Segment Intending

Abraham By Topicfor self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....Topics By Thread Here...turn the audio off or down if you prefer...Here's one of many Abe processes...the idea is not to do them all...but to do the ones you like...more quotes describing segment intending and illustrating it's value to come in the threadYou hold many intentions, and every intention does not apply to everymoment of your life experience. Some of your intentions are moreappropriate in some moments, while others are more appropriate inothers. And it is necessary for you to identify which intentions aremost important during which moments in order to be in complete anddeliberate control of your life experience. For example:When you get into your automobile, as you are buckling your safety belt,intend safety, keen awareness, and perceptiveness of what other driversare intending. Clearly, it is more appropriate to intend safety whengetting into your automobile than when you are reading a book at home.When you answer your telephone, take a moment, once you know who iscalling, to intend that which you most want to communicate to thatperson. Intend clarity of thought and clarity of expression. Intendbrevity if it is important. Intend to uplift the caller. It is moreappropriate that you intend clarity of communication as you are speakingon the telephone that when you are swimming alone in your pool.Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar - pg 249and in 'A New Beginning I'Abraham By Topic Navigational Links:Back To The Main Topics PageIf you hear music, check your tabs, you probably already have the main page open!Abraham By Topic A ~ B ~ CAbraham By Topic D ~ E ~ F ~ GAbraham By Topic H ~ I ~ J ~ K ~ LAbraham By Topic M ~ N ~ O ~ P ~ Q ~ RAbraham By Topic S ~ T ~ U ~ V ~ W ~ X ~ Y ~ ZDS

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  • In the segment of this afternoon and evening all will be well.

    Everything will flow for Luke in a positive easy uplifting way.

    Luke will feel the love surrounding him and he will lean into that love and be buoyed by the pure positive source energy love that is with him always.

    Luke is reaching for and discovering that he is pure positive source energy love.

    Luke is taking in deep breaths of pure positive source energy love and that same love is radiating out from him.

    Pure positive source energy love is flowing to Luke and through Luke and from Luke in a powerful, delightful, obvious way. 

    Luke is feeling his connection to all that is and he is loving life.

    Luke has joy at his core and he knows it.

    Luke is eagerly asking what's next.

    Luke is feeling his power.

    Luke is divine spirit in physical form.

    • In the upcoming segments for Jake he too is knowing his power.

      Jake is so happy he has his own path.

      Jake is eagerly taking his path and noticing how wonderful and full and delightful it is.

      He say's "glad that one's path is not mine" and enjoying the path he is on.

      Jake is loving how his life is unfolding and feels eager for more.

      Jake is tuned in tapped in and turned on.

      Jake is joy in motion.

      Jake is liquid love.

      Jake is talented and creative beyond his years and he is beginning to discover this creativity and tapping into it.

      Jake is feeling joy flow to him and through him.

      Jake is feeling the pure positive power of liquid love from source energy and knows he can tap into this power any time he focuses.

      Jake is a powerful focuser.

    • In this next segment I will assist in the ease and flow of a delightful gathering.  I will be centered and clarity will come to me and I will let it in:)  The event will flow, the people  will flow, the questions and most importantly the answers will flow to me and through me and I-I guess this is really the most important-I will let the answers in.

    • In this next segment I will enjoy others company.  We'll walk and talk and all will be easy,

    • In this next semester segment or new fall season life will flow easily for me and Jake and Luke.

      We are all super powerful focuser's and we are all attracting to us now, teachers and co creators to elicit that focus and sift through the throngs of information that school and life have to offer, to find the nuggets that make us soar to the treetops with joy and understanding and cause us to focus in on a topic or topics that we can enhance through our own efforts and teachings.

    • In this next segment I will read, write, digest and delight in delicious food, energy, teachings and my own contributions to all of these things.

      In a segment to follow today I will run while listening to Abraham-Hicks and I will absorb and take in as much as I possibly can while enhancing my physical, spiritual and mental well being. 

      In a segment to follow that segment I will work with a client closely and independently to enhance their well being.

      In a segment to follow that I will work with Luke on enhancing his well being.

      In a segment to follow that I will prepare myself for slumber in a clever and fun way that also prepares my mind to take in and put out joy, abundance and love. 

    • In this next segment I will flesh out what it is I am wanting to focus on to enhance in me. 

      Such as the feeling of well being.

      The feeling of worthy.

      The feeling of deserving.

      The feeling of knowing my connection to my Source Energy.

      And enhancing too, fleshing out too, the things that I am wanting to put my focus on in this next decade or so.  Like my ability to enhance my well being and others.  How do I want to go about doing that? 

      Bring me some idea's Source Energy please.

      I want to enhance my communication with non physical.

      I want to enhance and hone in on this knowing, this inquisitiveness, this experimenter in me. 

      I am SO thrilled to know that I can focus on anything and make it better. 

    • In this next segment I will run 4 or 5 miles and listen to Abe and breath in Pure Positive Source Energy Love.

      In the following segment I will get things in physical order and organize, clean out, prep and enhance my living and work space. 

      In the next segment after that I will prepare for appt. arriving in a timely fashion.

      In the following segment I will get to evening destination with ease and flow.  Prepare a lovely dinner, have a lovely conversation and communication.  And end the evening with preparing for the next days running, writing and working with another client. 

      The next several days segments of interactions with others, work and writing will all flow in a next logical step ease and flow fashion.  Everything I want or think I need will just show up automatically.  Especially the feelings of worthy and deserving will be so automatic as to leave me unawares they were ever absent:)

  • Well wonderful this is JUST the sort of thing I want to do right now hooray!  

    So I appreciate this thread lots!

    It's the PERFECT process for this!

    I am ha ha ha segment intending a text of all things!

    I FEEL in alignment, positive, powerful, GOOD.

    I am INSPIRED as I type or just before with what to write.  It's fun, it's easy, it's playful, it's good vibes all round.

    It's cute! And it goes to its destination and if there are replies tonight or tomorrow it is equally easy to think of  things to

    say - ha ha I actually saved some ideas before anyway so there you go.  The main thing for me is to get the energy flowing, feel the joy BEFORE I type and send.  I feel relaxed, eager, I feel enthusiastic about this fun event we are discussing cos I KNOW the Universe has got all the details sorted and it is going to ROCK!

    I appreciate the contact and the opportunity very much it is SO delicious this interaction is so delicious and I am so grateful.  

  • Mike is in the vortex!

    In this next segment I will write and write and write and then I'll write a little more:)

    The words will flow and flow and flow and it will be divinely inspired and Theo and Abe will read over my shoulder and tweak it a little here and there:)

    But it will be my story, my words that others on a similar path will relate to and feel the familiarity and most importantly, feel the relief.

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