy.

  • Elaine thank you for sharing your story, each time someone shares the story of how they got free so to speak it helps someone like me understand this more. Thanks again, God Bless....


    • Thank you Deb, for your response.  I agree, this is the purpose of life, to see our oneness. 

  • Hi, Susan, 

    I really appreciate your vulnerability in this post.  Being honest about your perceptions of others and letting go of blame creates an awareness that allows for half the battle to be won.  

    Your Higher Self is wanting to tune in to the truth that these people are not flawed, because you realize that neither are you.  The ego on the other hand is arguing the truth of these statements because there is some negative programming which usually traces back to childhood. 

     "What you resist persists"  I heard it from T. Harv Eker a few years ago.

    In order to raise your vibration and rewire the sub-conscious negative programming it is important not to suppress the anger (The capital letters indicated the possibility of anger.  Is it anger or another emotion?)  with a bandaid solution.  You might feel some relief for a time, but next time this negative belief that people have done bad things to you gets triggered, you may find that the wound is still unhealed and vulnerable at some level, still.  Does this feel true?

    When I hear someone using positive words and gratitude to cover up tuning in to the emotion they are feeling, it feels to me like a form of resistance.  I have tried this approach for years, too!

    It wasn't until I learned to tune in to my emotion, with no judgment, and in a way that didn't harm myself or anyone else that I have experienced real breakthroughs.  

    When I was a four or five, the babysitters son took advantage of my sister and I by being inappropriate.  Even though, my mom fired the babysitter as soon as my sister told her, this trauma created the belief that men aren't safe and mom's who work can't protect their children.  Of course, these aren't "true", but they became my subconscious truth.  I then created a reality where I made sure that I was a stay-at-home mom, for 30 years. Sex was also a necessity for procreating, but held very little pleasure.  I had lost my innocence and felt vulnerable when intimate.

    In order to be free emotionally of these sub-conscious negative beliefs, it has been necessary for me address the trauma, anger, sadness, grief toward all the people connecting with this trauma. All the years that I suppressed my pain and fears and covered it up with righteous, clean living and passive rebellion to my parents "rules", didn't free me of anything. After clearing these subconscious blocks, I was able to find forgiveness and authentic love for myself and everyone involved.  

    Reality is created by the subconscious "truths" based on perceptions.  So now, when I say, "It's safe to be intimate with men" and "It's safe for me to be a working mom, it "feels" true because I have changed my vibration. 

    Love and Light,

    Elaine Enlightening

  • May I ask, this def. will raise your vibrations this way of thinking and feeling, has it changed actual situations in your life thise attitude. THanks...


    • Hi Debbie,

      It HAS changed external situations....in the very best way yet I have no explanation for why this occurred?  I had a situation that upset me and the people involved were taking advantage of a situation and threatening a lawsuit.  I did my best to set boundaries yet these people were digging in deeper and I was reactive.

      I decided one day to begin to praise them....just praise them for the wonderful, kind, loving, generous people that they are (In silence, not to them directly as that would not be safe.)   Not to "get" anything or make anything happen.  I had no motives other than to feel joy and deep love within myself.  At first, my ego was screaming but I continued....just praising them for being wonderful.  I felt this as truth deep inside myself.  I praised myself, my life, nature, God, everything....over and over until reality dissolved and all that was left was love.

      Within weeks....I was notified that these people were given notice, would be leaving and that it was happening immediately.  Because I am not attached to outcome, I am happy....but I am happy anyway, regardless of the outcome.

      I am not doing this to manipulate because I don't believe it works if we do things to get our own way.  If we do these practices to feel love and goodness and praise everyone for being amazing and wonderful then....the energy shifts in the most positive ways!

      That is just one example....I am finding everything in my life is shifting now that I am doing this.

    • Great, I have seen these kinds of affirmations work, but sometimes it is hard to believe what you are saying especially if it is so outrageous. But you are saying that to just ignore the ignore trying to tell u different and if you keep saying it, it will work. The problem I am having is not saying it and not believing it but, doing all of that without trying to see the outcome that I want from it.  The thing that I am wanting more than anything is for someone to forgive me, and I keep saying B is so forgiving, and loving etc. BUt the outcome I want from that is for a chance to talk to him thats all. BUt that is the wrong way of doing it because I am too attached to the outcome that my affirmations could bring? THanks for you thoughts and advice as always.... 

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