What if we envision/rewrite our past?

So the Seth and Bajar(sp?) material is very open and into teaching rewritting the past.

And I was frustrated over all of the things I know stem out of past trained in beliefs that keep manifesting.

What might Abe say about just imagining I had a perfect, ideal childhood, where I was supported fully, so I let go now of my fears that drive me to keep recreating problem situations? Maybe I'm not changing it for what happened in reality, but maybe instead changing it and convince myself it was real to me, that my new past is real, and I was loved and supported, and encouraged the way I would have considered ideal. If it feels better, and changes my beliefs, why not? And might it likely help a lot for my future?

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  • there you go, we could use a "rewrite it!" thread! as if it were much more ideal or as you wanted it to be!

    • Isn't this similar to the "I am so happy and grateful now that...." method?  I heard Abe suggest it in one of the Vortex recordings recently. 

    • I like the idea of doing focus wheels around the past experiences, like the ones that were so strongly in my mind and I think affected my thinking, to change my vibes around them...Maybe we could do a thread on that...or put it on the FW threads.

  • I've read a couple of techniques etc. that I am trying.

    Also,  as far as Abe goes, I wonder what about say doing focus wheels on the past etc?

    ALSO, on the Secret, Abe say, something like "Whether you are focusing on the past, the present or the future, you are creating."

    (And there is that picture of the woman remembering being lonely as a child, feeling lonely in the present and then imagining being lonely in the future.)

    So, perhaps another technique is scripting about the past, perhaps, scripting being an Abe process, maybe writing a script about how you'd have preferred it to be, but as though it WAS.  E.g. OK

    let me see, if I was to script about this incident regarding my brother - one night I thought, I wish I'd gone out that night, perhaps to see the boyfriend I had then so I wouldn't have been there when all those things happened, I would not have witnessed it.

    So a script of that part of my past might be:

    "I remember when A..came over to stay.  My parents weren't very happy about it and were cross with J.  But just as I could sense an argument was about to break out, I told them that I was going to go out.  They said OK and I drove off to see J.  J. and I had a good chat, ate some nice food and had some laughs.  I got back a lot later.  I heard about what had happened, which is pretty awful but at least I wasn't there to see it.  I'm so grateful for that."  

    (I thought about re-writing my brother's part, I guess I could do but I'm just trying to focus more on what I wish I had done differently in that situation.)

    A focus wheel might be - let's use a different situation as an example!

    OK, when J. broke up with me.  I'm OK that he did but let's say I was still cut up about it.  Even though it happened ages ago.  Say I felt I was still feeling the effects.  If I wanted to focus wheel the past, perhaps....

    I am happy that J. and I had a good friendship before we dated (1 o'clock)

    We had a good relationship for a while too (2 o'clock)

    We've had some fantastic experiences together including one of the best days of my life (3 o'clock)

    J ended up being REALLY mean to me, BUT I KNOW I attracted that, I see the pattern and it's further proof of LOA 

    (4 o'clock)

    I know that just as I attracted that my doubting I was good enough for J. and putting myself down in front of him, so too I can use LOA to attract a loving relationship by things like believing I AM good enough and saying good things about myself 

    (5 o'clock)

    I'll never be so clingy again - and that's a GOOD thing.  I'm glad I learned that, it needed to change (6 o'clock)

    J is cute, sexy, gshoh, intelligent, great body.  Wow, I'm super glad I got to date a guy like that! (7 o'clock)

    I love that he taught me some things about business (8 o'clock)

    I may still feel angry for the negative beliefs I feel J instilled in me, but I wouldn't have attracted them, probably if I didn't also believe them first myself.  He was just a mirror.  (9 o'clock)

    As J. and I were having a lot of conflict, I'm glad he broke up with me.  I don't want a relationship like that! (10 o'clock)

    The contrast showed me the kind of relationship I DO want instead. (11 o'clock)

    And him dumping me has created a vacuum for the Universe to fill with THAT.  With a guy who loves me so much and it's taught me to be kinder to myself!  (12 o'clock)

    You could - of any of us who want to -

    also do find a better feeling thought process on 

    things from the past, cos with that you get to write out the crappy thoughts but then you fish around for better ones and write those too, till you are on a better thought feeling frequency. 

    If they are on the surface, at least you are aware of them and can more easily change them!

  • I wish I knew exactly how to talk these certain things(patterns) downstream so they do not come back up or get reactivated again over and over. It sounds like the ones I'm struggling with never were deactivatd for very long, so they just keep getting activated by me so damn easily and I just don't know how to quit activating them. It's like they are on the surface or something.

  • Yes Snowy, Abe suggest we take downstream what we don't like about our past. Here's is a quote from them on that. 



