• I dont know the why......but from my observations .........great beauty - can come out of extreme pain. Example: Child birth, and most of our greatest singers, actors - even writer's like myself - have had very painful childhoods...........I'm one of the most caring human beings - and I've been the victim of the cruelest form of brutality - by the person that brought me into the world - and it's because of the pain - that makes me so kind. I have compassion.........Singer's like, Etta James, Billy Holiday, the list can go on and on - without their struggle - those songs - wouldn't sound the same

    .........."AT laSt - My love has come along .....MY LONELY DAZE ARE OVER," Etta James - wooo........listen to that beauty!

  • you could call it contrast and this is what leads you to the life that you planned on having before you stepped into this physical body

    the contrast is what takes you to the true you and this is what it is all about ... when you hook up with your source and find out about the whole you ...WOW ... there is nothing more than we want for you!!!

    everything else at that point is just incidentals ... you know for us it is windsurfing ... learning to fly ... playing with our little ones ... and all the big ones too *8-)~ etc etc etc ad infinitum
  • Without knowing pain you can't know pleasure. Examine what you call the pain. Maybe from a different perspective you can call it another word!

    We are all divine. It is by our own unconscious choices that we are who we think we are until we choose to be something different.

    Use affirmations with the feelings they create to make the changes you want to make.

    Know that the universe loves you and sees you as your perfect self.

    Sherry G
  • Paul, the only thing I can say to that from everything that I've read so far is that we are all here for life lessons, usually when someone is feeling pain there is an underlying cause. Are you talking about physical pain or emotional pain? There are alot of factors to take into consideration. If you are happy truly happy on the inside the pain lessens. I have been in my current job for 7 years, I LOVE my job, I tell myself how grateful I am to have this job everyday, I thank God everyday for it. I have never called in sick. I contribute that to loving it so much and being so grateful that I very rarely ever get sick. NOw that I've been working on the LOA, The Secret, Louise Hay's teachings, Eckhart Tolle's teachings it's like I'm living on a natural high all the time. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have been in remission for a couple of years now. I use to get sore at work when I had a lot of patients and even that has improved almost 100%. It takes time, it doesn't happen overnight but when you get to the point of having inner peace then you will notice a shift in yourself and that "pain" will improve. I hope that helps and this is my opinion from everything I've read. I have read also that, before we are born we choose our life path and sometimes people choose to live a life of sickness (pain) because that is a lesson they want to learn from that life, we all have free will and can choose to change that course while we are here on earth, it is all a part of our soul growing and learning. I hope you have a great week and I hope I was able to explain this from my viewpoint. In love and light!~Annmarie
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