New Disease



 The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new

 virulent strain of Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted

 through ignorant, promiscuous, and irresponsible behavior. The

 disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem and pronounced "gonna re-elect them."

 Many victims contracted it in 2008, after having being "brainwashed"

 promised change and then screwed.  Naturalists and epidemiologists are

 amazed at how widespread this disease has become since it is so easily voting out all incumbents!

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  • I try to stear clear of this stuff, it has some pretty negative vibes. Actually, I saw a documentary on the U.S. presidents and that office has such a negative affect on people, that they physically age well beyond the years that they were in office. No coincidence there.
  • That's the problem with politics and the reason I try to avoid politics ... they are all egoic, egocentric, feeding their own egos and it's why we cannot look to our politicians to get things changed for the higher good of all. They are simply too busy either defending themselves or justifying their actions or lack of actions.

    I just wanted to say that change is happening with regard to fixing the economy and Tim Geitner is on PBS talking about changing the banks and banking systems. This is the source of the problem and finally things are going to change. President Obama, according to the Secretary has been in talks for some time about this problem and this sub-prime mortgage happened as a result of Big Banking basically writing their own rules that benefit and serve only them at the expense of the rest of us struggling to survive.
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