    So let's say when you were in high school someone mistreated you in some way and you never really got over it. You remember the hurt, you remember the wrongdoing, you remember how you felt, you remember the disadvantage that you took away from it.

    But then you left there. Eventually you stopped talking about that person. And while you still occasionally have people treat you in that way, it doesn't come up very often, and you don't think about it all that often.

    And then someone says something to you that triggers that and now it's active again. And as you begin pondering it you feel that hurt all over again. That means your vibration never moved from that hurt. You haven't been thinking about it so it hasn't been a big player in your vibration. But it's been lying there dormant with the potential of being activated. And now something has happened that activated it.

    So OUR encouragement is that sooner or later you take it and you talk it downstream. You do it on purpose. It might take you two or three days, here and there, and here and there, but you leave it in a whole different place. Now you've left it in a different place, it doesn't have the potential of ever being activated again. In other words, you've moved yourself to a new place ...

    So when you deliberately talk about that subject and talk yourself into alignment about it, now that can never creep up again, all of your power is right here, because all of your ability to focus is right here. And before you know it those vibrations become your dominant vibrations which makes you impervious to mistreatment, it makes it not possible for anything other than what you want to flow into your experience.

    As long as anything other than that is happening, it means you've got those vibrations still active, so there's still some work to do.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks
    San Francisco, 2-24-07A


  • If something happened in your past that bothers you still now, it is held as a memory in your body.  I posted a reply here the other day that mentioned a healing modality but it was deleted so I can't mention it again.  There are different modalities available to help us to let go of the trauma association, you just have to try a few to find what works for you.

  • Deliberate, I was hoping you'd look for Abe threads that may include if you can change the past and insert them here?

    Maybe Abe just doesn't deal with it at all.???

    I just want to stop all of deep ingrained fears and drama cycles from continuing to affect me. I'm constantly trying, but I just feel like so much power came from my past and keeps whacking me with contrast and cycles of drama situations no matter how many affirmations I do and do and do, and how I tryt o let go and go and go.

    • "

      Deliberate, I was hoping you'd look for Abe threads that may include if you can change the past and insert them here?

      Maybe Abe just doesn't deal with it at all.???"

      we don't have a change the past or past thread...i've seen just a few conversations on this and agree...a thread we definitely want to have, i'm surprised that we don't actually, this question comes up now and then.

      meanwhile....in case you read, and for anyone else... abe tells us how to change how we feel about our past ...so that we can feel and attract differently right now...but everything that came before was perfect in the process of creation soooo...erasing it from having happened? i'm not sure the physics of existing life would be benefited by that. from careful sifting of abe's reasoning on anything and everything, on the topic of changing the past it seems to me that we have the ability to forget the specifics that hurt, change our perspective of the "why" of all of that.... and remember different specifics......and thereby attract differently now, feel differently now...AS IF WE HAD CHANGED THE PAST....but really we've changed our vibration...not any physically manifest events that took place in this world...

      and not that the difference matters actually from a deliberate creator standpoint....if you feel better...you attract better feeling thoughts, circumstances and events. and feeling better is the only work...whether past events or current wall colors change in the due course of that hardly matters...the only thing that matters is knowing we are vibration and knowing what to do with that so that we profit...instead of get stuck in patterns of victimhood or predatorhood or...any pattern that is unpleasing and pervasive and we want to improve in our experience.

    • DS wrote in part in this thread:  "...abe tells us how to change how we feel about our past ...so that we can feel and attract differently right now...but everything that came before was perfect in the process of creation soooo...erasing it from having happened?"

      And DS also wrote: "... feel differently now...AS IF WE HAD CHANGED THE PAST....but really we've changed our vibration...not any physically manifest events that took place in this world…"

      I think Abe would agree with you, DS, good way to put it :)

      And here's a quote from them that I had saved:

      Abe- We want you to come to know so purely the Laws of the Universe,

      that even if physical evidence says to you "You can not" that you
      say "I CAN".

      Because the evidence is only a product of what other people have been
      vibrating. The evidence even if it is in your body is only a product
      of what you have been vibrating .

      It has NOTHING to do with what you will vibrate from here on!!

      The Law is acting in the NOW... That's why we are not excited about
      history... The Law [of Attraction] is vibrating in your NOW and you
      are finding your harmony with it or against it.

      Guest - Abraham... Are you saying then that from any moment forwards
      you can un-create what you have created in the past?

      Abe- We would use this terminology. From where you stand…YOU CAN BE

      We would not talk about it in terms of un-creating because then you
      are giving your attention to what you don't want and you get stuck

      You can supercede a negative creation with a positive creation. You
      can replace something you don't want with something you do want.
      Absolutely!! No matter what it is …NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.

      Abraham-Hicks - Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G- 10/31/92


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