lil' celebration, bragging, whatever.

i identified a desire for a live in nanny but didn't focus too much bc....i'm not actually at that level yet financially. did NOT focus on the money to pay for one, but on how nice it would be to have certain things being done in my home with my kids. guess what? got a live in nanny that barters and wanted exactly what i'm offering, and offers EXACTLY what i am wanting. and what i am wanting is always...interesting (lol) ....and the universe seems to really enjoy hitting every single one of those nuances. i could not possibly have negotiated this one on my own. thanks inner being, doesn't surprise me anymore that you know exactly how to delight me, interest me, encourage me, entice me....blah blah blah.


happy right now, folks. i love seeing examples of other's lives working, mine does well basically but today is a day that really should be shown to others. just for momentary conversation. i wanted, focused mildly, have been leaning in the downstream direction at least some and not going to even speculate HOW much i've been downstream....and i just got everything that really really makes my life work with a smile on my face and feeling good. and napping. and watching my kids grow up while i am living easy too and good. "good". laughing.


one way to spin it is that i just got another about thirty grand a year from the universe. that's the equivalent of what my inner being just did. what a smart girl i am to let that in.


(and thank you abraham. still just plain in love.) she says "hi" ...btw.

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  • I love your story about the wanting a live in nanny so much because you asked and instead of wondering and worrying about the how and why's you let that go and the Universe did all the work that you could never have imagined on how it did all come about. It is amazing and I am celebrating for you...thanks for teaching by example!!!
  • This made me laugh and smile and so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your happy manifesting. Bragging is fine its showing me an example of letting it in.
  • I just love reading about these powerful manifestations...way to go Patra, Claire and all did got exactly what you asked for. Ask, believe, receive!
    Much love,
  • and being tended to and entertained and ...TAUGHT WELL ...(by abraham, and that is kinda the real point of this post. doesn't hurt to give witness. i think. i'm not always sure about that point, but will let the entire internet know if i ever actually am sure. lol)
    • Hi DS,

      I've recently had something similar happen in my life. As is on my page on Powerful Intentions, I am enjoying becoming a highly successful published poet/writer/creative writer. This is my dream to big to dream outloud.

      So, this summer I hit a streak where the Universe laid at my doorstep everything that I could ever need: more money in one month than I've ever made, blah, blah, blah. BUT, one night I click on this website where I often give nonprofits advice on fundraising, organizing, resolving corporate issues, etc. And there's a post from someone asking if anyone knew about grants that could sustain a small literary press that published primarily poetry. Now, I'm not thinking this is the answer to my prayers -- I'm not even sure what my prayers were on that night. I just know that writing and getting paid for creative writing is something that I've wanted all my life.

      So I write back to the poster saying that I would be interested in helping the press if they would read my stuff and make comment. I didn't ask that they publish the stuff, just read and comment. Well, lo and behold, they would be interested! We struck up this agreement where I am receiving private tutoring, call it my very own private MFA in poetry and creative writing from two extensively published poets, one of whom was head of the creative writing department of a small mid-west university for 40 years! And the result is three new short stories and a half dozen finished poems in about 6 weeks! And all I do for my part is help them form their own nonprofit -- something I could do practically in my sleep.

      We had our first board meeting last Friday and they were practically in tears about how good I have been to them. Good to them! Get that. This is one of those manifestations that you know comes directly from Source because everyone wins and everyone values the gifts they are getting.

      I'm pretty pleased.

      So now I'm working feverishly trying to figure out how I got to this place of allowing. And you appeared! The Universe is walking me through this most incredible chain of events. I wrote to you about my dream (something I have NEVER done in my life) got your advice, and have begun reading this group and paying attention to "random" things that seem to be showing up in my life: like two weeks ago I got a call for a paying nonprofit gig just when other gigs were closing. We have our first meeting tomorrow.

      So thank you, Universe, for sending these wonderful people to me. Thank you, Deliberate Sifter, for responding when the Universe called. Thank you, me, for letting it in!

      Just wanted to share that.

