This group is for members in London and Outer London (The rest of the U.K.), and for those who are from the U.K., or would like to be. This is a place to share the good with each other, whatever form it may come in. Welcome to our part of the world!
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  • You ever get the feeling you were *meant* to be somewhere - I've always felt that of the UK. *sigh* All you lucky folk that get to live there :-) (Greetings from Canada!)

  • Who is in Greater London?
  • From Rosha :


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  • anyone else from Portsmouth or surrounding area??? Really happy to be here

  • Hey conjurer you might want to post to Athenas group which is a bit more active for meet ups I think.
  • Hi i am in london on the 10 sept and would like to meet up with some of you if this is possible
  • Hi all
    i am coming down to london a few times in sept and oct this year and would like to meeet up with some you while im in town
  • Hi Everyone,

    For July we are meeting on Sunday 18th July at either Base Bar & Bistro – 195 Baker Street at 1pm or Regents Park Bandstand at 2pm ( Baker Street tube ) to enjoy a beautiful free cool layed back Jazz concert that is sponsored by the 606 club.

    The artist we are watching is: Allison Neale

    Performance - 2.30pm - 5pm

    A beautifully fluent and inventive player on both Alto sax and flute, Allison plays in a strongly melodic 'West Coast' style reminiscent of her main influences Paul Desmond ( of Dave Brubeck fame) and Art Pepper. Work in groups such as John Dankworth's Big Band and 'Generations' band have established Allison as one of the scene's leading melodic sax and flute players. Supported by a rhythm section of some of the best players around, this is fine music from an excellent musician.

    Further information:

    We shall be enjoying a picnic and some great wine on a beautiful Summers Day. So bring food to share if you wish or eat at Base Bar & Bistro if you prefer. Email or phone Athena to let us know that you are planning to join us for a special day out in Regents Park.

    We have been meeting since the end of October. Our group is successful and it's so nice to meet up with others. It's a great forum for you to share your views, to talk about your manifestation success and learn something. Your development will move on constantly through interaction with like-minded positive people.
  • Hi Claudia Hey, guess what? I started a group for those in/near/visiting London who are members here at Powerful Intentions. It's basically free unless we go to events that have a fee. We are meeting up next on the 30th of this month, Sunday at the Mind Body Spirit show at 2pm. Here is the group url
    and here is more info about us.
    Would LOVE to catch up with you. I'm also open to meeting people one to one as well.
  • Hi Aravelle
    i am in Leeds
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Attracting Michael Losier to London

One of my facebook friends, Liz Green, also a member here with some REALLY inspiring videos and law of attraction teacher, Michael Losier are working together to get him to come to London and do a seminar and some workshops too I believe. So I'm spreading the news and the intentions: will be perfectly honest and say I don't know much about him myself although I'm a Liz Green fan!Here are some videos of him and I thought there may be Michael…

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Powerful Intentions London UK members photos of May meetup & June (picnic with music) details

Those of us who could make it to the Mind Body Spirit Show last Sunday had a lovely time & here are some photos.  I couldn't take many cos you weren't allowed to photograph the free stage and there were quite a lot of people as well.  Anyway, there were two other members as well as those in the photo who came along but one was taking the photo of us and the other one was enjoying the stalls.  And our group here is 18 members strong, different members sometimes come along to different meetups.…

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The M B S festival get tohether.

Just wanted to say I had a great time at this yesterday,it was something a bit different and it was nice to meet some of the members from this group.Thanks everyone especially Athena for the invite.if anyones interested I was asked to do a  write up on another board (link below)

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