The shift in consciousness has awakened the light workers. Feel the energy, remember what Abraham says about letting go of the oars - just let go and let God. Enjoy the ride, until you are asked a particular task, trust your internal guidance.
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    This is Yours - the Straight Road - Your Direction

    Lit by Understanding
    Paved with Compassion
    Sprinkled with Peace

    Danced and Entranced
    In Courage, Faith and Wisdom

    Tip-toes of fear in times of Distraction
    Swept clear with Loves favoured Reaction

    Why step off into the thorny brush?
    Why challenge and colour to grey?
    Why tone birdsong into a hush?
    Cloak emotion in darkest dismay?

    Your Way ~ Your Goal ~ Your Light


    Beware of tempations sweet lure
    Emotional turmoil unravels the tread
    Past demons reach up through the floor

    NOW - Walk Tall and Walk Proud
    Sing Life's Song to the Crowd
    And have Fun each Breath Sharing Day

    It's Your TRUTH - so LIVE it
    No deviance, question or lies
    Bright, Sparkling, Resounding TRUTH
    Let her Sun Shine forth from Your Eyes

  • Thank You for all these informations shared :-) :-) :-) and even more so for

    this comment : Paul Westmerland on March 22, 2010 at 7:20am

    "Gaia has been suffering for too long and she is showing us ... the Time is NOW to come as ONE and Send Loving Light Energy to her Heart" ...
    "We ALL have unlimited Power and connection to Source ~ for the greatest GOOD for ALL ... but it is not about US.
    It is about our Beautiful Planet ~ we are here to take care of her as she provides for us.
    LOOK to Global Healing and ensure that the LIGHT of our LOVE is ONE ~ as we are ~ with Gaia ~ ONE Heart
    Times to Focus our Beam is imperative ... remember there are a few events such as The Great Intention ~ Peace for Mankind - Unity-Joy-Abundance ... Every Saturday at 10pm GMT
    Planetary Grid Transmissions show our Divinity and Unified Heart Intent on every level.
    I humbly suggest that we take this timed request from Terry and Yoj to the Heart of Gaia ... as it is not only the West Coast of the Americas requiring the Light of our LOVE."

    Thank You :-) :-) :-)

    Because it is very important to remember that to heal our precious, and generous, and loving Planet, the Earth :
    we need to think of the Love we feel for her and not concentrate, not focus on the suffering she is enduring (excepted quickly to take actions and share informations, and motivation to protect her, though keeping much more on the positive & loving side ... : even in strong and serious actions to protect her. So: baring in mind all the Love we feel for Earth)
    In our thoughts and actions we need to most of the time concentrate on all the deep and true Love we all have inside of us for her, this is what will heal her together with being more and more numerous to give her back a lot of Love.

    She is alive : she just like us needs to give us Love (she never stopped giving : the Air, the water, and everything we have actually) but she also needs to receive Love (Attention, Focus, Energy) from us, human beings, TOO.
    Otherwise yes of course she will have more and more of negative inside to get outside ... that is to say to those who gave it to her : the human beings. And she will have no other choice than to stop accumulating the negative that too many human beings are still giving to her, for the moment... ;-) ;-) ;-)

    I can't wait for this Time when most human beings will be very Grateful to her and conscious of her needs and giving Energy back to her : to make Synergetic Energy with Her : this is to be a Great time to live on Earth :-) :-) :-)
    When I daydream about this it feels so Gooooood !!!
    And this is what I choose to focus on, during the meditations :-) :-) :-)


    And to increase the power of each of us (a way amongst other ways & means) I found this text very interesting and useful (and good to remember from any level) so I decided to share it too.

    I hope it will be useful to some of us too :-) :-) :-)

    It is easy in all of this transforming energy to be confused about your relationships.
    We will specifically be talking about three different areas of relationships: Your relationships with others, your relationship with your loved one and your relationship with yourself.

