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Sacramento Ca. 7/27/02 Abraham Hicks Publications, Abraham speaking
"You don’t feel anyway about anyone without them helping you to feel that way. It’s really cocreation. We’ll even go further and louder and blunter: If there is someone you don’t like, they don’t like you either. We have never seen it otherwise. We have never seen someone to adore someone that the one they were adoring didn’t adore them back. Now someone is thinking, “Now wait a minute, there was that man I loved with all my heart and he didn’t love me back.” We say you were offering him insecurity, you were offering him worry, it wasn’t that pure vibration of love. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, they can’t offer you anything else. The LOA wouldn’t put you together even when you live in the same house. You would rendezvous differently."

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Abraham: You have to keep yourself happy with those that can’t see what YOU can see. Don’t NEED them to see what YOU see. Find your fun and satisfaction because YOU see it. >> No matter how many words you find, if they (others) are on a different vibrational frequency, turning up YOUR volume doesn’t make them hear, let it go! Let them be on whatever station they are on, LET IT GO! and so you say, I’d like to let it go but they hold the keys. And we say NO THEY DON’T- -

Source energy holds the keys. Law of attraction holds the keys. Your vibrational balance holds the keys. What you think holds the keys. What you think about them holds the keys.

You’ve gotta make them and their program a cooperative one that you want -before it can cooperate with you!

You can’t see them as they are and get what you want from them!

Mexico Cruise CD 5 track 10
I just found this in one of Marcy's threads and couldn't resist bringing it here...I remember this dvd and the context is "energy vampires" (guest's term) in the work place.

The thing that we most want you to hear is that when you get it out of your mind that your work in co-creation with others has anything to do with their behavior. In other words, just give that up.

Because you can't control their behavior, they don't want you to and you couldn't do it even if they wanted you to. In other words, so just give up any idea that you're gonna control anybody else's behavior and just make up your mind that you can control the way you feel about anyone in your own thoughts. In other words, you can control what you choose to focus upon about any situation or any person.

And so

We think it is a wonderful thing when someone comes in to your experience and you feel less good after they get there than you did before.

We think they've given you a wonder gift, because they've given you an opportunity to realize that your energy can easily get out of balance, that you can easily be dissuaded to something that is not in alignment with who you really are.

And as you experience by experience, person by person, bring yourself back to feeling good, bring yourself back to feeling good, in time, what they're thinking and what they're saying and what what they're doing will be irrelevant to you .

In other words,

They can be contrasting data that helps you to get clearer and clearer about what you want, but who they are in any point in time has nothing to do with you.

When you get control of your own energy field between those two points of vibrational relativity, you have control of your life experience. And then, just as you said, the people who Law Of Attraction bring to you, will be those who please you when they get there.

The Law Of Attraction is always bringing to you those who are a vibrational match to what you've got going on. And so, it sounds to us that you are bit like so many people who are letting your vibration be about what you are observing. And so you are observing all over the place, offering vibration all over the place, so Law Of Attraction's bringing you a bit of everything. And a bit of everything is not a match to the specifics of what you are wanting.

G 9-13-97 (side B)

Questioner wants her lover to materialize - Abe says you have to want to feel
good more than you want him to materialize - if you wanted to feel good
strongly enough you would refuse to look around and see that he hasn’t come
yet - you would instead find things to think about that feel good

Questioner - (paraphrasing) I DO want to feel good and it’s not important
whether anyone else is around, but somehow it ‘s nice to have them around.

ABE - The reason you want others around is that it is WONDERFUL to radiate
your joy and see another benefit from it. Most relationships are not used in
that way. Most people use their relationships to buoy them up when they are
down. Rather than saying “I WANT you as my object of pure positive energy. I
want to spend my life flooding joy all over you”, instead most say (Abe’s
voice drones) 'Well, in sickness and in health, no matter how bad we ARE
together, ‘til death do us part, we’ll hang in there together. (laughter)
(Abe drones on) We’ll BE there for each other in case something goes wrong .'

And that is NOT who you are at all. Who you are is an energy flowing
being who looks endlessly for objects of attention.
From Orlando, Fl 2/15/97, tape 4:

Question: In regards to the subjects of healthy relationships, so many of the
books talk about the importance of sharing some of your past history, so you
understand better where the other is coming from. Can you please comment on
the importance of communication in relationships?

Abe: There is a problem in believing strongly that you have to explain where
you are coming from, because it never lets you go beyond where you're coming
from. So we would keep it to a minimum.

OR we would selectively sift the positive aspects of the past that we want to

We would be very biased in the projection to anyone in our now about who we
are. We would not explain anything about what had been that wasn't something
that we want to hold in our now.

Q: Is that being honest?

Abe: No, it's being a deliberate creator, however....

In other words ... it's actually being very honest!!

When we say be true to yourself, that is the ultimate honesty!! And what we
mean by being True to Yourself is holding a thought NOW that is in vibration
harmony with your True Self .

