The I can Do It Seminars

Has anyone attended anyone of the seminars? I will be going to one in Vegas at the end of June, but have not intended/affirmed much money for the hotel. The Venition is very expensive, and so are the ones nearby. Any ideas?Thankx!!Sherry G

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  • Oh I wish I would have seen your post... I was there too! OMG I can't believe how expensive the Venetian is... not to mention how difficult it was to find my room. I stayed in the Venezia Tower... had to take 2 elevators to get to my room. One to the 10th floor then another to the 4th floor. Thank goodness there were many security guards at every floor. I had to ask directions for getting to the main lobby to cross the casino and again got lost every time going back to the room. But the bathrooms!! The Bathrooms were the most awesome I have ever seen (and I've stayed in many beautiful places over the years) this was THE most gorgeous bathroom I have ever seen.

    I loved Louise but I wish she would have talked longer. Unfortunately I was sick for most of the trip and didn't attend a lot of the workshops... And I missed Alan Cohen!! I can't believe I missed his workshop... he was one I really HAD to see. He's the reason I signed up for the full conference pass. But I slept right through his workshop. I am SO disappointed about that!!! I don't think I'll ever have the chance to see him again. I also wanted to have him sign a book for a dear friend of mine who recommended his books to me. So today I called the number on his website and spoke to a very nice woman. She said to email her with what I want Alan to write and when he finishes his tour he'll send my friend the book... with what I want him to say to my friend.

    The conference wasn't as great as I thought it would be... but then again I was sick for the entire time... so maybe that's the reason.

    I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you! Well nice meeting you here on this website... I love this website... it's the BEST!!!

    Peace and Light to you,
    • Oh Cath!!!!
      How are you feeling now?
      It seems there was a lot of illness going on there and with the loved ones we left at home:(

      I DID find a room mate through the Hay House website and Christa since I was a volunteer. I had a GREAT time! I got to meet Louise and give her a copy of the children's book I just finished. Actually all of the speakers I saw were wonderful, and every one of them had ideas that were in my book (just a hint from spirit that I am on the right path).

      Who all did you get to see?

  • I"m sorry Sherry I've never been to one of the I Can do It seminars, but I bet it's worth every penny! Good luck in manifesting that hotel! Let us know how it was when You can back. In love and light~Annmarie
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