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  • ok she left me it was 4 years ago we were in high school and we had know each other since grade 6 and she fell for me two years before we started dating I had a temper back then but since I've gotten over it there also lots of high school drama and she knows i have and she. me and her are best friends side note she still hugs me before she leaves even know I do have to remind her sometimes. We cuddle every now and then. She comes to me with all her problems came to me for a comforting hug after her last break up. last time we were at a bar we were playing pool after a few drinks she poked me in the butt with a pool cue then not too long after that she cuddled with me. Still loves to tease me and mess up my hair after one of the hugs she said this “Here I know you miss this” me “Don’t deny it you miss you this too” her “Yeah I do” she also touched my leg once. she says none of this side note stuff means anything but i hope it does and i have a hard time believing her. We are 20 and 21 now. Also I was carrying her bag and a few other nice things which I have told I will stop doing and I think a good start for me getting her back would be for to show her that I haven't changed my mind about stopping doing these nice things for her by when she test me to see if I have I will hold my ground and show her that I haven't changed my mind.

    can you help me with my situation?

  • Hi everyone

    Welcome to the group!

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Attracted him back and then Lost him again!

Hi My boyfriend of 10 months who I wanted to make a serious life partner into suddenly went cold after 3 months of our relationship. I saw the honymoon phase of him dropping away from the little things he used to show he cared, like flowers and gifts and praises. He made the excuse of moving to a new house as an excuse to change totally, a jeckyl and hyde scene. I know my thoughts were pretty much destructive from the beginning, I was already tearing the relationship down, (as he was another…

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Doubts on attracting my ex girlfriend back. Need a hand!

Hi everyone! :)First of all I'd like to introduce myself to this group telling you my story and also, beforehand, saying that it is awesome that groups like these exist out there to clear out doubts, gain knowledge and better understanding of LOA and other related concepts, and also to encourage one another :DWell, this is so crazy, since I never thought of trying to attract someone...! But over time, since my ex girlfriend broke up with me, I transitioned all of a crazy process in which I…

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love afirmations

love affirmations               http://www.litairian.com/best-affirmations-for-love/watching these affirmations in videos have really changed the love around many people. watch it and live the life of your desire , fall in love again , feel loved and spread love. 

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Improve my current relationship

hello everyone i am a new user of the secret i am here to ask help to people out here on how to improve my current relationship its been more than 2 years of being together and these 2 years have been beautiful but now v both have moved to other cities and he says that he is not free to talk to me...there is no affection left ( according to me ) , he wants to be with me , the major problem is communication gap .I would like to use the secret to make him again realise his love towards me and i…

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