    Being a *Lightworker* who is holding higher 4th dimensional energy and integrating the *light* of the 5th dimension, you are no longer being told by karma or your original soul plan who you are to be friends with or what type of people will be in your life. This is a good thing to have happened; except some of you are without friends or would like more friends. You needed to cut the ties with those that you had karmic connections with; unless they too were ascending and you were able to form a new bond with them. This was necessary for your Soul to make the transition into the higher energy.
    *** At this point, you can have friends; you just need to call them forth...literally. Here is an example of how to do this: "I thank you Lord that I have friends walk into my life now that resonate close with my heart. Show me clear signs of anything I need to do to bring these friends into my experience. Thank you. Amen"

    If you feel that people in your life are taking your energy or don't resonate with who you are today,

    *** it is important for you to honor what your needs are. Most of you walk at the 5th dimensional level at some point every day.
    Because of that no one can steal, take or shift your energy.
    The only way you can feel differently around anyone is if you believe they can do this to you, if you allow them or if you drop your energy to the lower 4th dimension. Because we remember that this happened for most of our lives in the 3rd dimensional energy, some of us still believe it can happen now.

    *** I am being told to tell you that it can't. To stop letting people affect you all you need to do is make a logical shift in your thoughts. You are now in a position to affect the world, not vice versa. That is the power of the 5th dimension.

    If you grew up in an experience where the family relationships were dysfunctional, they still can be. If family gatherings are still having the same negative energy, you need to understand that your family members may not have ascended with you. If you are still experiencing emotions or feeling shifted when you are in that situation, there is still a lower energy tie between you which can be cut through forgiveness. You can do a forgiveness exercise for each individual in your family that you are experiencing this with to help clear your end of this experience. (I have placed a forgiveness video on my website to help you which explains how to do this quickly and easily.)

    The family that we were born into was very specifically selected by us to teach us to love ourselves. So with that, most of us picked families where love was not given or meted out through control. This was not incorrect, it was perfect for us for what we wanted to learn as 3rd dimensional beings ruled by our egos. Now that we have raised our energy to the more loving 4th dimension, we no longer need to learn that way. But our family members more than likely did not shift as we did and accept the spiritual energy. Some of us still have family members in the 3rd dimension and lower 4th dimension.

    *** How do you deal with them as you ascend and they choose not to? You do it through love and compassion.
    You forgive them for the things of the past which will help you view each situation that comes up as fresh and new without all that emotional weight attached. Then you can choose how to feel and not automatically be told by your body or brain how to feel.

    On this new, higher path without karma that you have agreed to walk on, you always need to let the Universe know what you need and desire. Things just don't automatically show up in your life anymore. If you want friends and have asked for them and friends are not showing up, then you are in a small group of Souls who are working on other spiritual things where you need to alone for a period of time. You may be learning something that you will be sharing later or you may be integrating more *light* or many other things. There are many reasons for this and hard for us to list them all. Ask your Angels what the reason is for not receiving an answer to your request. If you know you are not working on anything at this time, then make sure you did actually make the request or simply make your request again.
    We are to have friendships now. It is important, especially for those people that do not have a major love in their life. It is necessary to balance your energy between giving and receiving. You won't be able to give out love to others in this higher energy for very long without having an equal amount or more of love going back into your life. In the future when we have fully anchored the 5th dimensional energy, we will be capable of learning how to be alone and still share with others however, not many will do that in this lifetime. This is because most of our Souls are here to learn about different aspects of love and the easiest way to learn that is through relationships with others.

    We made an interesting shift in Universal energy as of January 1, 2009. Each soul was asked starting in June 2008 if it wanted to ascend. (Not necessarily ascend to the 5th dimension. We were asked if we still wanted to work on connecting to our Soul or did we want to be more grounded and work on only Earthplane issues.) Changes in relationships started showing up at that time. For some of us, it happened in our love relationship. Things occurred after this question was asked that would not have happened otherwise. These people made decisions which caused them to pull away from us. I am here to tell you that if you went through that, it was necessary for that loved one to be away from your *light*. They could not make that Soul decision while being overwhelmed with the *light* that you are constantly emitting. If you are with that loved one again or both of you are working on getting back together, that Soul answered the Universal question with a "Yes, I want to ascend." For those of you that experienced this you may be feeling like you are on shaky ground. This is mostly because it came out of the blue and shocked you. See, you never would have left that person. You would have continued to forgive anything and everything because you try to keep the bigger picture in mind. So Spirit in some relationships had to do something drastic to get you two apart so that your loved one's Soul could have an opportunity to answer this question in only their own *light*. Once the decision was made, they came back. We know that it is hard to forget what occurred during that time, however with forgiveness and with this knowledge of why the interference in your relationship really happened, you will be able to put it behind you. Keep your face to the *light* and know that you are capable of having a new and brighter love with this person because they did choose to ascend.