Do you know that when a person has their first negative emotion, they are NOT
being honest with themselves?

They have deviated from the CLARITY and PURITY and WORTHINESS and WELL BEING
and PERFECTION that they are, and they've chosen a DISHONEST thought about who
they are.

So do you want to keep spreading the lie?

Or do you want to begin to speak to people clearly who you are?

If someone says to you, "Who are you?", tell them:

"I'm wonderful, I'm clear minded, I'm good at what I do, I'm in love in life,
I adore people, I'm happy with myself.

Unless you have that benchmark, until you really understand that what we
always striving for is harmony with that core energy, then you can get off
your beam under the guises of a lot of different honesties.
You've heard us say that communication is essential.

You all cannot stop communicating.

You're vibrationally radiating your communication constantly and what trips
you up and makes you think that maybe you're not a good communicator is that
very often [what you say and what you vibrate is not the same.]

What you mean is being communicated.

And what you say is something different and they're getting what you mean and
not willing to accept what you say.

How often does your partner says to you: "Are you mad at me? "
And you answer "No.", but you are!

**What you are FEELING is what you're COMMUNICATING!!**

You all are communicating much more clearly than you think.

[When you think you're not communicating], you're just not a vibrational match
to what you think you're saying.

What you think you're saying is not what you're really saying. That's the
problem. Not a match.

Do you follow?

From Orlando, Fl 2/15/97, tape 4:
"When you decide that you want to feel good, and you reach for the
vibration that feels good to you and you establish that as your Tone,
either the people around you will be uplifted to join you in that
vibration or, if their vibration is already very well chosen otherwise,
they will clatter right out of your experience. But what happens to most
of you is, while they are clattering right out of your experience, you
notice they are clattering. You begin to clatter too, and then they
clatter right back into your experience, and you clatter together
miserably and continually."

Abraham-Hicks - Asheville, NC, G - 9/5/98
Think about yourself on the dance floor. One leads, and the other
follows. And it makes for a very beautiful effort. But if you are
both trying to lead, can you imagine the mess that you would have? In
every experience, as you are creating your own experience, you are
always a co-creator. In some situations you are the leader, and in
some situations you are the follower, and in some you are the one
that gives in, and in some you are the one that takes the lead. There
are always leaders and followers. And that does not make the leader
superior to the follower. It is a co-creative dance.
When you are wanting people to experience the joy of Connection to
Source Energy -- you are offering words that are soothing or uplifting
in nature. When you're wanting to depress them and suppress them --
you're pointing out their flaws.

Abraham "The Science of Deliberate Creation Quarterly Journal" -- Apr,
May, June, 2002 -- pg 47-48
It requires continual, deliberate focusing upon the postive aspects of any relationship to maintain the good feeling productivity of it, over time. You cannot allow your now thoughts to drift toward unwanted, without having both current and future negative impact on the object of your attention. The Vortex CD 3
A person could have nine horrible things and one lovely thing and you
could activate the lovely thing so much so that would be the 100%
basis of your relationship."

San Antonio TX 4/23/05
You have to care more about where you're feeling and how you
want to

feel, than anything else. You have to care more than what your husband

thinks. You have to care more than what your mother-in-law thinks. You

have to care more than what your neighbors think. You have to care

more than what your church thinks or your government thinks. You have

to care more than what anything that is outside of you thinks, because

by caring about how you feel, you can shift your vibration.

And when you shift your vibration, every relationship shifts.
Every single one.

Dallas, TX, 11/01/03
"... and we want you to realize that every negative emotion, no matter how justified it may seem to you is that emptied out feeling of you holding yourself outside of what you want as you justify why you asked for what you want. So here's another very powerful way of saying it: if your life had not caused you to become more, you wouldn't feel uncomfortable in not letting yourself become it. But the fact that you are feeling uncomfortable ever about anything means life did cause you to expand and the fact that you didn't go is really what the negative emotion is. We want you to understand that you have the ability to focus yourself into alignment with who you are, regardless of what is going on in your experience. And when you discover that then you will be the frisky creative joyful being that you came forth into this physical experience to be. You did not say, not one of you ever, "I'll go forth and I'll find a bunch of others, and I will convince them, train them, coerse them, demand from them, elicit from them, behavior that will keep me feeling good." Not one of you said that. Instead, you said, "I'll go forth and through the expanse of humanity, I will accomplish enormous expansion. And I'll attention to the way I feel to make certain that I keep my thoughts up to speed with my own personal expansion. And they'll all be doing the same. In other words, you did not come forth, to try to control the uncontrollable. You came forth to guide your own vibration into the furtherest most alignment of your furtherest most expansion. That's the only place you will ever find freedom. If you think you've got to control one other before you'll feel good, you're in big trouble. Because they didn't come to serve you....

Bimonthly CD
Seattle, Washington 7-12-2009"


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