When Something Feels Like the Next Logical Thing

So I'm up in OR, and I have put a bunch in my vortex, I put in, living in warmer climate, so if I'm waiting or bus, I'll be comfortable, and I've put in "looking for alternative easy other job" among other things like, Money comes super easy to me all of the time and it jut piles up in my bank accounts constantly.

Now, drawback or confusion, part of the reason I'm considering moving to another state is I do not ever want to manifest living with my family in OR ever again, and I'm done with energy and interaction with an x(after 7 long confusing vibe-years, I've given up totally on even wanting the person over their vibes/behaviours).

I thought about California a bit ago, and then once again, and now it feels like a green light, I feel safe and peaceful and like the universe can easily manifest it for me once again.


Maybe I'm being tempted to go back into some old thing that may hold me back like fearing things won't work out for me. Or maybe it's just I'm wondering if i'm not sure, but am pushing against stuff running away from my family whom I have almost zero in common with(let alone LOA studies). I'm literally not in any anguish or anger over them, I'm at peace with the diea of moving and moving easily and all going well, so the vortex is calling me.


Calling me to LA



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  • lauralight: the best way to deal with things when you feel stuck or when you feel that you have given your 100 percent to something and still haven't reached remotely close to what you desire is to --SURRENDER ,surrender to the divine light who created you , who is always protecting you and guiding you, for LOA to work positively for us ,we have to be at the right place and at the right time ,so make sure you don't waste even a single second  of yours trying to fix up relationships ,just be where you are at the crest of your happiness and the right people and all the right things will find you in the process.

    Loads of wishes  for your moving. LA is a lovely place .

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