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8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 7

Guest: Hello Abraham, it’s good to get to visit with you again. I was hoping that you would give me, give us an example of being in the vibrational escrow for allowing; for step three. And, I know up until recently, I’ve been really focused on step one, and doing a lot of asking, doing a lot of deliberate creating and becoming quite good at it, and enjoying it, but then realizing that I’ve asked the question, and then I ask it again. Now, understanding that it must be that I really don’t believe that step two has happened, if I’m going to ask again.

Abe: Or you could be adding clarity to it, unless you are asking exactly the same question over and over again; like: Where is it?

Guest: Right, and that’s exactly where I want to get to, is; I had this really beautiful shift that occurred recently and I started telling the story about how good it feels to HAVE ASKED, and coming from that emotional set-point, and just being so satisfied that life has caused me to be, in that moment, asked for something that I’ve asked for, not needing the physical manifestation of that to feel any more satisfaction, or any more complete.

Abe: Well, you’ve done the best job of describing a state of allowing that we’ve ever heard. That’s exactly what a state of allowing is. It’s appreciation for the asking even before the asking has been fulfilled in terms of manifestation. In appreciation, in utter appreciation of the asking, there’s no resistance, and so now the answer to what you are asking must come. But there’s another little piece to it, and what that is, feel the difference between knowing that I’ve asked and knowing that Source has answered, and knowing it’s in the vortex, and knowing that it is coming, but feeling awareness that it hasn’t come. And, it’s really fine-tuning here: that awareness of the absence of something prevents the presence of it. And that’s why we keep saying: If you’ll make it a vibrational journey, an emotional journey, and your effort is to get into the vortex and feel what it feels like in there. Now, you notice we’re not saying: Jump into the manifestation, it’s not possible anyway, but we’re saying do whatever you can, and we’re showing the back door in, get into the vortex and feel what’s in there; that’s what a feeling of appreciation for something that hasn’t manifested is. If you can feel appreciation for the question, you are then are feeling appreciation for the answer and it doesn’t matter what you’re excuse for your appreciation is, appreciation puts you in the vortex. And if you hang around in there for just a little bit of time evidence has to show itself to you, but we don’t want you going in the vortex looking for evidence, we want you to go into the vortex looking for the feeling.

Guest: Right. And I so get that, and I’ve been enjoying so much, and I’m surrounded by conversations with people because I’m choosing to listen in and I hear them telling the story because they want their stuff. They want this thing to happen, and I’m over here appreciating the asking so I was wondering, we’ve kind of scratched the surface of this with Esther and the bus, but I was hoping for the benefit of all of us, that you could give us a…

Abe: Alright, we’ll take a stab at it and then we’ll take segment of lunch and then w’ll begin again with you.

Guest: Okay.

Abe: So, the contrast causes expansion; that I am, for whatever reason, not able to go to. So I am aware of the absence of something that I want, or the not fulfillment of it. And, as I reach to get inside the vortex to find the feeling place of it, then I feel the relief of having done that. Now that I’ve found the relief of having done that, I feel better. Now, you’re really going to like this, this is so so interesting: So, here’s Esther, we’re gonna use her as an example. So, she comes forth, she’s born, she lives modestly most of her life, and like everyone she’s got a long list of different things that she wants, holds herself pretty much in vibrational alignment with where she is, then learns about deliberate creation and then really starts doing, as you said, step one work. So, over a period of time, we won’t bore you with the details, she’s ratcheted up, through the contrast that she’s lived and through deliberate application of the principals that she’s learned from us, she’s ratcheted up, deliberately doing so, a vibrational escrow that is incredible. And much of it already coming into place. So, some of the things that she’s asked for are structures that work, machines that work, buildings that work, in other words through life she’s come to ask for and mostly expect things to go really well. And so here’s this escrow and manifestation of it that is getting bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better. So, life in general, she begins living a life that’s very different from almost anybody she knows, more satisfying on more levels, bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better, and then she sort of hits a wall because there’s a piece of something that she’s parlayed that she wants that she can’t see a way to get to. She wrote pages of positive aspects, she applied every process that she could think of, pulls out all the bags in her tricks, she finds herself asking for something that she feels that she cannot achieve. Which brings her to a crescendo where she says and means, “It would be easier to be happy if I were asking for nothing, than to ask for everything and have to line up with it”. Now hear this: this is an argument that’s been going on on this planet for a long time, materialism verses spiritualism, in other words, it would be easier to ask for nothing than to ask for the world and feel the contest of not being able to achieve it. And we say: What that can bring you to an understanding of is that the stuff that you’ve been asking for was never because having the stuff is satisfying, but without asking for the improvement there is no journey to live. So now we’ve made the end of the journey the manifestation of the journey so important that no one’s enjoying the journey; when the only reason for the contrast producing the goal was to give reason for the journey. Isn’t it interesting? When we come back from segment refreshment, we’re going to bring right back around to this because we are on the brink of moving into a whole new paradigm about understanding about creation. It’s about, I want it but to have it I must release it, and in the releasing of it it comes easily, it’s all about the energy, not about the thing, but if it isn’t for the thing the energy doesn’t move, but when the energy is moving but I’m not letting myself go, then I’m out balance and when I’m out of balance I don’t feel good and there are not enough things in the world to fill that void. Good time for segment of lunch.

