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  • Bright blessings to all,
    Thank you for the invite to this group..looking forwards to learning and sharing with all of you.
    Love, light and laughter,
    Jaye Mama
  • thank-you for the invite to this interesting group,pardon me for taking so long to join...I've been out of touch for some time now...light n love.......becky
  • Hi
    Thank you for inviting me to your group. I look forward being a part of it and reading the comments. In Love and Light to all.
  • Hi everyone and thanks for the invitation to the group Gary. I look forward to getting to know everyone here. I am enjoying readiing the comments and can't wait to join in!
    Take care : )
  • Thanks Ron for the book link. Will check it out as time allows.

    Good advice Mike thanks for sharing. Most people are being held down by their beliefs, until we take time to break them down and look at them we cannot change them. A person cannot be wrong in their belief about something, otherwise it would not be their belief, would it? We have all been conditioned with fear and negative perspectives our whole life. It is a trap and we are the rats, but it is not our body's that are trapped, it is our minds.

    Hi Chris, Break your "truth" down to the smallest common denominator. Money. Who set up the system of money as we know it and why? The truth is we have all be enslaved by money and desire for it. Wealth and money are not the same. Here is a link to a 45 min. video that will bring things into perspective. It has taken TPTB a long time to make such a fine web of deceit.

  • What is this 'truth' that gets mentioned quite regularly ? The 'truth' as I know it is that we have created a civilization made up of lots of little systems that allow us to maintain our own reality, which is dependent on our own self image. We think that we are smarter than others and that we are worth more than others because we are better educated etc. etc..We all feel that we have earned what we have and are entitled to eat what we want, do what we want etc. etc. because we deserve it.

    The' truth' is that we depend on these little systems to ensure that we get what we think that we deserve, and keep us in the manner to which we have become accustomed. These little systems are interdependent and form a matrix which resists change.

    However, every so often technology forces change. We had the industrial revolution and now we enter the information revolution. This is not anything that any one individual can be blamed for or who can take the credit for. You are looking at it.

    With the internet, one professor can teach 1000's of students simultaneously without the need for an institution. A manufacturer can sell his product to millions of people without need of a salesperson or spending a single dollar on advertising. One Pope could communicate with his entire flock without another subordinate. WOW That sure puts a lot of people out of work - tax revenues will drop dramatically, Governments will not have money to pay employees. Of course, with these new communications we will not need as many Government employees and all banking could be provided with a single bank for the entire world. All transaction could be done on line at little cost.

    And that is the big system that has held the rest together for thousands of years. The banking system (financial system) has kept all the other systems in their proper place. Private ownership of money has allowed some people to become and remain disgustingly wealthy and at the same time keep others in absolute poverty. We punish people with fines and exclude poor people from all kinds of activities. People with money run the country so they will make laws that favour the rich. People with money control the corporations that have managers paid to make the largest return for the shareholders (the people with the money) .

    I am not against rich people. I think that if you have a skill or product that you can sell to another individual 'in a free market' and you make a lot of money you are entitled to it. But, if you have money and use it to extort wealth from others or if you have to have a tax man or judicial system to collect your wealth or salary for you, you are using the system to your advantage at the expense of someone else. That as I know it is the 'truth'.
  • Thank you All for inviting me to this group. Please accept this free copy of my newest book "Being" all that we are created to be. Feel free to pass this on to All who would enjoy this valuable Law of Attraction information.
  • Susan,
    You really shouldn't assume things dear girl and it is really none of you business what my financial situation is. You are the second person on this website to hit me up for money. Have you ever heard the term self responsibility? I am so sick of people with this "entightlement mentality." Learn how to help yourself instead of combing the internet for suckers that will give you money, Do you really think that is what the Law of Attraction is all about? Sit on your ass and do nothing to help yourself but think positive thoughts and find suckers to support you? You got a lot to learn girl. There is some truth for you, can you handle it?
  • Dearest Shazzy,
    I thought so ... you've made a very good point. All across America people are still paying a monthly bill for television. The assumption is that if you can afford cable then you must be among the wealthy. And there are alot of you across this country. Alot who have been deceived with the truth completely and effectively concealed. The simplest way to put it is that TV is now (since 2/08-nearly 2 years!) FREE for the 1st time in history. There is no way to compare it to the old analog signal. And for those very few who do get it (the free TV-with the maximum # of channels OTA) - you get it. Cable, satellite, fios, and whatever else ridiculous forms of pay-TV there are - pure wasteful - you might as be burning that money.
    Here's a thought why don't you disconnect from whatever service you use and then send the money to your favorite charity or better yet help a neighbor in need. What a great idea.! There are alot of us out here who are struggling in very serious ways, why not help us out?! Seriously, we need to get this right.
    I'm sure you know of someone who is living in their car or maybe they're living in a tent-city. Or maybe they are riding a bicycle in the freezing cold because they can't afford a car; or maybe they are strapped (thru no fault of their own) with one of these greedy, crooked, miserable predatory loans which is the equivalent of being strangled on a daily basis. How good do you have it? Which is why it is so important to be thankful every moment of every day for everything that you enjoy.
    For instance, I may be among the poorest of the poor but at least I have access to the internet ... thank you God for public libraries and cheap dial-up internet (PeoplePC)!!! God, thank you for the most excellent good night's sleep. Too, thank you for another day to show my light to the world and help to make it a better place to live. Life is good, I dare say too that it's better with less. Having stuff is such a burden ...
    If I've learned nothing else in my 47 years of life, I have most definitely learned that less truly is MORE. And peace of mind, so precious, I you have that, the rest is simply a cake-walk. So, and to summarize, send me all the money you waste on cable, or someone in your own neighborhood who is on hardscrabble road. For God's sake, we are here on this earth to help on another. We need to get that ... we are all in this together. Not how we've been taught, them against us. That's really not true. The truth will set you free. The question left is 'can you handle the truth'?" Most have trouble with it ...
  • Shazzy: so what's the other, exactly.
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Cyber Drum Circle

Hi all,What a glorious full moon, eh?  Gotta love it. I wanted to let you know that there is going to be a drum circle on Cyberspace Station One tonight, Sat. Jan 30. This is such a cool idea to bring people together and harness our positive energy to create change. Don't miss it. The link for the station is below and here are a few instructions for the drum circle and how to get your free cd. Hope to see you in cyberspace.  

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Patricia Lewis for Governor of South Carolina

Patricia Lewis who was one of the authors of the Law of Fairness is running for Governor of South Carolina with the Law of Fairness as a campaign theme. Vist Patricia's site and show her support for bringing The law of Fairness to the public arena.

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New Disease

 READ AND TAKE NECESSARY CORRECTIVE ACTION.  The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through ignorant, promiscuous, and irresponsible behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem and pronounced "gonna re-elect them." Many victims contracted it in 2008, after having being "brainwashed" promised change and then screwed.  Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how widespread this disease has become…

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