• I watched it in Vegas, with Louise in attendance!!!!

    Sherry G
  • Vision boards are so inspiring and so much fun to make! I would definitely recommend her book. Louise Hay is amazing!
  • Yes I did watch it. I started a vision board although I have a sort of one in the back of my mindfulness notebook. It's nice to work on and makes you feel great to look at. I also watched her movie on her website and ordered the cards. I believe she is a tremendous help for me.
    • ooh thats good. Im sure it will work no matter where you put it. I have to get the movie. thats sooo great. i need that help . I get down on myself easy.
  • Well my vision board and my mothers is mom got some money and i won a small lottery! Im happy!
  • OOh thats great. Im getting the poster board today! My 9 year old is making one too. :) Its exciting. I even liked the two other women and might get their books too.
  • I watched the show and then sent hour working on the vision board it is exicting to do
    Good for your mom to act on it
    It was a very good show
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