    If you have not reconciled with that person, your loved one's answer was "No." The reason that you are not back together is that a door closed on January 1st. You are on the higher, ascension side of the door and they are on the stagnant, lower energy side of the door. If this happened to you, please understand that this was not that person's fault and it was not your fault. This was a Soul decision and not about just this lifetime. It was about all the lifetimes the Soul has lived and where it wants to go next and how quickly it wants to go there. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. And be excited for what is ahead for you. I have talked with many people in their Soul Sessions recently and healed them of this energy. I know how hard it is when you loved that person and then all of a sudden it was taken away.
    If you cannot move past this situation, you will not be able to bring in another Soul who is capable of loving you in the way you truly deserve that is wanting the higher energy too. Pray about it and see if you are ready to let go and move on.

    *** The relationship with yourself has also changed. With your decision to ascend and to remember more consciously who you are as a piece of God, you are exuding more confidence and power through grace and love.
    Not feeling it? It is there. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this process of remembrance. You have all the puzzle pieces lying on the table but sometimes you try to fit the piece in the wrong place. The good news is that you have all the pieces!
    If you feel that you are not able to go out in the world because you get shifted, then be conscious of when this occurs and work on it. Pray about it. Ask your Soul why this is happening and then change the response you have to the world. This walk you have chosen is about being conscious of who you are. In the 3rd dimension we were walking mostly unconsciously and just accepting life because we couldn't have anything different than what was originally set up for our lives.

    *** Now you are in a position where you can create your life. The big difference between you then and the new you is that are not doing anything through ego.
    *** You have power but it is not egotistical power.
    You give love but it is not through control.

    *** Tell yourself that you are loved. Tell yourself that if you were not in this world now, it would be lacking something important and necessary.
    Take care of yourself in a way that you never have. Truly allow love to flow into every part of your life...your body, mind and spirit.

    ***This is what you have been seeking; the piece of God that was missing in your life. You have been seeking this piece for many lifetimes outside of yourself and always felt incomplete. Now you can have it. You can finally love yourself. It's time!

    May you love yourself as the Angels love you,

    (if you are interested about the origin of this text you can send me a personal msg and I will answer :-) Stéphanie.)
  • Thanks flameflower for Tuning Us IN to this
    "Designed by Almine in conjunction with the ascended masters she works with, this technology generates life-enhancing standing waveforms in the environment wherein it is played. The fields produced, aid in balancing the subtle bodies, clearing the chakra system and releasing obsolete patterns from cellular memory.

    This revolutionary technology is designed to bring health to human and animal life, by nullifying density within a living environment. It is based on sacred and ancient principles received through revelation, and by translation of the glyphs found in holy libraries around the world.

    The exponentially created waveform can produce the expanded awareness valued by truth-seekers, in that it promotes non-cognitive, intuitive thinking."

  • If I may express and underline the Energy Intent ... as a Group Avatar we can evoke Change and Planetary Healing.

    Gaia has been suffering for too long and she is showing us ... the Time is NOW to come as ONE and Send Loving Light Energy to her Heart.

    The Future Maps and Shamans Visions are to show what could well occur if continued negativity and darkness is allowed ~ which it is not.

    We ALL have unlimited Power and connection to Source ~ for the greatest GOOD for ALL ... but it is not about US.

    It is about our Beautiful Planet ~ we are here to take care of her as she provides for us.

