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The factors that most people are leaving out of all of this as they are
examining their own physical experience or the experience of others - most do not quite get it that it's a two part process: summoning energy and allowing it, summoning energy and allowing it, summoning energy and allowing it. You can't stop summoning it. The more you focus upon what you want, the faster you summon it.

But the big question is - are you allowing it or not? And with far less effort
than most of you believe, it becomes a pretty easy thing to allow.

Some of you have been noticing - a lot of you say that if you were to take a
poll of all of the people who have been deliberately applying techniques of deliberate creation,
and there are100s of thousands of them now... if you were to take a poll among them, almost all of
them would tell you that their sensitivity to their emotions is dramatically heightened.

And people around them would say to you "This is now a more emotional person
than I knew before".

And we would say "Good". Because that means they are focusing more which means
they are summoning more, which means they are aware more of when they are in connection and when they are not.

And some might say, "Well Abraham, that doesn't seem so good because they used
to be more placid and calm. And now they seem more easily provoked." And we say it is because it
MATTERS more - and when you are driving100 miles and hour, don't you pay more attention than when you are driving 5 miles an hour? Isn't your focus more important? Aren't your skills more important? Don't your actions net greater, more dramatic results? The faster you are going, the more important it is that you pay attention to what you are doing.

And that's why as you goose up your desires and make them more specific and get
the energy moving faster, it becomes more important that you are aware of the way you are feeling
so you are more sensitive to your guidance.

Abraham-Hicks, Transcribed from Philadelphia 10/17/00

copy write Esther Hicks, no affiliation implied or stated


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  • “When something really matters a lot,
    it tends to get really an inordinate amount of your attention. And when it´s moving into the direction you don´t want it to move, than that inordinate attention increases the momentum.

    And the thing that is so confounding about it, to you, that thing that makes you feel that disgust and rage is, a part of you knows, that it doesn´t have to be that way. A part of you knows, that you are smarter than this, a part of you knows that if you just could get hold of it and apply yourself in a different way-
    you could turn it around! We want you to make momentum your friend, too!

    The thing we so want to convey to you 
    in a way that you can really feel it, is that sliding in opposition to what you want does not indicate bad creation. It indicates strong determination!

    If you really want something, and you are focussed in opposition to it, it´s really really uncomfortable. If you don´t care at all, then your opposition- thought doesn´t hinder you, at all.

    And so, when you feel strong about something, as you do there is very very very good news, in that. And the good news is: There is strong, strong, strong, strong, strong momentum!

    Now we want to help you understand something about momentum! Because, so far in this conversation, it felt like we´re talking about momentum, that´s taking you into the opposite direction
    of where you want to be!

    But momentum -ahhhh- momentum is never ever taking you into the opposite direction of where you want to be! Hear this! Momentum is always source energy, moving towards something you really really want!

    But in opposite vibration, in opposing personal thought-vibration, the momentum that is really leading towards where you want to go, feels awful while you are pulling against it! Now, did you get that??

    This momentum, this is not a downward-slide that you are upon,
    this is an onward slide, this is the Universe lining everything up, to give you everything that you want! That’s what’s really happening!

    But where you are standing within it,
    and almost everybody would understand it- you are pulling in such opposition that it feels to you, that the momentum is going in the opposite direction- because you´re taking score of current manifestations instead of understanding the power of the momentum!

    It would be a little bit like, if you would be garnering the empathise, that you where going to shoot something far far far out into space- but so far, the rocket hasn´t been launched. So, it´s just sitting there- in a resistant state!

    In other words, it wants to go, but they got it all strapped down, and so it looks like it´s going to tear the whole launchpad up, if somebody won´t cut it loose and let it go- and that’s what we want you to focus on, here! This momentum, that feels like downward-spiral, is not a downward-spiral.
    It´s an upward-spiral, that you are not flowing with, yet. That´s all that it is.”

    (Couldn't find the date/place of this one. It's still good though!)

  • There will be someone who comes from a background of poverty who is influenced to strong wanting. And the rockets of desire will shoot, and then they will find a way to find vibrational harmony with their desire. They will get into this flow in which material things flow into their life at outrageous abundance. And they will feel brief moments of success as it comes, until they are eventually buried by the cumbersomeness of it, and then the next rocket of desire that is born is: "I'm wanting a simpler life."


    Excerpted from the workshop: Portland, OR on July 11, 1999

  • "Sometimes you find yourself out there on the raw and ragged edge.
    We call it the leading edge, you call it the bleeding edge. But it
    is what you intended, when you came forth into these bodies.

    You said, I know how this works. I understand Universal forces. I
    know about Law of Attraction. You said, I know that I am Source
    Energy. You said, I know that I am Source Energy projecting myself
    forth into this physical dimension, into a physical embodiment. And
    I know that in that personality, I will be on the leading edge of

    I know that I, in combination with all others physically focused
    beings, will play with one another in a sea of fantastic contrast to
    evoke from one another new, precise, clear, leading edge desire.