    • "something i could do practically in my sleep" (giggle). thank you me for letting it in! (now just plain laughing.)

      you rock, carl. i have no idea who you are or what your dream was, but man that whole thing was fun to look back at. and i was there? thank you me for showing up in there somewhere! man what a ride, this thing called abraham ;) and it must keep getting better? and there is no end? and the awakening is just people like us doing their own thing? and, there wasn't really a beginning bc where did it start...seth...abe...or..wait...the last time they did this or one of the last times (not sure which semantic is actually correct bc "abe" is really just a group of teachers and they were speaking "as seth through jane roberts" (their words) while esther was alive....but not channeling yet, but semantically that's not actually relevant....meaning, she could have been and it would have been not even a remarkable thing for abraham to pull off in ease and probably a great deal of hilarity at least from their perspective lol), they got hung on the cross after a week out of the vortex?

      wait...what? i got lost in some semantic somewhere. was fun. nice hearing from you carl. don't go blaming a bit of that success on me or i promise i will probably crash and burn as publicly and prolongedly as possible. kidding. but that's semantically kinda how these things go for peeps that go off on tangents in public and people stand around paying attention. makes the simplest of focuses all of a sudden complicated, for simple quantum/harmonic/influence-abe-style reasons. nothing a really good deliberate creator couldn't accomplish in ease and finesse but...did anybody notice that i stopped using my real name? lol. not a whole lot of finesse here yet, folks. at least...i'm not impressed with myself yet. but i sure do enjoy my own potential. and hey look are catching your own waves too. nice. don't you love knowing that the only thing that people don't know about corporations is that all they are is a seventy dollar peice of paper, a set of bylaws (if you are smart enough to go to the trouble) and a tax id number to stand in as your social security number? and that you aren't asking for permission, you are just filing the form correctly filed in? we'd better not tell anybody that...or there goes the whole barter system ;) people will realize they can do that stuff for themselves. but who really is going to make a set of bylaws that checkmate any shenegans that any human mind (friend or self-sabature) could conjure...which makes everybody relax and get on with running a fantastic business bc doing otherwise is not a door that is open...this thing here is secure. yep...the barter system is secure bc some people just really really know what they are doing when push comes to shove....which means shoving just doesn't happen. i think abe phrases it best when asked about other entities with other intentions that are non-physical as they are. their response was interesting: they don't bother each other bc they all know their own power. most noncholaunt (oh now that spelling reaches new levels of absurd)....easy power. that's abe, and that's what you bring them (these business partners of yours)...the sense that they've got that base covered, they do indeed know what the heck they are doing (at least someone among them does)....that's a commodity, that feeling. you are golden. you don't even need to swagger, but you can if you want to.

      little bit of fun ;)
  • Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us, Sifter. It's always inspiring to hear real life stories of the LOA in action.

    I love that you have such a strong attitude of gratitude!!

    Celebrating with you,

  • surely you must have your own vortex to inspire you :)) but if you're jealous or irriated, then you already have a nanny or something that functions like that in essense. gut check and you will be able to tell. otherwise, all you are doing is comparing yourself to me and out of the vortex you semantically are supposed to go. definitely not the intention of this post, claire. i think you seasoned enough at this to tell now whether you need to focus on that too or not, and the criteria is there one in your vortex or not? wanting one bc i have one doesn't seem like something your inner being is giving one whit about in comparision, but perhaps this example of conjuring was inspired to inspire you to go ahead and focus on that. who knows? only you, yes?
    • Wow.. It was an honest and sincere happy dance for you patra.. and no..not an ounce of jealousy on it. I'm genuinely happy for you and what you've manifested for yourself.. it hadn't occured to me that I was needing a nanny, because it isn't something I need.. but as you expressed how great it was I was thinking ..hmm yes indeed that does sound like a delicious thing to have on occasion.

      I don't need a gut check on it, I'm quite happy with all that is going on around better than I imagined it could be.. but nothing wrong with noticing something else that might be a nice addition..I really am happy for you.
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