Abe: Now here’s a question that we want to put to you. And we think it’s really what you want to talk about here, too. So, when do I know it’s time to act? In other words, I’ve envisioned, and I’ve imagined, and I’ve basked, and I’ve taken pleasure from. When do I know that it’s time to act? When do you know it when you’re writing?Guest: It’s a burst.Abe: You can’t NOT write it down.Guest: It’s a burst. It has nothing to do with me- it comes—Abe: Well, it does have something to do with you. It has to do with the alignment of you. In other words, when you have that impulse that you must write it down, that means you’re tuned in tapped in turned on. You have set forth the desire, and you have, in whatever way, brought yourself into alignment with it. And in that state of alignment the words just sort of explode from within you. And you cannot NOT write them down. In fact, nobody could keep you from writing them down. And you can’t write them down fast enough. And when you write them down, are they pleasurable?Guest: Oh God, yes.Abe: Of course they are, because they’ve come from inspiration. You’re not trying to MAKE it happen through action. You’re letting the inspiration flow through you. So now you’ve written this wonderful book. Now you’re molding it into a screenplay and let’s say for sake of all of this that you have brought it to the screen -in your mind. And so now when you say, “I need to know, what’s the next step?” -What’s the next step? The next step, unless it’s exploding within you, is no step at all.Guest: Ok.Abe: [Powerfully] Unless it’s exploding within you, it’s a phony step. It’s a fake step. It’s a trying-to-make-something-happen-with-action step. It’s a potentially debilitating step. It’s a wanna-blow-my-brains-out step. It’s a trying to do something before I’ve lined up the energy. So, what’s my work: to take no step until I can’t stand not to! [audience applause] … When you close the gap, what happens? An idea explodes within you. And when it does, do you say [weakly] Should I? or, Shouldn’t I? Or do you say, THERE IS NOBODY THAT’S GOING TO KEEP ME FROM DOING THIS.Stamford, CT, 5-19-07

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  • Thank you, so much, Loren, for posting this!

    And, thanks to Abraham-Hicks, of course, and their guest, for manifesting that conversation in the first place.

    You know, I write songs, and I so understand what's being said, here. I've often shocked friends by telling them how most of my work is to AVOID writing. I've trained myself to the point that any series of three or four sounds can lead me to create a tune. LEAVE ME ALONE! is what I want to tell the world. Also, the only way I can record a tune is onto some kind of sound-recording device (I use an old fashioned little cassette tape-recorder). And, I don't like lugging it around, everywhere.

    But, when the time comes, I can usually feel it. And, I pull out the tape recorder and go about my business, and the energy builds up, and a couple of notes come, and I notice a word idea, and it feels like a dam is about to break, and there's no stopping it!

    If THAT'S what inspired action is like . . . Well . . . wow! I am really going to have to chew on that, Loren.

    Thank you, again, Loren. And, I wish you and everyone else on this thread a marvelous New Year full of these moments, when the magic builds and can't help but overflowing everyday life with inspired action.

    Magic & Blessings,
    • Hi Giovanni,

      This article resonates with me as well. I was working on a presentation concerning LOA. Just struggling with it. I had a lot of ideas but could not figure out how to make it flow. I mentioned this to my husband. When I went back to work on my presentation, I was able to get my head out of the way and the entire presentation just came to me. It is great when you are able to just allow things to happen as they are supposed to. Then it becomes easy.

      Take care,
      Loren Fogelman
    • Hi, Loren!

      Thanks for that specific example.

      I'm just now listening to Jerry Hicks reading The Astonishing Power Of Emotions on CD! You know, that's what I love about this recording. Abraham gives very specific examples of how we start with our thoughts, where they are, and allow ourselves to let go and float downstream to where all the goodies are. :) Yummm!

      This, by the way, is helping me to write my blogs (Just started a new one on ZenZuu. It's all just streaming out! Yay!

      Just replying to posts is so easy, now! As Merlie said, "Just stay out of your mind!" Hahaha! She's so sweet!

      Thanks, again, for the guidance, Loren!
    • Hi Giovani,

      It flows so easily when you can get your head out of the way. Continue to manifest abundance. I would think that the blogging is also helping with creativity to write music/lyrics.

      take care,
      Loren Fogelman
  • Very inspiring--Thank you so much for helping me turn downstream this morning!
    • I hope that you continue to go downstream as you flow into the New Year,

      Loren Fogelman
  • I am so glad that this is giving you the boost that you needed to refocus on the direction you want to go in. What I have become aware of is that sometimes there are "bright shiny objects" and those are distractions that get in the way of us moving in the direction that we really want to move in.
  • Thanks Loren... that was just the boost I wanted this morning! Closing the gap is something that I strayed away from over the past few months, but I'm back... focusing again with thoughts. It is always amazing to me to consider that for 40 years, I actually had it backwards... actions = results. Turns out, not so much.
  • Ohhhhhhhh, that IS good!
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