Audience applauds.

8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 8
Abe: Can you bring us back round to it?

Guest: Yeah, I can. So, here we are, in life, step one-ing, sometimes because we want to, sometimes because we’re just observing something and life causes us to ask.

Abe: Well said.

Guest: So, then step two happens, and you know, Source answers, and…

Abe: And let’s not down play that.

Guest: Yeah (audience is laughing) Well, knowing that is the most beautiful part about it, because that makes step three all the more possible, which I’ve heard Abraham speak before one of the reason’s we’re here, physically focused is to master the Law Of Allowing. (transcriber’s note: This is reference to Special Subjects Title 4: The Law Of Allowing, which is also disk four of The Law Of Attraction Abridged 5 CD Set)

Abe: So you figured out something really good while you were having lunch. Who did you eat with? (audience laughs) What you’re saying; it’s really important. Your understanding of the Laws Of The Universe , and your understanding of how the whole cycle works, your understanding that step two is an important and viable step and it is happening. Your trust, faith, belief, knowing of that, then step three is possible. So step three is being alright in the advance version; in the vibrational version. In other words, I know so well how it all works, I know the vibration of things that even before, now here it is, even before I see the physical evidence, my knowledge that step two has happened, even before I feel the emotional evidence, in other words, I don’t yet know it’s going to happen, and I don’t yet feeeeel good, I don’t yet feeel happy about it, but my knowledge that step one, step two, step three, I’ve done step one, they’ve done step two, now, shouldn’t that make step three just a slam dunk every time?

Guest: Absolutely.

Abe: We think that is an important key.

Guest: And so, the cruise in Alaska and the last ten days is where it all; I got it. I got that. So, I’ve been coming from a place of feeling good because life has caused me in that moment to desire something. And that that platform that I reached is such an amazing feeling, that I know that’s gonna take me to other platforms as well. And so, the physical manifestation has become less important to me than feeling good in the moment right then and there. And so I have really really absorbed that and really really been having fun with that.

Abe: But step back a little bit and hear the contradiction in what you said, because if you are appreciating the fact that there is a process that works, and if you are appreciating the contrast which has given birth, so you are appreciating the desire itself, and then you are appreciating the Laws Of The Universe and the answers of step two, and you are appreciating your knowledge of all of that, in all of that awareness; you do feel good. In other words, there’s no absence, you said, “If I know that, then I don’t need to feel good, in other words, that MAKES you feel good. That’s what feeling good is; feeling good is thinking the thought that causes no separation.

Guest: Well, I was saying I don’t need the physical manifestation of that to feel good.

Abe: And WHY don’t you need the physical manifestation? Because, what you’re focusing upon feels good.

Guest: Because I already got it.

Abe: You’re focusing upon the fact that you desire it, you’re focusing upon the fact that it is a for sure thing, you’re focusing upon the fact that the Laws work, you’re focusing upon the fact that the Law Of Attraction is after it, you’re focusing upon the fact that the Source Energy part of you is answering it. Once you have conceived it, it is done. And therefore you can relax and release all control, and in the releasing of control and awareness of its absence of doneness, it’s done on every level and now you feel good.

Guest: And the cherry on top, with whip cream; the physical manifestation.

Abe: And it’s brief.

Guest: Yeah, and it’s brief. And so…(audience laughs)

Abe: But it doesn’t matter that it is brief, because the whole process is what summoned you through life. The brevity of the manifestation, and the brevity of the THRILL of the manifestation: Esther says to Jerry, “How about buying me that beautiful new car; it will make me happy for the afternoon?”