    LOOK to Global Healing and ensure that the LIGHT of our LOVE is ONE ~ as we are ~ with Gaia ~ ONE Heart

    Times to Focus our Beam is imperative ... remember there are a few events such as The Great Intention ~ Peace for Mankind - Unity-Joy-Abundance ... Every Saturday at 10pm GMT

    Planetary Grid Transmissions show our Divinity and Unified Heart Intent on every level.

    I humbly suggest that we take this timed request from Terry and Yoj to the Heart of Gaia ... as it is not only the West Coast of the Americas requiring the Light of our LOVE.

    In addition always being ready when there is a call to arms for specific Energy Intent requirements.

    LOVE to Gaia ~ Gratitude ~ We are Here ~ Our Heart is ONE
  • LIGHT Energy to Protect the West Coast of The Americas

    We the Body of the Christ expressing our Buddha Nature...
    In this Moment in time and space —as our Vernal Equinox.
    Let us remember the Blessing of Balance (equal)... The Violet Fire of
    Freedoms Love is the saving balance to Earth & Humanity... Our
    Awakening to World Service as a Global
    Group is the balance most required for Humanity’s long sleep.

    We ask you to make this Call from all of your hearts for this revealed need, being the protection of the three Americas.
    Their is a willful intent; a gathering to inflict wide destruction at
    this time because the Americas must fulfill the next step for the
    continued unhindered Ascension.
    ---This is most important!---

    Through the presence of Life; That I AM, I Stand as a Global Group of
    Unified Intent for the immediate Protection of the entire coastline of
    the Three Americas by all the Powers of Light!
    By all the Love of all the Consciousness’ gathered for this Planet’s
    Freedom; to DO whatever is necessary to prevent, prevent, prevent, any
    applied intent to disrupt -to further manifest ...Oh God I AM and Great
    Host of Many see to it that this Call is amplified 10 Billion Fold and
    our Higher Selves repeat this call for 44 days.
    Oh God everywhere present: I Am, We Are so Grateful...
    thank You

    You all received my Light Brother's request this morning, He lives at Mt. Shasta, about 60 miles from me.
    I ask that all members do this as all who are familiar with Shamans' Vision map have seen most all of west coast Gone!
    As well as were you may live in the Americas, Yoj & I are in NW, so that's what I remember on map, we are Gone!
    I suggest setting a time every day to do this for the 44 days, so that
    we all will connect. Over at GCM we have a set time for our Med every
    Sun. Copy here:
    The meditation takes place at noon GMT- here is a conversion for major cities:
    4 AM – Vancouver, BC, Canada
    7 AM – Columbus, Ohio
    7 AM – New York, New York
    12 noon – London, England
    1 PM – Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2 PM – Pretoria, South Africa
    3 PM – Moscow, Russia
    5 PM – Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    8 PM – Singapore
    10 PM – Brisbane, Australia

    If you further need to clarify the time for your meditation, go to:

    Explanation of how it works copy here:
    The place that we meet (inside ourselves) exists where time is less
    linear and more fluid (just like time in the New Earth). Here,
    intention influences the "place" in time. And so we have discovered
    that the point in linear time really doesn't matter. You could set the
    intention to connect with this meditation from ANY point in linear
    time- it could be hours before or after or even days. You'll still "be
    there". Hannah

    Unfortunately we only have hours each day, but it will work.
    Include outer Islands on all coast lines & all of north in Arctic
    & the tip of South Amer., just send Positive Energy with Love to
    all, Vision with you 3rd eye what ever protection Energy works best for
    you. Bring in All Light Spirits of the God Source, God, with the Angels
    of Energy
    whom neutralize negate and cast into the Ethers of the Universe Negative Energy with their Positive Energy.
    Do Not, I repeat Do Not send any retaliation of any kind to the ones of
    "willful intent" the are Negative entities in the world and in spirit,
    you Will Just Feed them if you do!!! Hopefully you all Know this!
    Send copy of this to any other like groups you may know of, I am sending this to all at PGP, hopefully we just may Double
    this Call is amplified 10 Billion Fold and cut it to 22 days, actually
    today is 1st day. Some as I have already done this, however, We Must
    Unite as One doing this!!!
    I as a Light Bearer Implore you to Answer this Call!!!

