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  • Hello all:
    I believe this is related to the group Law of Fairness ... anyone out there still paying for tv? It's been free, here in the US, since February 2008. It's become my life's purpose and mission to make sure people know the truth about this new technology that essentially makes cable and satellite tv obsolete or no longer a necessity. We are all trying to cut costs these days and continuing to pay for tv is insane, esp. when the free digital OTA signal is this good. I've been enjoying a minimum of 13 channels in a market (rural/sticks) that only got 2 snow channels before the switch to digital from analog. How exciting is that? And the savings is huge. If I can get it anyone can, and all that's needed is a little information. That, and a clear line of sight and a specific roof antenna. Can't cheap out, the right equipment makes a huge difference in the # of channels you can pick-up OTA (over-the-air).
  • Thanks for the invitation!!!!!! :D
  • See sound, sound is very important for changing our vibrational level as this video shows. Enjoy
  • Susan
    Yes dear you are right. LOL
  • Shazzy Sharon,
    Yes, you hit the nail on the head - - it's the feeling we need to focus on. That's a big lesson, I believe Dr. Dyer teachings this & if we learn nothing else we should get that. How does it make me feel & go to your feel good place when the chips are down. That, & gratitude another big lesson ... can't walk around being an ingrate and expect good things to happen, am I right? Funny.
  • Dearest Sinnet,
    Thank you for your kind words I agree with you & please keep up your great spirit of optimism, it is working ... we must all embrace a spirit of optimism & belief in our souls that things will change and it starts with us, individually. Just because things around us appear bleak, dismal, & hopeless doesn't mean that we should join in; in fact this is the very thing that prevents change or attracts more of the same. Again, that's how it works, this Law of Attraction, and if we practice being the positive change we want to see before long it becomes contagious and begins to feel like our natural God-given state of being. I've been learning alot from watching Dr. Wayne S. Dyer on PBS (free tv). Do you get him in your country? Another great spiritual teacher is Eckhart Tolle who impacted my life greatly along with Oprah and many others. I'm 47 years old and I'm still working diligently to weed-out years of negativity and replace it with uplifting positivity, which is esp. hard to do when everyone around you (family is esp. challenging) is negative and pissy. This is what I think evil is quite frankly. It's certainly not fair, so stand strong - I salute you!
  • Hi Susan, thanks for the comment. Yes we always want to take the high road. Do not beat yourself up for using words like stupid, yes it is a negative observation but you are accessing a negative thing. We cannot be like the ostrich and bury our head in the sand and ignore what is going on around us. The key is how much emotional (key word) energy we put behind the thought. It is the emotion that gives the thought or the idea it's energy. By constantly trying to correct your thinking you are doing exactly what you don't want to do, creating negative emotions, thoughts and feelings about yourself. Remember the intensity of the feeling/emotion is what causes something to manifest faster. What causes a concept or an idea to manifest is a combination of the energy you put behind it and the action you take to bring it into reality. We cannot just will good things into our lives, we must take action in the direction we want to go. While moving in that direction we will attract to ourselves more and more opportunities to make it a reality. Sound is a very very powerful tool for changing your vibrational frequency effortlessly. There are some wonderful youtube videos that can do that for you. It is just like upbeat music changes the way you feel. Sound vibration is a key. If you like I will post some links here for you.
  • Amen ... true dat ... beleadat, Shazzy Sharon! Thank you for confirming that my best tool of defense against unfairness is continue being fair (not be a joiner in the negativity pool) and to enlist help from you folks here who also care about promoting fairness. And, to also guard my words because they too send out the negative vibration (using the word stupid is a great example, and one that I/we cannot afford) because it is a negative word and therefore vibration. Change can come about as long as we believe that it can. The difficult thing is in maintaining pure thoughts but it's possible and I've already made great strides in that effort. We all have or we wouldn't be here communicating with one another. We can be a powerful force for good intentions, am I right? Amen ...
  • SITWALL Timebank link

    an awesome tools to fight the fight.
    THIS IS NOT YOUR TIMEBANK | Directory of TimeBanks
  • Hi Sinnet,
    I am so sorry to hear of your problem. Please stay strong dear and unite with others. People helping people is an answer. I am a member of a timebank called SITWALL and it is universal. Please consider joining, it is free. Then start bringing your friends and neighbors in and banding together to provide for your needs. It can be done. Blessings to you dear and keep focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. I will send you the link for SITWALL.

    Sharon aka Shazzy
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Cyber Drum Circle

Hi all,What a glorious full moon, eh?  Gotta love it. I wanted to let you know that there is going to be a drum circle on Cyberspace Station One tonight, Sat. Jan 30. This is such a cool idea to bring people together and harness our positive energy to create change. Don't miss it. The link for the station is below and here are a few instructions for the drum circle and how to get your free cd. Hope to see you in cyberspace.  

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Patricia Lewis for Governor of South Carolina

Patricia Lewis who was one of the authors of the Law of Fairness is running for Governor of South Carolina with the Law of Fairness as a campaign theme. Vist Patricia's site and show her support for bringing The law of Fairness to the public arena.

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New Disease

 READ AND TAKE NECESSARY CORRECTIVE ACTION.  The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through ignorant, promiscuous, and irresponsible behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem and pronounced "gonna re-elect them." Many victims contracted it in 2008, after having being "brainwashed" promised change and then screwed.  Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how widespread this disease has become…

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