Once and for all, how do you lose weight and inches?

Seriously, how do you do this?How do I shed this excess of heavy weight in my bodyand emerge as the beautiful person I amI have pictures of when I was healthy, not unrealistic goalI choose to have so much energy as wellcardiovasucalry fit, flat toned stomach, upper arms that are thin and toneI exercise when I can, I think and feel, I think and feel, years go by...I do something everyday, even if it is two min. on a trampolineIf I had one intention to manifest....-in gratitude for helpful responses,thank you forever! maya

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  • HI Maya,

    As I see it, for a start, you learn to trust, approve and accept yourself exaclty as you are. You look into the mirror and say : I love you, Maya! I love my body in its ability to change! Everything can be changed - but it all starts with recognising this love we have for ourselves. If you do not trust and approve yourself for who you are, it might be difficult to tap into a positive vibration that will manifest in you the change you are after! Change is the only constant - love yourself for who you are, in this change! :)

    After you do that, you can start asking yourself why did your body changed initially - why did you put on some excess weight. There are a few theories that I know of explaining why this happens. One says that body stores energy that you will need because of things that are happening in your life. Another presumes that there are certain things that the person refuses to accept about themselves (or your immediate circumstances, starting with the Partner) that urge the person to gain weight because of the surpression of certain things that have to be dealt with. No matter what's the reason, the truth is that you have all the control over the situation - once you trust and approve yourself unconditionally. And why not? You are this Greater Self...and there isn't anything that You have not chosen to manifest in this body for no reason. I believe once you start thinking along this lines - the love for yourself in this constant change in your time/body manifestation, you stop fearing this change and you can do anything you want! You described yourself changed clearly...so you know what you want.You know its not unrealistic.

    You can try a simple ketogenic diet with cardio-vascular exercises. There are a lot of these diets on internet (Atkins-based, but not as severe). These diets never let you starve really...so you don't have to feel bad (physically) while you are trying them. However, the most important thing still remains how you feel about yourself mentally. If you feel bad for your body in this NOW moment, there will be little or only temporary effect of any diets or exercises you go through; vice-versa, if you love yourself in this NOW moment, you allow this desired change to happen and to be sustained. :-)
    Good places to check for reasonable ketogenic diets are approved fitness, wellbeing and bodybuilding websites - there are PLENTY of those online (don't go for those that want to "sell you the miracle diet" - the miracle is in you, and the "technical" information is available on some of those sites, too - for free.

    It works - I know it from experience.

    Take care and much love!
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  • I'm using the Wii balance board now. I've never had so much fun!

    Also, playing with kids, hide and seek and just running around. Remember how you used to be in perfect shape as a kid, and not do a single workout for it? It's because you were doing something so much more fun!
  • Hi Maya!

    One piece of advise I have is to eat just a bit less at each meal. Helped me after my son stopped nursing after two years. Granted I never had a problem before my son was born. However it took me two years to recognize I had to do something to shed those last pounds that I wanted to get rid off.
    Plus I take a multivitamin and mineral that boosts my energy so I can go all day long. That's it! If you like to know which vitamin it is, just let me know. In fact the company also has an energy booster that will help you burn off unwanted weight.
    Lastly it could be your hormones too, I am on a natural hormonal balancing cream that helps as well. Especially with mood issues and so on...

    Wishing you well,

  • I just read The Gabriel Method and loved it. The guy is definitely LOA oriented although he doesn't say so. It has a meditation mp3 with it that you play as you go to sleep and I know it's working.
    He is a really sweet guy who went from 400 lbs to studly by discovering how to change your mind to change your body. He had done every diet in the world and continued gaining. He says it's all in the mind. Your mind thinks you are safer fat. You have to convince it otherwise.
    • i just finished this book also, I am putting it to use and am excited to start seeing the results
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