Segment Intending

Abraham By Topicfor self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....Topics By Thread Here...turn the audio off or down if you prefer...Here's one of many Abe processes...the idea is not to do them all...but to do the ones you like...more quotes describing segment intending and illustrating it's value to come in the threadYou hold many intentions, and every intention does not apply to everymoment of your life experience. Some of your intentions are moreappropriate in some moments, while others are more appropriate inothers. And it is necessary for you to identify which intentions aremost important during which moments in order to be in complete anddeliberate control of your life experience. For example:When you get into your automobile, as you are buckling your safety belt,intend safety, keen awareness, and perceptiveness of what other driversare intending. Clearly, it is more appropriate to intend safety whengetting into your automobile than when you are reading a book at home.When you answer your telephone, take a moment, once you know who iscalling, to intend that which you most want to communicate to thatperson. Intend clarity of thought and clarity of expression. Intendbrevity if it is important. Intend to uplift the caller. It is moreappropriate that you intend clarity of communication as you are speakingon the telephone that when you are swimming alone in your pool.Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar - pg 249and in 'A New Beginning I'Abraham By Topic Navigational Links:Back To The Main Topics PageIf you hear music, check your tabs, you probably already have the main page open!Abraham By Topic A ~ B ~ CAbraham By Topic D ~ E ~ F ~ GAbraham By Topic H ~ I ~ J ~ K ~ LAbraham By Topic M ~ N ~ O ~ P ~ Q ~ RAbraham By Topic S ~ T ~ U ~ V ~ W ~ X ~ Y ~ ZDS

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    • In this next segment I will write and it will flow forth with ease and delight!

      We'll then walk and talk and enjoy the nature around us.

      Then in the next segment I'll be off to assist with a fun farewell meal.

      The food will prep easily.

      The conversation will flow joyfully.

      There will be obvious ease and flow to the whole event.

      Every there will feel comfortable within their own power and contribution.

      And then we'll part and get into our own vortexes to reconnect whole and fully with who we really are.  Who we really are will also be at the gathering and we will all be becoming comfortable with who we really are.

      In the next segment after that my return here will be light and easy and evening preparations will flow for the night and for as long as I am able to comfortably write, it will flow and then I will sleep soundly.

      The next segment after that will be methodical and easy and complete in the tasks of leaving things as I found them, yet a little better:)

      Appreciation will flow to and from me continuously as the days march on and my writing marches on.

      And those who are noticing will be at peace and return their focus to their own tasks and events and all will be known to be well in the world.

      And each day I will add to my writing with ease and grace, clarity and joyful sharing.  As well as brilliance and discovery.

  • The next segment I will feel energy flowing
    I will feel ease
    I will feel in the flow
    I will feel things coming to me like I want them to.
    I will see things unfolding right before my eyes

    I will feel no limits
    I will feel unlimited possibility

    I will feel love
    I will feel strong
    I will see this reflected in other people's eyes

    I will receive compliments
    I will know what to do next
    I will be on the path
    I will get together with the right people

    I will see only that which i want to see

  • Woohoo!!! Can ya smell that popcorn?

    "I do know law of attraction exists, I see evidence of it"

    Abraham from some youtube video I saw first about 2 and a half years ago and I oh so wish I had that video at hand today.  It goes on and on about declaring and pointing out to yourself the evidence of LOA and it's so good.

    And it's how I feel right now as I look back over my segment intending and see the results of others efforts.  Way cool.

    Thank you source energy.

    The team is getting the hang of this.

    The team is feeling their power.

    The team is recognizing that it's all up to them and that they are truly talented and gifted.

    The team feels powerful, swift and sure.

    The team feels and sees the building blocks they are building through their own efforts and they know they did the work.

    The team is feeling their power.

    The team is feeling their connection.

    The team is feeling their unity.

    The coaches are recognizing the team is doing the work they enjoy doing.

    The coaches are recognizing to step out of the way, to only get in the mix when a real, true coaching technique is warranted.

    The coaches are learning what is inspiring.

    The coaches are learning the challenges that motivating brings to the picture.

    The coaches are learning their role in upliftment.

    The coaches are saying "they've got this."

    The coaches are observing players who are tuned in tapped in and turned on.

    The coaches are spreading the news.

    The coaches are figuring this all out.

    The coaches are stepping out of the way.

  • In this next segment I am going to organize laundry-fun!

    I am going to eagerly organize another writing space too.

    I am going to organize linens joyfully.

    While organizing these things I am going to listen to some amazing Abraham-Hicks.

    The next segment I will spend some time with my family and we'll share a laugh or two.

