Hi guys,


I am thinking searching for another opportunity. There are couple of directions in the perspective of LOA which I can follow. (please correct me if I am wrong).  Please give me your experiences and suggestions. Thank you.



1) Feel grateful of what I am having now, and look for better. Stay on my current job as long as possible and looking for another job at the same time.

With this option, my everyday stress level will keep increasing. Also it is hard to spend extra time on searching for job while working tirelessly to deliver on time.


2)Feel grateful of what I had, feel good and enjoy taking couple months vacation, and take my time to search for career that I really wanted.

I wanted to take some time and think about what I really want. But, there is a feeling of fear where I might not get a job I wanted or even worse comparing to what I have right now. Many people would think this is not a smart move, mostly people will make sure they get another job offer before leaving. Should I be the same? 



For some of you interested in the reasons I would like to leave, here are they:

-overworked, too much work load throwing at me.

-too stressful with very tight deadlines.

-Literally, not feeling good before, at or after work. I need to always consciously telling myself be positive, positive, and positive. However, still there are many many days when I just wanted to get out from these many projects I am handling at the same period of time.

-more importantly, I don't see myself working with this company in long term, I know deeply in my heart, this is not the company I wanted to work for.


please advise. thanks.



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  • It would really help for you to get what you want out into the open and write down what your perfect ideal work and life sitaution would look like and vibe on that if you want yourself to really embrace it and make it real. You HAVE to just STOP what you are doing and think about what you WANT, and let go of thoughts of what you don't want. It's what turn the other cheek means!

  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to let you know that I did it! I had chosen option 2 and I relocated to my home state, California, live very close to my family and friends :) On top of that, I joined a great company and got the role, compensation, and benefits I wanted!! I feel great with the power of LOA~~ ! 

    Merry Christmas to All ~!

  • I have decided go for option 2 and resigned last Tuesday. Two years ago, I moved from west coast to east coast. Recalling now, the plan was staying for 2 years (because of the job contract) after the terms are fulfilled, I am free to go where ever I want. At that time, I didn't even know what is LOA. It seems my path already setup two years ago.

    Now, I want to stay closer to my family and old friends. I like the weather in CA, I enjoy the working environment + culture in CA.

    In addition, option 2 is the best for me to practice LOA since I am going all in with full faith. Two years ago, I was like doing whatever it takes just to survive during the tough economic time. But now I realized I can have better life by using the LOA appropriately. This is the great opportunity to plan it all out what I want in my life. What I need to do now is to focus attracting what I want while paving the path ahead of me.Thank you all for the great feed backs.

    • yeah! thanks for letting us know, awesome...and ME TOO! as always....its focusing on what i want while paving the path ahead with the emotions that i feel now, it's always about that, yes! (and joy to you and ...the CA weather and culture ....o my yes!)

  • First there is nothing more powerful than a resolute mind. Once someone has made up their mind definitively, they can accomplish anything.


    Now, although it is very difficult to give the best advise, without having all your particulars, i will do my best and shoot from the hip.

    Option 1:

    By stating "my everyday stress level will keep increasing" or "is hard to spend extra time searching" you are causing that to happen. Remember that what we think about is what the Law Of Attraction will bring to us. So stop telling yourself negative thoughts. Don't try to stop, do.

    Try to say no to certain projects, take back control of your time. There are time wasters in all of our lives, we just need to find who or what they are and get rid of them. So look at how you spend your day. Are there people constantly interrupting you with unimportant or busy work?Try to delegate some of the work, if you can afford it hire a personal assistant.

    It is time for you to tell yourself that "I do have the time to look for another job" because we all have the time. We just need to move some things around.

    Should you stay on this job and look or leave it and look, we can't say. Only you know you financial and health situation. 


    Option 2:

    Until you know what you want (I believe most people do know, they are just too scarred to say it)  you are just drifting in an ocean with no compass guiding you. And that is what is causing the fear, If I was lost at sea without a map and compass, I would be scared also. But if I had a map and compass then I can map out my path and the fear would go away and I could just enjoy the ride. So I would recommend that you take an hour every day and study everything that you have ever thought you would like to do. Then take each one and improve your knowledge about it. As you do this you will notice that one will feel more comfortable than the rest. Then plan your escape.

    Next, stop thinking about what other people would do or think. You are the captain of your on ship, you set the course.


    I hope this helps. If you would like me to elaborate on any part, just shoot me a message. 



  • Hi Kevin,


    Feeling grateful is a good start, but it is just a start.  In your post I don't see you mentioning things you don't want, but I don't see what it is you do want.  This is what you need to clarify and focus on.  Once you do that then the 'How' will reveal itself.


    TRS - http://secretsoflawofattraction.org


  • Thank you all for the great inputs. I am going to practice LOA in my current situation and absorb as much as great energy I can along the way. You guys are the best.
  • it really doesn't matter which choice you make...both choices will feel pretty much the same as they pan out in in your initiating action or nonaction. the work is to not make decisions until the decisions are obvious and feel natural and logical and uplifting to you. since that's not how your attempt to make a decision feels right now...make no decision specifically on this topic until that is how you feel. in the meantime...practice any excuse to feel good and study the law of attraction. learn how it all works, as many details as you can. the general yet vibrationally accurate information is good for shoring yourself up once you ARE feeling really good and engaging with others in the world that don't necessarily know what you know. so that you can continue to feel good whether they do or don't, so you can attract people that predominantly do feel good or want to feel good, so that you can be a natural instigation to feeling good to those that like to feel good...that's when making decisions feels really really good. and that's when things also surprise you continually in how they unfold. surprise and delight you or surprise and challenge you to more ability to know and seek and manifest delight for yourself..either way, it's all good. 
  • Thanks Hans.

    It has been a while since I had fun. Yeah, I really need to take my time to enjoy my life more and get back on track of feeling good. I am not sure how others do it, to me, the messy work load just keep bothering me. Hope I can learn from people who know how to they manage their stress and focus on prosperity very well. I am still learning. 

    option 1) is more conservative, I think. But with option 2) I need to gain a stable confidence out of the universe.

  • I need to add another reason:

    I know it is common among work spaces where people playing political games with on another. They are 2 vendors/partners I need to deal with, most of them are looking for less work pay more kind of a deal. So they will find any excuse or any reason throwing the ball right  back to me whenever possible. Not to mention, the time they take to complete some tasks.. It is just ridiculously slow and the quality of the deliverable are low...

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