Love, Feeling Stuck, LOA and EFT

Love has not been working for me the way it is described in any of the self help books I have owned. I have done the affirmations from Louise Hays books for years, with small results, especially the one of looking in the mirror and saying I love and approve of myself...Last night I finally figured out and understood why I have been able to do all of suggestions from the many books I have read and owned and achieved temporary results as stated in each book, and then my life goes back to the alternate experiences.Short background in the last three years, Finally in business with promising up and coming student and horses to compete with.July 07, my oldest broke his ankle on his new job and took 4 weeks till they decided surgery was the only option, and 4 weeks more til it healed. Finally huge Christmas bonus, life going up....husband disappeared for 5 days, presumed injured, hurt, and in need...Turns out he has had an alternative life, 75% about what he had been telling us and living with me was not true. Several women, internate sites, and 18 pages of police records...Divorce finalized 8 months later.8-20-21-08 Have ex's name off of business clients abound...Friend who I was sharing a house with took 6 months to collect from her and have her move her stuff out and pay for damages.10-21-08 Find The Secret read and immerse myself in the book. Am stricken with Bells Palsy/ Ramsay Hunt Friend ( am told 1 year til full recovery is possible) Friend who came to help I "allowed" to monopilized many aspects of my life, my ideas, and time, I finally moved her and her horses out of my life. 5-17-08Working very hard and diligently on any form of alternative help LOA leads me to EFT on here back about Feb.. Have been tapping diligently with slow results. Went and recieved certification 2 weeks ago in EFT, now certified Gold Reiki Master/Teacher. Constant massages and Natural Force Healing which all accumalated with what occurred last night to finally find the "Root" cause in why so many things before did not work for me.When I was tapping last night the follow phrase made itself known to me"Even though I have all of these old confusing thoughts, emotions and patterns that attatch LOVE, TRUST, FAMILY, AND LIFE to pain, shame, blame, guilt, fear, and abandonment. I am willing to look around, see experience, and feel LOVE, TRUST, FAMILY, AND LIFE in new safe fulfilling, joyous, youthful, healthy, and abundant ways."See one of the things that made itself known to me last my childhood was sprinkled with abuse and things that my LOA's about LOVE, TRUST, FAMILY, and LIFE did not mean to me what is taught in the positve...Most of my experiences from the very people who represented myself's association to these words, represented pain, shame, blame, guilt, fear, and abandonment... I had very few positive associations to those words in a good way.I finally understood why if I "use" to wish for something in my life I literally had to think the opposite for it to occur.After I wrote down the phrase and started EFT tapping for it....I felt this huge incredible shift occur in my body, soul, mind and senses. Huge debilitating pains that have been showing up in my body shouting at me for help, suddenly grew calm, a sense of peace I have not experienced in years took over.I went to bed, tired, but so different. Slept til 7 (I am a horse person that is late) got a drink of water, and went back to bed and slept till 10:30 (thankfully it is Sunday and the animals seemed to understand something has changed) I know I still have more to understand and learn about myself, But I now understand why I was getting no where...I am sharing this in an effort to help those who feel so frustrated as to why doesn't this stuff work for them.To all of you who have shared your stories with me, inspiring me to keep trying...Thank you from the very depth of my being!Cath(Cross Posted)

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  • Cath,
    I do not know what EFT is, or what or how tapping helped you, but I want to know, your life experiences though different, are not too different from my own. I hope you see this and respond, I am trying to learn how to heal myself.
    Thank you
  • Wow Cath! How amazing and inspiring, wonderful and enlightening. You are so great and have shared such a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing and I am so happy you have found your way. In love and light!~Annmarie
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