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Light workers book

A book for light workers if you are interested.

I discovered it from this link about healing children and family with love.

Reviews of this book if you are interested, scroll down to reviews.

Very captivating book that explains how to give and receive l

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what does 11 11 mean?

I have seen 11 11


for over 12 years


my life has been a lving hell as of late


so sick


and blah, blah


so what the hell does this mean for me


what the angels are observing, but not helping me through this


the end does not jusitfy the means


I did not nee

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The Spiritual Revolution

It Starts Locally - and Fits GloballyThere has to be local community sustainability on all levels - with global awareness regarding - replenish and protect.Money and greed has bred selfishness and vilified NATURE.There is no compassion with major cor

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is the lightwokers job done?


  writing to express as well,  I don't think I will get an answer cause we don't know, ya know.


   More and more people get it now.  We have enough people know enlightened, for the planet to heal, this is wonderful!


    Yet, for the lightworkers who

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 what is up with the line


I have so much I want to express


and even before I get the thought out, it seems to be cancled out


coided out






it is like my thoughts don't count


like it is not good enough


that I don't count





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Pranic Breathing

Pranic Breathing and the Ka/Pranic Body




Prana is life force energy. It is consciousness itself (also known as chi, tachyon, orgone, ether). It is life. It is light. It is the electron. Prana is everywhere in the universe, emanating through

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The Spiritual Age

The Spiritual Age

by Owen Waters


The Spiritual Age is not just another age to be documented in the pages of history books.


The Spiritual Age is a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind.


There are 12 distinct stages in the evolution of human consci

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Labor Pains Of The Re-Birth

Labor Pains of the Re-BirthJuly 23, 2009Welcome!The new re-birth we are experiencing has created much in regard to a “complicated labor.” To summarize briefly: There were many souls who became stuck, or who are experiencing difficulty in awakening or

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How many times have you asked yourself, "When will I receive the goodness I deserve, especially after all the good I have done for others?"Too often to remember, is what most of you would say, and this would be essentially correct.What about all the

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