Please important question.

I have gone through a lot of abraham videos and i am confused about something...if anyone can help me u derstand it would be great...1.i am married and both me ans my partner want the same things from our marriage namely an amazing emotional connection with each other,an amazing sex life with each other, a family of our own as in kids and a good we have had some ups and downs in our relationship..what i want to know is it is ok for me to make affirmations on my partners behalf also for our married life?..i have read that i am only responsible for myself and so whenever i try to make an affirmation that includes my partner i get these resisting feelings as if i am doing something if i have no right to do this...what would Abraham say to this?

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  • Well instead of making affirmation like "My husband does this" - What I meant was make affirmations like " I am so happy and grateful my husband is loving and caring to me" - That way you aren't making anyone do anything, you are simply feeling good vibes and gratefulness about the qualities you wish to develop in your relationship. 

    Also I don't think that it is wrong to do affirmations like "my relationship with my husband is loving and passionate" - its not really doing any damage to anyone, just changing the way you think I suppose! Like training your mind! x

  • Thank you,but my question was am i permitted to make affirmations for me and my husband as a couple rather than just making affirmations for myself,atleast where my marriage is concerned..
  • If you start to focus on all the great qualities of your partner and your relationship, and continue to feel grateful for it. The more of it you will get :) x

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