Hiya me again I keep still being told I need to take lots of action & lots of different KINDS of action & basically work my butt off to get what I want. Obviously I must be attracting that & sorry if I've asked this before but I'd really LOVE some Abe quotes videos etc about how vibration trumps action. Cos people I want to attract my stuff. When I take action it seems kinda futile like it doesn't do much I want to do heaps more on vibration AND I want to be lead to the right actions for ME but not that yet I want it to be mainly about vibration & I want to get my stuff THAT way rather than do buy this product, see this person & so on I want it to come to ME I keep getting the message I have to go out and chase it I don't WANT to chase it, I want to magnetise it. AND Abe quotes on this would be wicked cos I feel like I'm believing that message too much, SO seeking quotes on how 90% of it is vibrational, you don't have to take loads of action, follow your OWN bliss it's mostly about changing your frequency.I also want to attract synchronicities that show I am on the right path etc.

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  • OK What if one has the name of 50 bankers given to them?! Ha ha
    hmmm maybe that's overwhelm
    Part of the thing is people trying to market their stuff to me a lot as if it's THE action to take & I can't even HEAR inner guidance anymore it's like it's being drowned out by all the marketers each claiming THEY have the best way to get new business.
    Look, if someone said please call me tomorrow so we can start & they will pay me BELIEVE me I will call!!
    Robyn, I'm extremely confused on the action part right now & so until there is an extremely clear good feeling path, I'm really DONE with action. Coaching current client is amazing for both of us & in the vortex & so is continuing to do more studies but those are the ONLY things. And I'll think I'm guided to put business cards somewhere or go to a networking group & DO it & no new business comes my way from it. So until inner being is calling me VERY clearly to take a clear specific action - NOT a dozen or so! - I aint budging!! I LOVE the ask and it is given book so much & will do lots of processes on this & I DO appreciate your reply!
    I am kinda looking for Abe proof it's mainly vibrational right now. As always, Robyn, thank you very much for your input, it's always appreciated.
    I've been doing a lot better with my vibe on this subject but lately being offered 3-6 month teaching jobs which is a don't want & got in a tailspin. I don't usually stay there that long, I hope I get out soon.
  • Hi Athena,

    It's not exactly an Abe Quote, but it was good advice I got in that the LoA will bring the people, events etc. to us in regard to our desires, it's up to us to act on those things...for instance, someone who wants to start a new business can have the name of a perfect banker given to them and it is up to them to make the appointment to talk to that person. I really liked the "Ask and It Is Given" book by the Hicks.

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