    Clare de Lis' HeartStream of February 1, 2010

    May the Divine Forces of the Ancient of Days Continue To Lead You Forward!

    The Accelerated Path of the Keepers of the Lightning, the Bodhisattvas of Love


    Intuitive Hearts Who Are Progressing in Buddhic Mindfulness,

    A tender approach toward all life is essential in developing Buddhic presence. An attitude of quietude whereby you may hear and feel the sacred impulses of life and light flowing and glowing within allows you to maintain a state of listening grace. A sense of peace wherein nothing riles you to reply to the outer world energies with a reactive spirit of rancor and angst allows many Buddha beings to protect you in their joy flame.

    I am Clare de Lis. And I am continuing to share my perspective on the path of grace whereby you can sustain a presence of beingness all around you to keep you in the flowering mode of the awakened ones. Though the lilies and roses close as they sleep at night, when the sun is shining they are expressive of all of the divine essences of their fully-illumined state. So it may be for your souls, blessed ones.

    The vicissitudes of life at times challenge even the most progressed of conscious ones to maintain a state of inner balance and harmony. Yet the adepts have managed to do just this-transcend outer limitations to keep the light flowing and emanating through their beings at all times, in every situation. All at times have been beset by the dark storms and boisterous winds of the Maras and Satans of this world. But with your continuous striving to remain tethered to a higher reality you may be secure in Buddhic heart-mindfulness always.

    Not all is revealed at once to the newly-awakened ones, for they must have ample opportunity to stretch their wings and learn to fly. Yet if each progressive step is taken by listening to the internal impulses of the Spirit and you abide within the framework of eternal grace as you live and move and have your being in the space of grace, your attainment and victory will come.

    The ascended masters are available to help, to coach, to lead and at times to exhort. Just as with any truly enlightened one it is always our desired way to gently coax you to fulfill your highest purpose by an inspired example of grace and beauty. So long as you maintain a humble demeanor and a positive attitude, the more intense methods and rigors of chastisement and challenge will be few and far between along your path.

    Often, though, we see arising from deep within the subconscious certain age-old behavior patterns stemming from a core of personal rebellion or angst toward the Godhead that must be dealt with swiftly and surely if you are to progress as you outwardly desire and profess. During these times the Buddhas may come as those who devour darkness in what has been portrayed as an almost demonic appearance, like Kali, to free you from the impositions of egoic tendencies that if left unchecked can cause you to fail your initiations and stymie your spiritual progress.

    Trust in the Buddhas' wisdom is essential, beloved ones. They may come to speak not only through the Messenger but through many who can see clearly what is acting in your world that needs your attentive response through active change. Those who continuously ignore our prodding will have to work out their own salvation apart from the direct sponsorship of the glorious ones who always provide the surest and best way for you to come home.

    Some have sought to accelerate the path of initiation for their soul's evolution so that they may be of greater service. This is typically the case with all true messengers of light, for they have seen the suffering of mankind and have taken the bodhisattva vows to save each and every soul whom they can. When you choose this pathway to benefit all sentient life, the most intense means are often used by us to assist you in carving away the last vestiges of your human creation so that the full, shining radiance of your own Buddha Nature may emerge and be brought to bear to the world at large.

    The Keepers of the Lightning are just such devotees, dear ones. They afford heaven by their own free will the opportunity to work with them at an accelerated pace, and therefore their progress may also be swift and sure. Although caution is always given at the juncture of choosing this path, once it has been entered into there truly is no turning back the divine hand in giving every form of strong assistance to the aspiring adept.