Guest: Yeah. (Audience laughs)

Abe: And it’s about that long that it gives you that sort of buzz. That’s why we begin every gathering saying “Are you appreciating the contrast of your time and place?” And one day we will say that and we will hear collectively from you “ Yes, we devour, we enjoy, we bless the contrast that gives birth to the desire. And, that’s where you started there. When you are blessing the desire that is within you; fulfilled in terms of manifestation or not, the existence of desire unchallenged is joyful life. The existence of desire unchallenged by you vibrationally, because it’s only your vibration that can challenge it, so the existence of unchallenged desire is blissful, successful life. So, what’s it gonna take for me to stop challenging my own desire? It helps to understand the Laws. It helps to focus upon it. But there is this…it’s fine-tuning, isn’t it?

Guest: It’s very fine tuning, and that what I’m trying to get at, is…I feel like this group is coming together in these workshops pretty tuned in and having absorbed lot of the teachings of Abraham and coming here, it’s fine tuning questions now.

Abe: For sure. It’s like the same group moving from city to city.

Guest: Yeah. And so, and you hear these conversations going on, it seems like people are thinking that they’re telling the story in a way that is creating alignment for them, but what I hear sometimes is that they’re focused on the What, the When, the Who…the How.

Abe: It’s why we began as we did today, because even Esther, with all that she knows and all that she’s practiced, is telling a story that is so surface, it’s not making the vibrational difference for her. In other words, we teased you all about putting a happy face sticker on your empty gas gauge, just so that you don’t feel troubled about seeing your empty tank, but it only works for a little while. When you run out of gas, you’ve run out of gas. (laughter from audience) So, let’s back up just a little bit: so, you’re hear in this physical body for a reason, do you get that? And, it’s natural, its right, it’s natural, that you would want to create things of a physical nature, yes? And, any desire that is born out of your awareness of life is a desire that, not only is it a good desire, it is a desire that can and should be manifest. In other words, there is nothing that this life could inspire a desire within you about that this life cannot produce the manifestation of. So, having heard that, that’s the same thing as saying: There is nothing that you cannot be, or do or have; all things are possible. Having heard that, do you believe from what you’ve been hearing from us before and especially today, do you believe that the living of your life is for the being, doing and having experiences of things? In other words, are those manifestations that you have set as goals, are those quests and desires, is the accomplishing of them the reason you exist? (No is implied, I think but you don’t hear this on the recording). So they are a directional pointer, they are a reason to flow, but they are not the end result, they are not the motivation for life, they are not the reason; what are they? Why would a goal, why would a desire be born within you, if it is not your job to achieve it? Let’s ponder it just a little bit. Why would life cause you to want something if we come full circle and we say the having of it isn’t what the game’s about? Sort of feels weird, doesn’t it? So, I don’t have it, and then I want it, but my getting it won’t make me happy. My not having it sure doesn’t make me happy and in my unhappiness at not having it, I want it, but then but then my getting it doesn’t make me happy. Sort of what you were talking about, feeling some measure of satisfaction in the desire. So, now stay with us, this is worth taking the time. So, I don’t have it, others have it, I want it, I think, because I’m not happy in not having it, whether it’s a thing or a relationship or money or clarity or bodily conditions. I want, I want it, I want it and I’m not happy in not having it, I want it. I want it. And so, then I do what it takes, maybe I blunder into it, maybe I do it deliberately, I line up, and it manifests, and now I’ve got it. And now I’ve also got new contrast, which causes new wanting. So, the accomplishing of the desire, at best is a temporary buzz, because then there’s more contrast that will always cause another and another and another and another. And yet, logically I know that is contrast causes me to want and I’m able to line up with it, and stop the resistance of it, and begin moving in the direction of it, then there is a fun ride somewhere in the re. But when I get there, it’s not the big thrill that I thought it would be. The absence of it set me up for an expectation of a thrill in having it that is unnatural. Because it is not the accomplishing of something that is the measure of success, it is the joyful journey that is the measure of success. So, I don’t have it and I want it, and now I’ve got it and whoopee (said without enthusiasm, audience laughs), but now I don’t have that and I want it, but now I’ve got it and..whoopee (again said without enthusiasm). What am I missing? What am I missing, it’s the premise that’s flawed; it’s the idea that the accomplishment is the reward, when it is the opportunity to accomplish that is the reward in there somewhere can you find sheer appreciation for the life giving components of contrast? Don’t you just love having opportunities to choose? When you’re at a buffet you like it, when you’re at clothing store you like it. When you are at the cookie counter you like it. When you feel free to choose, isn’t the variety from which you make your choices delicious? If you can appreciate your right to choose, then the pushing against of the parts of the contrast that you don’t want would be nonexistent, and in the pushing away of the parts of it that you don’t want, if that’s nonexistent, then in the contrast your desire is pure. And in the pure desire there is fast movement and satisfying movement, and then the outcome becomes irrelevant, it becomes unnecessary for it to be important because you’ve already cleaned it up in your appreciation of the contrast. There’s something really big there.

