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The YES Game!

Hey guys,


Have you tried Abraham-Hicks' inspirational YES Game?


If not, here's how you play: write down (or say out loud) everything that you say YES to in your life. 


What a powerful tool this can be! Imagine starting every day with The Yes Game. 



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Entitlement? What's your take?

This has been bugging me quite a bit over the last two years and I want other people's take on it:


I've heard people around me say things like:

"He has this sense of entitelment...." (like it's a bad thing)




"Some people think they are entitled to (

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In Ask and It Is Given, one of the processes mentioned is scripting. Abraham suggests writing out what we want in detail, or what we want to have happen that day (or at least that is what I used it for). This is so we can attract what we want but als

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Short Focuses and Long Focuses

The short focus is in my profile on Facebook,and on my intention here. Which is "Thankyou universe for the good weather and safe roads on the 20th." I will repeat it 108 times a day until I leave. I will focus entirely on good weather  (which means n

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Abraham By Topicfor self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....Topics By Thread Here...turn the audio off or down if you prefer...Kicking off with a quote...Guest: I’d like to know what to do when relief looks like too many

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