    Dearest hearts, our way is not the way of the mass consciousness of the world at large. It is a way of truth. It is a way of divine knowledge. It is a way that requires the internalization of Godly beingness at all turns, and especially during those bends in the road where the initiatic path is daunting and where you seem to be tried in the most intense way and where there is no outer answer to the dilemmas that you find yourself in.
    The pressures of living within presence simply bring everything out of you. And this testing experience is one that few can pass without a little bit of the scorching of one's human pride in the process. Yet, keep on striving, blessed ones. Allow the lightning to deliver the divine impulses into the very core of your being. For as each new foothold is won you have a better grasp and you can see more clearly the panoramic view of where you had come from and where you are going.
    My heart is yours to claim as the victorious heart of Clare de Lis. My smile is yours to see within the sky, within the sun, within the center of every flower, within the movement of the trees, the flowing formation of the clouds and the very subtle expression of holy presence upon the face of a child.
    Some of you have conjectured just what I was doing during the final years of my life when outwardly I was not in the "messenger mode" of delivering teachings, dictations and fiery initiations to the chelas. Dearest ones, know that during this time of deep introspection, of pulling back and going within, I was able, through a very fine level of inner, Buddhic awareness, to actually accomplish just as much if not more on behalf of the souls of those whom I had come to serve and save.
    Many of you had the experience here and there of knowing my presence in a dream, in a fleeting vision or in a simple feeling of my presence with you during those hours. So it is still in a sense the same in this time after my ascension that my presence in your midst may be magnified even as you enter into your own Buddhic presence of mindfulness. For that is where I now abide and reside, dearest hearts.

    My blessings flow to each and every one of you who are helping to deliver this world into a new age by first being delivered from your own past lacks and fears into the Pure Land of Buddhic love. May the divine forces of the Ancient of Days continue to lead you forward! I thank you.

    Copyright © 2010 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. All messages released through The Hearts Center are copyrighted, but we encourage you to print and share them with discretion with heartfriends throughout the world. Bracketed words have been inserted for greater clarity with the approval of the dictating master. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.

    Messages from the Ascended Masters is supplied courtesy of The Hearts Center
    We encourage you to forward them freely to family and friends.

    Information and Request from Children of the Sun

    Specifically Yoi Chase and Terry Howe
  • Do We Share the Same Vision? ~ ~ ~ An Invitation ~ ~ ~ Your Destiny

    I would like to share my mission with you.

    Reflecting on my life this morning, overlooking the peaks of the Pyrenees mountains ( the view from my window) glittering like huge earth crystals under the warm March sunshine, I thought about the people that had helped me through 4 broken marriages, 3 bankruptcies (and a partridge in a pear tree) to arrive at the idyllic life I enjoy now.

    I can count those people on one hand. In fact I can count them with 2 fingers. I realised that this was a reflection of the life choices I made, probably before birth. Among the choices were that I would have to 'do it alone'. And throughout my life I complied with these early choices by becoming an expert autodidact. (able to learn and master something by oneself)

    Whether it was learning to build a successful, organic food company, run a marathon, get on television, market million-dollar houses to an international market, create a circus under a big top, speak French. If I set myself a goal, I always achieved it. And I did it alone, no courses, no mentors, no inheritance.

    And this morning, I realised that the reason I chose this path was that I was destined for something really important. Something that would affect the planet. And I think I'm beginning to understand.

    In this topsy turvy world, there are those that are thriving and those that are not. Those that are thriving, have chosen to give themselves the means to acquire information. The information that will help them thrive further. And then there are those who currently think they can't afford the information. The internet abounds with courses, programs, marketing gadgets and all sorts of strategic wiles that will enable the thriving to further thrive.

    But these products are mostly beyond the price range of Joe average. I am constantly amazed at the prices that some coaches and experts ask for their services. Good for them! They obviously got their 'income' vibrations perfectly tuned! I asked myself if I wanted to charge a fortune for the services that I offer. Services that offer beautiful and proven wisdom and guidance to transform people's lives. And I keep getting the answer 'no'. I could.. but I don't want to.

    Because when we look around at all the desperate people all valiantly trying to keep their heads above water, we know that the information that we have to impart has to go to those who most need to hear it, especially concerning abundance.

    So it is our intention to build ways in which this information and wisdom is available to everyone, within the reach of the most modest budgets. We began by building the Theatre for Dreams and have set quite a few people on their way with the new and totally original tools that we have given them, for free. Now we are planning to re-present the acclaimed Quantum Heart-space Project in April. It transformed lives, saved lives and created miracles.