8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 9
Guest: Yeah. And so, going into that, I was hoping that you would give us some some terminologies and some vernacular, some conversation that we would have with ourselves that would lean towards that, instead of leaning towards, even when you think you are leaning towards that, it seems like you catch yourself leaning towards the “where is it, when’s it gonna get here, who’s gonna bring it, you know. I’ve left a lot of that behind, I really feel that I’m talking about things more so that I feel good in that moment, and so I talk about why; why I want what I want. And, I just wanted some fine tuning.

Abe: Well you see, when you talk about what you want and why you want it, you remove contradictory energy from it, because in the why, there are no missing factors that cause you to activate any vibration of resistance. You’re really onto something here. You sat down, and you wanted us to find a way of helping you to be more allowing about the contrast itself. And, we think that that is such a brilliant observation, because when you are observing contrast, some of it not wanted, but you have an attitude: this is contrast for me to pick from, nothing is being asserted into my experience and I’m not being forced into one part of it or another, this is contrast or variety from which I get to choose, hhmm, from where I stand, what would I most select, there’s total freedom in that. And in that total freedom there is absence of bondage and absence of disempowerment and absence of resistance, and in that absence of resistance then you just choose and flow and choose and flow and choose and flow. In other words, that would be the perfect way to move through life experience, so now, as we sort of come full circle in this teaching, some of you, not all of you, but some of you are ready to now step back into that attitude that you had the day you were born that says, “I am good, and I am choosing, and it is right that what I will choose will come to me easily.” And if you could wipe the slate of negative expectation from your mind, and believe that because you have chosen, the Universe is giving it to you because the Universe is, your expectations would clear up, your vibrations would clear up, and it would be as wonderful as saying “I choose that, I choose that, I choose that, I choose that.”

Now, lets build a case for the value of contrast. If everything you chose came to you immediately, we’re just asking, I everything you chose came to you immediately, would that be beneficial or detrimental to what you’re putting in your vibrational escrow? Just think about it. If every time you say, “I like that, I want that”, it came, do you think it would slow down the desire? Can you feel any personal momentum from knowing what you don’t want? Can you? (Guest says something about causing something, not clear) Oh, you can. You can feel momentum from the contrast. So now let’s go back to this pile of contrast and let’s focus your brilliant minds upon it, and when you work on something, doesn’t it gather more momentum? Don’t you gather momentum by weighing the pluses and minuses, the pros and the cons? Don’t you benefit by sifting through the data? Isn’t that the way you put your hands in the clay? Don’t you want the data to deal with? Don’t you want to feel the power of a desire being born within you? Don’t you? Have you seen the little kids, don’t they tell you “I know, I know”, they don’t want you to tell them everything that you know. They want to figure it out on their own. They want to know. They want the life experience. We’re still here with you; we’re still talking about the joyous deliciousness of dealing with the contrast and feeling the power of a desire. Yes, a currently not manifested desire. Yes, a desire that may manifest far down the road. But right now, in this moment, there is satisfaction from me getting to play in this game of life, from me getting to be focused here from all this contrast, me getting to be a sculptor with a full palate of materials and colors and substances and textures; me having all of that variety here with my fingers in it. Me getting to choose all of that and LOVING the variety and loving the skill with which I am learning to choose what I most want. I LOVE this contrast, I love this contrast, I love this contrast and what it means to me, because my eternalness depends upon this contrast, my expansion depends upon this contrast and YES, even my JOY depends upon this contrast for if it where not for this contrast I could not expand, and if I could not expand I could not move forward, and if I could not move forward I could not FEEL the motion forward; I could not feel the closing of the gap which is what joy is. So there you have it.

Audience applauds.

Contrast: the joy of my life. Contrast: the basis into which I am born. Contrast: the reason for my expansion. Contrast: Contrast has all that is wanted and all that isn’t wanted, yes? So, just because you’re focused upon the part of it that you don’t want, is that any reason to condemn the pile? Is that any reason to take what’s happening so seriously? It was just a choice that gave you clarity, and there are a myriad of other choices. Do you need to control that one choice, when there are a myriad of other choices? You see how you can turn the pile of contrast into something interesting, exciting, satisfying? And in the moment you do that, your step one will continue, but your step three will be way easier.

Guest: I’m gonna go look for some contrast.

Audience laughs and applauds briefly.

