Listening to the connection

I find sometimes when I do the bodywork on a horse - if I still my mind of the chatter - I can begin to comunicate with the horse - I feel that non verbal communication is one of the deepest ways to connect. This may sound a little silly to some but I give animals a lot more credit in the intelligence department than many do. While they may not be able to speak directly to us - the body language does. It is here I feel the connection. It is blessed.Bob

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  • I have had the good fortune of having met several expert communicators, and read a most excellent book.
    My first Interspecies Communication instructor was the book KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE. Later I met Fred Kimball, of Gardena, CA and eventually I also met Penelope Smith, of Point Reyes, CA.

    But KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE was really the primer that opened the door to interspecies communciation for me. Since then I have experienced harmonious interaction with paper hornets, "meat" bees,a gopher, baby lizards, and a baby rattlesnake, gopher-snake, and other creatures.

  • That's not silly, it's awesome Bob! After all we didn't speak at first either. Most people that I meet that are Equine facilitators have experienced "The Connection" from time to time. I find that working with the horses is the most rewarding to me. They sure have a lot to say, don't they! Have a terrific day and thanks for joining my group....

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