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Hey guys i haven't posted here for awhile thought i would get some opinions. I weighed 525 pounds in 2004 and i got down to 286 now. I now hit a plataeu. I am on my diet and exercising does anyone have any suggestions on how to journal or do affirmations to help this along? I want to go on vacation in July and would like to be out of the 200s my goal weight is 150.




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  • oh this is a really good bridge:)


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  • "Discipline" from inside the vortex and compassion for yourself too from inside the vortex.  Compassion is being focused on by Abraham and others lately.

    Also Abe has a cd relating to losing weight.  And I wanted mostly to make mention of cellular level work.  Something to do with each cell being an individual and working as a team.  Bring some thoughts of unity collaboration with the team on doing the work you're doing. Also since we all have the power within that creates worlds, you could call on someone you find inspiring living or not, to assist you in reaching your goal.   

  • What mostly helped me was take care of my body. I would look at myself in the mirror and tell myself how proud I was of coming so far and being grateful for all of the knowledge I have now of how to be a healthier person.

    I also would find new ways to wear my clothes, take care of my skin, put on make up if I was up for it, and even do my own mani-pedi! All of these things helped me feel good inside my body and enjoy the walks, the food and the exercise more without me even noticing! I am at my ideal weight ( I have lost 140 lbs) and I love it!

    Hope this helps!

    Keep it up, you are doing great!

  • Wow!  Congratulations Karin.  That is huge-no pun intended-what you've done so far.  If it were me I would spend some time feeling the appreciation towards myself for the work that I'd done so far.  Appreciate the certain things you did to lose the 230 some odd pounds you've already lost so far. 

    And appreciate that the next logical step would be for you to continue to lose more weight as you've already shown yourself both your whole body and your individual cells that you can lose weight.

    And I bet that movement feels easier to you now and that's another thing to appreciate; the ease with which your body now moves compared to when you were 525.

    You can write out your appreciation.  Maybe make it like the Abraham-Hicks "list of positive aspects" the things about the changes that have already occurred that feel good.

    I love the way my clothes fit now.

    I love the way I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I see such an amazing improvement.

    I love how quick and easy it is to get in the car and drive somewhere without having to walk slow or struggle with the seat belt as much.

    I love that when I walk up the stairs it's easier and I'm not panting as much.

    I love that I can bend over and tie my shoes easier and easier as the pounds melt away.

    I love that I...

    Anything you write, be sure you feel it too.  It's the feeling that makes the change, not the list. 

    keep getting interrupted.  So go look for the processes abe offers and pick the ones that feel good

  • Hi Karin:


    What I do is imagine my new weight and what it feels like to be in a thin healthy body.  I enhance, feelings, sounds, images, colors, even tastes and smells so I am enbodying this experience.  I imagine a dial from 1 to 10 and "turn up" the experience so it is more intense and rehearse this at least once a day. 


    I have hit a plateau early and what I am doing is visualizing and embodying the above technique and also seeing myself where I am now.  I imagine clearing any blockages between myself now and self as I am going to be.  I do this linearly seeing myself now and myself as I will be in the future.  Taking a broom I sweep away any blockages.  Other ways of doing this are to imagine a bucket or other type of container and imagine clearing away the blockages.  Another option, imagine a lazer that will clear the blockages or puttling the blockages into a stream of hot lava or burying the blockages in the earth to be transformed (compost lol). 


    You have already had remarkable success, Karin, and you can tap into your experience of this success and embody it using the above method.  Also, all plateaus come to an end and you can tap into your knowing that this is true from past experience. 


    Another method ... imagine talking to your body like it is your friend and asking it what it needs at this time (ie. more love, support, nurturing) or perhaps a supplement or food that it needs or a supplement that it no longer needs.


    I hope this helps.  Kudos to you again.  You are obviously a very determined person :-).

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