I read the Abe by topic here on work and from that I kinda got: focus on what you want, why you want it and it would (will? does?) feel.

But I think it's a good process ANYWAY on other subjects too.

Who wants to play?

Only positive language e.g. not "I want a boyfriend because I don't want to feel lonely" but "I want a boyfriend because I want to do romantic things together.  And I want to feel that romantic love, I want to feel appreciated" (etc.)


What do you want?

Why do you want it?

How does it feel to have it?

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  • I want to make quick and effortless decisions about what direction to take my book in now, what to work on first, which version to edit.

    I want to feel mature and watch my self-confidence grow.

    I feel comfortable and confident as the result of my decisions.

    (Off to the book!)

  • I want to edit my book to sharpen it up so that when it is published, I will feel proud.

    I want to feel good about myself and all the work I've done on it thus far.

    It feels gleeful to reach this desire.

  • I am getting so excited to move to LA, I ant to move there so easily, comfortably,completely, and permenently.

    So I'm always comfortably warm, and I have lots of new work to choose from and easily do. And I might get to be an extra in movies! *I'm going to beat that drum and keep beating it cause it's so great to me right now, and be thrilled by it even after I arrive there!

  • i want to score really good  marks in my graduation , so  that i have a good GPA for my GMAT, i want to be in the best university of USA ,studying Masters of Business Administration on scholarship.

    I will be more successful and will earn a bomb !i will get to be on my own in a different country ,away from my parents and i will shape up my life the way i want to .I will write often , my views will value if i will be successful ,people will look upto me, i will be a guiding example for most of the people in my family,my voice and my views will not go in din.

    it feels amazing to even imagine , i getting all of that

  • I want to move to LA or the greater LA area. I want it because the weather is more comfortable and narrower in temperature range than in most of OR where I am now. I want it because I might work as an extra in Hollywood and get into movies/tv and do easier type of work than normal acting and make abundant money. I want to go to LA because I'm sure there is much much more money, wealthier people to vibe/live around. I want to go to LA because the community colleges are less than 1/2 the price of Oregon, and in a year, I would be a in state student and could pay for my own 3rd degee in graphic art this time slowely attending school part time as well. I want it because there is an abundance of lower cost condos in the greater LA area to buy. 

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