This group is fo support single men and women of all sexual orientations who are looking to manifest their dream love partner or relationship. Specifically, it is for people who want to fully harness the law of attraction in their search for love.
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  • Hello everyone -  Writer in Colorado here...Indigo and empath interested in environmental solutions and veganism.  

  • I am in a journey with myself - still finding myself and manifesting the love that is within me - getting closer despite people who want to knock me down - i trust that things will be all right. thus i continue to dream my fairy tale love life and will not give up on creating the love that I deserve - I am lovable and loving! I am recreating my love path now for the goodness of my love and for my own good too - to shine thru the world :) !! I wish you all the same and co-manifest and co-create with you all!!

  • " You do not know the joy of Love so long as there is hatred in your hearts. Were you to feed all things the sap of Life except a certain tiny worm, that certain tiny worm alone would embitter your life. For in loving anything, or anyone, you love in truth but yourselves. Likewise in hating anything, or anyone, you hate in truth but yourselves. For that which you hate is bound up inseparably with that which you love, like the face and the reverse of the same coin, If you would be honest with yourselves, then must you love what you hate and what hates you before you love what you love and what loves you.

    Love is not a virtue. Love is a necessity; more so than bread and water; more so than light and air.

    Let no one pride himself on loving. But rather breathe in Love and breathe it out just as unconsciously and freely as you breathe in the air and breathe in out.

    For Love needs no one to exalt it. Love will exalt the heart that it finds worthy of itself.

    Seek no rewards for Love. Love is reward sufficient unto Love, as Hate is punishment sufficient unto Hate.

    Nor keep any accounts with Love. For Love accounts to no one but itself.

    Love neither lends nor borrows; Love neither buys nor sells; but when it gives, it gives its all; and when it takes, it takes its all. Its very taking is a giving. Its very giving is a taking. Therefore is it the same to-day, to-morrow and forevermore. "

    Mikhail Naimy
  • Hi gav, welcome. Yes, this is a very cool group and Karen Kan is dyn-o-mite!! Hope to see you around often and keep posting. Her blog radio shows are often just what the doctor ordered is you're looking for a relationship or want help with the one you're in. Peace be with you. Cheers.
  • This group is really interesting
  • Hi everyone! I recently finished reading (twice) Marianne Wiliamson's book "The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Mid Life". I would definitely recommend it, esp. the first third and the last third. Her chapters on Love and Romance are a bit schmaltzy (maybe that's just because I'm a (gay) guy and couldn't relate). You'll have to read it for yourselves and let me know. Obviously her perspective is feminine, she's a WOMAN. Nonetheless, were I reviewing her book, I'd say that she accidentally looses track of her intended audience (all people facing or in middle age), a pit fall any writer wants to avoid, and leaves half of us scratching our heads. I was surprised that she wasn't a bit more inclusive in the book, addressing the needs of both gay and lesbian Baby Boomers, as well as heterosexual Baby Boomers. And maybe that's the seed one of us needs for her/his next book!! I'd be delighted to hear from anyone else who's read the book. Blessings.
  • Ann, I wouldn't focus on trying to change your partner to believe what you do. You can only inspire him with who you are. If you are completely in compassionate acceptance of him for who he is now, that is your greatest gift to him. And maybe, just maybe, he'll be curious on how you got to be so loving, peaceful and compassionate!
  • Hi everyone

    why is it so hard to find the good one.. i ask and do what they say and still nothing.. can some one tell me
  • You guys are totally AWESOME!! Anyone going to All Your Relations conference in November in San Diego? Would love to meet you!
    Dr. Karen
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I was raised in a strict christian home and they believe it is wrong to be anything other than straight. I am a lesbian and do not feel it is wrong but it does get to me sometimes. I was hoping someone may have some words of encouragement.thanks

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it feels right

I met someone a little while back and at first I wasnt interested due to the way she looked... shallow i know. But after spending time with her Ive found out that shes a great person with a great personality. Were still talking but Ive all but pushed her away. Ive read stories on The Secret website about getting an ex back so Im gona try it. Now... in the past Ive attempted to do the same thing with other girls and it never worked. I couldnt stay positive about the situation or visualize us…

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Not being specific enough or unsure of myself ?

Hi , I've been single for a long time and that's ok because I wasn't ready for love/relationships before . I had low self esteem and didn't even know myself enough . Now this has changed . I feel good about myself and my appearance etc . I know I won't settle for anyone . I have been hoping to find someone since last year . But I didn't succeed . I was so sad until I recently discovered I was doing things wrong . I feared that I would get hurt and didn't even know what kind of guy I wanted for…

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Attracting that special someone

Hi, my question is how do you know you are attracting the love of your life? What I'm particularly interested in knowing is what happens on the other end (with the person who you are attracting, who you haven't crossed paths with yet?) Does this person "meet" you in their dreams and learn about you? Do they get a series of signs that are pointing to the fact that they'll be meeting you soon?-Danielle

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