Pure thought means no contradiction within it

You cannot separate the emotion from the thought because if the thought is pure then the emotion is one of passion. The emotion is one of eagerness. In other words, when a thought is pure there is no contradiction within it so it is a good feeling thought.We would not say that a very, very, very, very busy person is necessarily not in a great place because there is something exhilarating about lots of focus going through you but when that feeling of busy changes from eagerness and enthusiasm to OVERWHELMENT now that means there is resistance in the mix and that means you are not allowing the fairies of the Universe so to speak or "The Manager" to work on your behalf because you are holding yourself in vibrational discord to the things that "The Manager" already knows you want.It is like saying to "The Manager" in very clear minded times, I want that, and I want that , and I want that and then doing everything you can to hinder "The Manager"...hiding from him...not telling him where you are...turning off your phone so he can't reach you, you see.DVD The Art of Allowing Vol 2 part 4 Monterey, CA 8/29/00

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  • Great quote. Inspired me to allowing ME to more exhilaration, eagerness and excited and allowing

    "there is nothing I am supposed to do, but all kinds of things I want to do." ~ Abraham-Hicks

    • Thanks for the response. It is amazing how you can feel you energy shift from negative to positive when you make the choice.

      Loren Fogelman
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