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  • Hi Susan,
    You are right, the stupid party is the ruling party, what you are missing tho is it is both parties, not just one. Contacting senators is impossible, you can send emails or faxes or make calls but they won't talk to you the individual. They are to busy finding new ways to enslave us all and bickering amoung themselves. They are all controlled, bought and paid for by the ruling elite, the same ones that own the banks, and they are in a power struggle against each other. The Rothchilds and the Rockefellers. They work together when it suits them but they both want ultimate power/control of the entire 3rd dimension, not just this planet and us, their slave race. They feed off of our negative energy, fear, hate, anger, etc. and they use every tool available to create more of this vibrational level in us. It is like growing a crop, you give it what it needs to produce. Vibrate with love, spread love and light, that is our sword and that is how we will defeat them, in the interim it is going to be rough, so prepare as best you can.
    love and blessings
    Sharon aka Shazzy
  • Fairness ... whoever said that nothing will ever change, please, please, please cancel that vibration. Change is good and was how this country started - it's so doable. We simply (actually is fairly hard) and collectively need to believe that change for the better or higher good of all is possible. Isn't that principle the same as that of Powerful Intentions. If we all think positively and put good thoughts behind this effort it is accomplishable and I believe it's also fair to say that this could be a reality in very short time. Lets Believe, altogether y'all!!!
  • Speaking of Fairness, has anyone had any luck in "contacting their senators?" All I ever hear from the children, (who seem to be serving as bully's at the gate) is, "I'd/we'd be happy to pass along your comments to the senator." Has anyone actually been heard by their senator? I'm getting really pissed off about alot of unfair unjust issues effecting us all and I never get anywhere. It's beginning to feel as though the stupid people are the ruling party.
  • Gary, I do not wish to become an expert on the Banking Industry's problems. That would be a huge waste of time and energy not to mention being duplicitous. Besides, my point is that there are many smart informed people out there ("Mother Jones" Magazine) already who know what the problem is, Bill Moyer's and other think-tank folks. The thing to do is to get the President onboard and like David Corn & Kevin Drum said - he needs to be prepared to piss-off some bankers and that goes against his God given nature. He's a peacemaker and it shows in his leadership style ... he needs to accept that, and for the greater good, be able and willing to upset the big baby bankers so that the system can be healed/fixed. Otherwise, we'll continue on with this ridiculous nonsense. It's the cause and effect of the mortgage nastiness - everything leveraged on debt. Or another way to look at is that the debt of American's is what's keeping a select few wealthy. And anybody who is even slightly aware of world events has heard about they hide their money in numbered bank accounts outside our borders to avoid taxes, etc. It's nasty, mean, & dirty. EVIL really.
  • You can read a blog on economics on my web site that explains why our banking system is not sustainable. When I wrote this 20 years ago there was a disturbance in the force, but nothing changed. This time around I believe things will be different. You are welcome to join the North American Party and bring your friends. It's just for fun, but when enough people join it will become a political force.

    It is impossible to change anything in the civilization that we have created, because every one of the many symbiotic systems that make up our civilization is designed not to change. The internet however is a whole new world that resists management by individuals who are not a part of the social systems that thrive there. The new world order is a social network - a voluntary association, so they will have to change the banking system to accommodate all the people who are out of work.

    I anticipate that they will create a world bank that loans interest free money to Governments that need it. If Governments are unable to look after their citizens, I expect that the world bank will loan money interest free to individuals. This is referred to as radical economics - but what they have now does not work
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  • I have some great material I can share but unfortunately its in pdf form. I f you would like to see it send me a private message with an e-mail address and I will send you the information.
  • I agree the banks or out of control
  • Keep digging Susan it goes much deeper than that.
  • Speaking of Fairness and the absence of it, has anyone out there heard of the "Mother Jones" magazine and the two smart guys, David Corn and Kevin Drum who've started an extemely compelling and intelligent discussion about Wall Street and the banking industry. I heard them on PBS the other night talking with Bill Moyers. They are on to something big and the President needs to listen to this truth that they conveyed beautifully. I cannot repeat a word of it intelligently but the overall theme was that if we put the banks in their proverbial place, than the economy would right itself. Basically, and the way I understand it, the banks have been writing their own rules which of course benefit only them and in effect causes the gap to widen between the poor and the wealthy. What's happening now, because they've never been regulated properly, is that they are 'Kings of the Hill.' And this accounts for the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, it that makes sense.
  • Hallo Freunde, es ist zwar auf englisch, aber auch wenn man es nicht 100% beherrscht ist eine gute Gelegenheit für Networker endlich lernen wie mans macht und ein Spaß!
    Und natürlich KOSTENLOS.

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Cyber Drum Circle

Hi all,What a glorious full moon, eh?  Gotta love it. I wanted to let you know that there is going to be a drum circle on Cyberspace Station One tonight, Sat. Jan 30. This is such a cool idea to bring people together and harness our positive energy to create change. Don't miss it. The link for the station is below and here are a few instructions for the drum circle and how to get your free cd. Hope to see you in cyberspace.  

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Patricia Lewis for Governor of South Carolina

Patricia Lewis who was one of the authors of the Law of Fairness is running for Governor of South Carolina with the Law of Fairness as a campaign theme. Vist Patricia's site and show her support for bringing The law of Fairness to the public arena.

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New Disease

 READ AND TAKE NECESSARY CORRECTIVE ACTION.  The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through ignorant, promiscuous, and irresponsible behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem and pronounced "gonna re-elect them." Many victims contracted it in 2008, after having being "brainwashed" promised change and then screwed.  Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how widespread this disease has become…

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