• I saw the movie and loved it. It was about listening to the talk to yourself in your head. It shows ways of making the talk to yourself positive, loving yourself, and the kind of wonderful transformation that occurs when you listen and believe those voices. The movie compliments Law of Attraction teachings about gratitude, feeling the essence of that which you desire, and feeling the power of affirmations.

    My favorite scene was how a Native man prays for rain in a drought. He hikes in the desert to a remote ancient stone circle. He feels how rain feels in his village and smells it. He feels the essence of rain and expresses his thanks. Simple and beautiful!
  • I have watched the extended version and it's awesome! I highly recommend it. The extended version has extra interviews at the end with Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson and the other guest speakers Louise had in the movie. In love and light!~Annmarie
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