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I just read this great Abe quote Patra posted (this is just part of it):And yet, as you are appreciating anything that is working for you in any way, it sets you up for the receiving of so much more that you want. There is no tool that is more powerful than the tool of appreciation. If you could get into a mode of telling stories of appreciation, you'd have it nailed. Telling stories about the aspects of your life that you are seeking improvement in from an attitude of appreciation would change your vibration swiftly, and the manifestational evidence that comes in response to your vibrational changes would be staggering to those who are watching you from the outside.I'd find it helpful and very uplifting to hear/read some examples of "telling stories about the aspects of your life that you are seeking improvement in - from an attitude of appreciation."

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  • Oh, yes, Patra, that's a beautiful example!

    I also heard Abe talking re: the woman being abused - and it's so true that finding some appreciation - even in a "bad" situation - can help turn the tides.

    Here's something that just came up for me that didn't feel so good - so I'm reaching...

    I am so appreciative that my daughter has strong opinions and is not afraid to stand up for herself. And when her opinions don't match mine, and it feels uncomfortable, I am appreciative that I know it's a vibrational indicator for ME that I'm not seeing her as Source sees her - perfect in who she is - and with that realization, I can choose better feeling thoughts.

    How strong it is for her to live in the big city, thousands of miles away from family, and be where she feels alive - because that's what SHE wants. She knows to put her needs in front of others needs - she's taking care of the relationship with herself first!

    How happy she sounds when she talks about her bunny and taking him to the park, holding her ground when people with big dogs appear and instead of scooping up her bunny, she stands firm as if to say, we were here first - take your dogs to another park! And when someone asks if they can photograph her and her bunny for a magazine, she says they can photograph the bunny, but not her - out of respect to the bunny! because she doesn't want it to seem like he is just an "accessory" to her. Wow. I can only imagine what my life would be today, if I was that strong at that age!

    I admire and respect that girl! AND she went to the NYC Top Model auditions - where the chaos ensued! My beautiful girl - who, because she's under 5'7", was turned away from other model auditions. I didn't realize she still had that desire alive in her (well, of course she did - duh!). And she plans on going back when they open the auditions up again. Wow. What a wonderful example my daughter is showing me!

    Yes. That definitel feels better!
  • Here's one example...

    I'm so appreciative of my wonderful physical body, its flexibility, resilience; how it carries me through my day, rarely tiring; the bounce in my step, the brightness of my smile, the curl in my hair. I love that my physicality is another indicator of how I'm doing with my alignment. And I can love my body even when I notice an imbalance and, as Abe says, "bless those vibrational indicators!" I look forward with appreciation to this lifetime of health and vitality!
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