The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by Braid T. Spalding; Devorss & Co., P.O. Box 550, Marina del Ray, CA 90294, 1927-1986, 6 Volume set. "There is a striking resemblance between the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and those of these Masters as exemplified in their daily life. It has been thought impossible for man to derive his daily supply direct from the Universal, to overcome death and perform the various miracles that Jesus performed while on earth. The Masters prove that all these are their daily life."Baird Thomas Spalding' (1857-1953) was the author of the book Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. These books span six volumes. They describe the travels to India and surrounding nations of a research party of eleven scientists in 1894. During their trip they claim to have made contact with "the Great Masters of the Himalayas", immortal beings with whom they lived and studied, gaining a fascinating insight into their lives and spiritual message. This close contact enabled them to witness many of the spiritual principles evinced by these Great Masters translated into their everyday lives, which could be described as 'miracles'. Such examples are walking on water, or manifesting bread to feed the hungry party. These books have remained consistently popular with spiritual seekers, those interested in the philosophy of the East and those who enjoy a good story because of their accessible nature and easy-to-follow format. However, despite most of the action taking place in India, the Great Masters make it clear that the greatest embodiment of the Enlightened state is that of the Christ (as personified by Jesus). The Masters accept that Buddha represents the Way to Enlightenment, but they clearly set forth that Christ IS Enlightenment, or a state of consciousness for which we are all seeking - the Christ light of every individual; therefore, the light of every child born into the world."If you have read this series, I would love and appreciate your comments. For additional related links, please visit: or a Great Day!

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