    The following segment I will sit at my new writing space and see how it feels.  I am even write for a bit if the spirit moves me.

    The next segment I will easily devote to preparing for tomorrow.

    The next segment I will divinely devote to sleep after a lovely dose of meditation.


    • In this next segment I will enjoy the physical exertion and deep breathing.  I'll enjoy the crossword puzzle and focus too. I'll enjoy the centeredness that the the focus brings.  All while simply completing the task of getting from a to b.  Sort of multitasking without the intention of multitasking, with the intention of getting from one place to another.  Love it!

      I appreciate so much the ability to do so many wonderful things without the intent of doing so many things at once...without the "I'm going to get this done and this done and this done and this done...It's more like breathing and allowing and flowing.

      In the following segment I will interact with a couple of clients in a similar manner where there will be tasks to complete, work to be done, systems to be checked and calibrated to be sure they are working well, coordinating schedules and written agreements and again getting many different things done without the overt claim of getting so many things done. Sort of like my body does as my lungs do their work, my heart and vascular system it's work, liver, kidneys and digestive system, endocrine...all these systems working together without overt claim to the work.

      And all the while I am in another part of my mind working on the details of my book.  Figuring out the choppy middle that's had me perplexed, signaled the need for my attention.  And eagerly anticipating the roll out of the conclusion that's had me salivating to put it down in writing.  Like the famous Poet, Ruth Stone, "feel and hear a poem coming at her," I want to feel the thoughts forming in me to the point that I am rushing to get out my laptop no matter where I am so I can get it down before I lose it.

      This has happened already several times and I sometimes have reached for anything to write with but those notes previously have just ended up stuffed in the bottom of my bag.  Never into my manuscript.  Now I will feel, now I intend to have such an overwhelming urge to pull out my laptop that I will sit in the train station to write if I have to.  Like the proverbial itch, that must be scratched, my writing will not wait and I will answer it.

      And I won't be tortured about it.  It will fill like the next logical step, or the next logical itch:)

      I started writing this about 15 hours ago and had to head out the door and actually do the segment intending I started with here. 

      So I guess it all worked out.

      Love it!

    • In this next segment I will swiftly and deftly prepare to depart.  Everything will be in order and flow with ease.  All will be pleased:)

      In the following segment I will organize and tidy up.  Organize and tidy physically and emotionally.  I will keep my thoughts flowing in a positive manner and include only those negative thoughts that I am working on releasing and using for work.  Those ones that when I address them I am cleaning and clearing and releasing.  Not drumming up for repeat exposure.  Drumming up as examples and release a little more.

      All is well.  Everything is flowing succinctly as it should.

      Lost some emotional baggage weight this morning and deliciously and delightedly surprised at the light feeling left behind. 

      So the embers are the fading negative emotions and now I am in the next segment and future segments turning and looking for that which I am wanting to see.

      All really is well.

      Love it!

    • Included in the near future segments will be a decision that I am wanting to make.

      The concluding decision will be easy and fun and next logical stepping it.

    • In the next segment I will be sitting at keyboard and typing away succinct flowing thoughts as they come to me and they will be easy and fun and brilliant and connecting.  They'll be releasing and positive and divinely inspired.

      The thoughts will flow onto the keyboard like rolling shiney brighter paint on a duller lighter, faded wall.  Coverage will be complete, easy, obvious, brighter, fun, fast and any holes will be obvious and easy to cover. 

      That's how my writing is flowing these days; complete, easy, obvious, brighter, fun, fast.  The story is uplifting and readers "feel the relief of it".

      I am connecting on many many levels through my writings with others of similar vibration, background, desires, and circumstances.  Desires to rise above the fray and feel and breath clearly their inner beings through divine inspiration and joy.

    • The team is ready.

      The team is pumped.

      The team is eager and frisky and excited.

      They're swift and powerful and well rested.

      They're strong and muscular and ready to rock and roll.

      They're steady and sure in their minds and their spirit.

      They're all feeling their connection to source energy and are eager to get on with the show.

      In the afternoon and evening segment they will be in the zone and it will feel exhilarating!  Their feet, body and hands will be guided by source energy and they'll all feel the power.

      Joy and genius and passion will be their guides tonight.

    • In this next segment I will shop til I drop:)  Nah just kidding. 

      In this next segment I will shop, drop off stuff and return in a simple, next logical step fashion that just flows.  While traveling about I will do lists of positive aspects, jot down writing idea's, and general grid building that is easy and fun.

      The next segment will be organized and will leave me feeling organized.

      The following segment will be devoted to writing and that too will flow.

      The evening segment will be co creation at it's best.

      The sleep segment will be full of fantastic dreams that are enlightening.

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