    Dzai and I do not wish to 'follow' the model of the modern internet guru. Because the message we have to bring, is the same one that allowed me to build a life from nothing to abundance; from just surviving to truly thriving. I am passionate about helping people to fulfil their potential, to allow them to know that they can go from zero to hero. To help them thrive by doing what they love best. My heart swells as I write these very words.

    So we've thrown open the doors of the Theatre for Dreams. There is no more subscription, it is free.

    Because we are building a new tribe of people who can benefit from the message that we both learned. A message that cuts through all the crap of marketing, all the haze of tendencies and false doctrines. A message that will open you to the most exquisite thing of all. Unrelenting self-love. It is that self-love which you can then catapult out to the world, through business, communication, projects, causes.

    The message is simple.

    You are your greatest teacher.

    When you know this in your DNA, you can just stand back and watch the miraculous unfolding of your exceptional life.

    You will take flight.

    We believe in you.

    Will you join us?

    Dream Warriors at your side,

    Jenni P and Dzai

    Here's the portal...

    Just Surviving? Want to thrive? Don't miss '30 Days to Financial Peace' FREE ecourse here

    Garbet, Benac, B4 09000, FRANCE
  • A ONENESS DAY Petition -- potentially the most important petition ever launched . . . toward a New Spirituality, a New Humanity, a New Earth.

    Humanity’s Team is collecting at least 50,000 signatures as part of a campaign to appeal to the United Nations to declare a global Oneness Day, a day set aside and embraced by individuals, communities and nations each year in which people celebrate, discuss, demonstrate and thus experience our commonality, while still acknowledging and respecting our beautiful cultural diversity . . . a shared day to unite in Oneness every year for the greater good of the Human Family.

    March 2010 UPDATE: We have scheduled a meeting with the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Mr Ali Treki, in mid-May of this year. During that meeting we'll deliver this Oneness Day Petition, along with your name and "signature." Be sure to tell your family and friends about it, so their signature can be included too! CLICK BELOW
    The European Commission has just approved growing genetically modified crops for the first time in 12 years, putting the GM lobby's profits over public concerns -- 60% of Europeans feel we need more information before growing foods that could threaten our health and environment.

    A new initiative allows 1 million EU citizens a unique chance to make official requests of the European Commission. Let's build a million voices for a ban on GM foods until the research is done. Sign the petition below and spread the word.
    Don't forget to include your address so that all of our signatures count for the citizens' initiative.

    Please Please Please
    EU Citizens ~ Sign this Petition and Share it on all Social Networking Sites

    Thank You ~ We MUST Make a Stand

    This is IMPORTANT on so many Levels.
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These Meditations --- The Colourful way to SHINELove to ALLHealing Sounds of Colour Combining frequencies of sound and colour enables the mind and body to resonate harmoniously.ColourshowerSound of Healing - Monaural SoundAngel MeditationSolfeggio Frequency---Colour HealingUNIVERSAL LOVEPEACEHARMONY&COLOURFUL VIBRATIONS

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Twin Souls Energy to Heal the Planet

It is believed by many people that humanity is at the edge of a quantum leap in consciousness. Twin Souls have an important contribution in all this. When joining, they create a powerful force, Love at the pure level, a Whirl of Light in the darkness of our society’s consciousness.As more and more Twin Souls come together, it will be so many flames of that Energy on the Planet that it will help to create a breaking in consciousness.May we all share True Love and Ecstasy with our Twin Soul, that…

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The 8 States of Consciousness

Adapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace, by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).Every day we normally experience three states of consciousness: Waking, dreaming and sleeping. But only by spending time in silence, stillness, or meditation do we experience a fourth state of consciousness where we start to glimpse our soul. When we glimpse our soul, we become a little more intuitive. We start to feel that things are not just what they seem to be; there is something more behind the scenes.The physical…

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Our role as Lightworkers

Hi everyone. I would love to hear more about how you view yourself as a lightwork. How did you start your journey? Who has inspired you?My name is Lisa and I am a Transformational Energy Healer as well as an Angel Therapy Practitioner (registered trademark).I created my own website called "I Surrender This" to help people let go of their fears and live a more peace filled life.

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