    And I know - you said - that when that desire is born within me, that
    the asking that that desire is, will summon forth unto it. And you
    said, LET ME AT IT!

    You also said, I know I will have a guidance system within me that
    will help me modulate the amount of desire that I focus in any point
    in time. I can go fast, I can go slow.
     I can focus on many things
    at once, I can focus upon fewer things. I can direct things more
    specifically and savor them and enjoy them. Or I can focus upon many
    things and get a lot of momentum going.

    You said, I know that my focus, my desire, my exposure to contrast,
    my perception, will control the degree to which the desire formulates
    within me. I've got my hands on the steering wheel and my foot on
    the throttle. I get to choose all of that.

    And you said, I will use my glorious guidance system to know, in any
    point in time, how well matched I am to my desire.

    I will know if I am a match to my desire and I will know if I am
    slightly off kilter, or maybe a long way from it. I will be able to
    tell by the way I FEEL how much harmony I have with my own desire.
    Or how much disharmony I have with my own desire. I will be able to
    FEEL my degree of allowing or my degree of resistance. I will be able
    to FEEL how aligned with Source Energy I am and with my own desire.
    Or, how misaligned I am.

    So here you are. Welcome to Planet Earth...but it is your
    perspective that does the summoning to that which is here."

    Abraham -- San Antonio, TX 4/20/02

  • 'Know thyself!' and trust that knowledge. If you find a negative subject, you should talk about it until you feel better, rather than just blow the subject off. The idea is that the subject gains momentum as of the last place you left it. Well-being is your natural state.

    - Abraham-Hicks

    another quote from different workshop....

    It’s like Jerry says that his father, who was a sailor, taught him early on, and the lifeguard did too, if you get caught up by a riptide, just relax. Don’t fight it because the current of the ocean of the riptide will take you down if you fight it. You will lose your energy. It will exhaust you. And you will drown but if you relax and just let it have its way with you, it will let loose of you, and this Law of Attraction is the same way. As you, as you, as you see it as something that has come in response to your vibration but you’re thinking in terms of diminishing the vibration by releasing, releasing, releasing.

    We think this is the best analogy that we have ever offered to the best question that has ever been asked about this subject of moving into the Vortex. (applause) And that’s why so many in this venue of work and, and beyond it have for a long time been talking about letting go and letting God or they’ve been talking about surrendering. And deliberate creators have a little
    bit of controversy about that because they think surrendering doesn’t sound like deliberate creation, and we have just once again, thanks to you on this leading edge journey that we are all experiencing together. We’ve just differentiated the
    difference between letting go and being deliberate in what you’re focused upon. Until you’re in the Vortex, don’t try too hard to think too hard.

    Let it be about diffusing, diffusing, diffusing, diffusing, diffusing
    until the Vortex has you and then think, then think, and then experience the deliciousness of feeling the expansion of the thought that is really who you are, real time.
    CD No. 10, Track 7, Ease Your Way Into AlignmentCaribbean Cruise 2010

  • When you talk about the ones not up to speed, you're not up to speed either.
    Cancun, 2014. (Business partners) Abraham Hicks Publications


    May 24, 2014 Stamford CT Abraham Hicks Publications

    "Sensitivity in an atmosphere of strong moving momentum just makes you beat up on yourself. Because you can't do anything about it, all you can do it feel bad about it. But sensitivity in EARLY momentum is manageable. Oooo, that is the most important thing that we have ever said together."~Abraham speaking. Third session very late in meeting, hotseater's second question. 

  • It’s really a bold statement to say, “I want to love everything!”  We would just say, “I want to love and I want so much to love that I’ve tuned myself to the vibration of love and now things that are easy to love are flowing into my experience.”
    Stamford 9/28/13
  • Comment by MikeJOYbe-er ^-^ on September 11, 2013 at 2:55pm

    "If you haven't tuned yourself (consistently to the HFD) you can't tell when you're off tune"

    September 11, 2013 (TODAY) MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE (HFD= Higher Frequency Disk)

  • "I must be aware of bad things, and guarded about bad things, and I must watch out for bad things by trying to guide myself toward good things." You can't do both at the same time. You can't watch out for bad things, and allow good things at the same time. It is vibrationally not possible.




    Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on July 25, 1999

  • "The more you feel good the more aware you will be when you don't feel good." Abraham July 27 San Francisco 2013

  • "You have come into alignment with Who You Are - the credit is yours but the influence is ours. (Audience applause)
    And you see, you always have that influence there -

    that's the thing that Esther is discovering. It s always there to be tuned
    into. The tuning is your choice, you see.

    And sometimes you're just dropping out of an airplane at 40,000 feet
    and you don t have TIME to tune, so you just have to sort-of crash and burn
    and then start over again. (Soft audience laughter)."

    From the workshop in Boca Raton, FL on 3/24/12

    thank you abequotes!

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