Abe: Well you don’t have to look far, because it’s in every particle of the Universe. It’s in every person, it’s in every conversation, it’s in every piece of everything. It’s in every nation, it’s in every town, it’s in every individual. It’s in every relationship; it’s in every particle of everything. You don’t have to look far for it; it’s everywhere. But when you embrace it, when you devour it, when you adore it, when you understand it, when you understand it…now you’re in charge. You’re selecting from it, it’s not choosing you; you’re selecting from it. Oh, we’ll admit, sometime you let pieces of it set your tone, and then other things like it come to you, so it’s feels like it’s choosing you, rather than you’re choosing it, but in the moment that you begin to adore the contrast, in your attitude of “I’m making the choices”, ahh; you get your power back.

8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 10
Don’t be alarmed if when you leave you don’t remember anything except that contrast is good. (Audience laughs) We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you, and as always we remain blissfully, because of you, chronically, because of you, joyously, because of you, incomplete. 

Abraham Hicks Publications Abraham speaking on 8/9/2008 in San Francisco, Ca

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    • Hi dear, thank you for guiding me , I got points you mentioned specially on healing the past , it will be so useful to me to let go past and start from now with out any judgment  . 

    • :D 


  • I recently read about subliminal messages and then I realized that why I couldn't attract my ex yet ! , my unconscious mind is injured about him and can not believe my positive thinking or asking (first step of LOA) , cause when I was in relationship with him most of time he has been told me we never get marry , my unconscious accepted it , so how can I change my deep belief  with subliminal msgs ? should I buy software ? unfortunately I live in a country  that  don have access to buying it.

    Is there anyone here who can support me with details of these msgs ?thank you

  • The Value of Your Negative Emotions


    Don't be uncomfortable with your range of emotions. We would not want you to put Novocain in your fingers so that you could not feel the hot stove so you could lay on the hot stove and say, "Hm. This should hurt but it doesn't." Because there would be damage done. It's nice that your sensors guide you away from that which is damaging to your experience, and that your sensors guide you as to the proximity or the content of your vibrational offering. But do not assume that the vibration that is the best vibration is the one without negative emotion.

    We would rather see you in negative emotion and finding your balance than bobbing along on a blissful trail of contentment with no new desire being born. It is much more important that you find reasons to summon Energy, and sometimes step out of balance, than if you were always in a peaceful contented place.

    Abraham-Hicks - G-6/27/98, Spokane, WA

  • Instead of saying, “I made a mistake” or “I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have gone there,” instead say, “This was an important step in the evolution of my desire, in the clarification of who I am and what I want. And I will be better for having lived this experience and I embrace all of it. I appreciate all of it. I appreciate all the cooperative components who shared in this contrasting moment because I am clearer now about who I am and what I’m wanting.”

    Oooo, doesn’t that just soothe that?

    Washington, DC 10/20/12

  • We encourage you to make peace with everyone who opposes you and with everyone whom you oppose, not only because you cannot insist on their yielding to your perspective but because their opposing perspective is of tremendous benefit to you.
    You see, because of your exposure to what you perceive as their wrong or bad or unwanted behavior or perspective—you have given birth to an improved situation. And just as they helped the problem side of the equation to come into focus, they helped the solution side of the equation to come into focus, also; and that solution waits for you in your Vortex of Creation.
    Through our daily meditation process, you will come into alignment with those solutions and creations that are in your Vortex, and from inside your Vortex, you will feel appreciation for everyone who contributed to its becoming.
    When you make peace with those who differ in desire and belief and behavior from your ideas of what is appropriate, you do not perpetuate what you consider to be wrong. Instead, you align with the solution side of the equation that has been waiting for you in your Vortex of Creation.
    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide # 560

  • "If I didn't have the ability to know what I don't want
    I wouldn't have the ability to know what I do want."

    From the workshop in Seattle, WA on 8/26/12

  • We're not encouraging of you to maintain connection and alignment all day every day, because step one is as important a part of the process as step two or three.


    Someone who says, 'I want to be in alignment every single moment' is someone who says, 'I've given up expansion'.

    Portland, OR, 8/11/12

  • Q: Is the ability to stay in the vortex, to be in tune with what you really want, to provide the best of you to the world--

    Abraham: (interrupts) Really quick question. Do you think that providing the best of you to all that is, to the world, and to all that is, which includes us, do you think that means always being in your vortex?

    Q: I do.

    Abraham: We don't.

    Because if you didn't know what you don't want, there would be no expansion. And if there were no expansion, there would be no continuation -- don't worry about it, it has to be.

    We want you to know about the vortex and we want you to strive for it but we don't want you to believe that it's inappropriate for you to ever explore variety and come to a new conclusion!

    Don't you GET that?!

    Boston, MA, June 2, 2012

  • wild goose chases. brilliant!

This reply was deleted.