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This is from John Holland's weekly newsletter:UNDERSTANDING THE SOULWhat does the word soul truly mean? Have you ever asked yourself any of these weighty questions: Where is the soul? Does the soul go on after we die? Does spirituality have anything to do with it, and better yet: How does God fit into all this?It is my personal belief that the soul is the true essence of a person. When you look into a mirror and see your reflection, you notice your body, your hair, your eyes, your smile, or even your frown! The reflection looking back at you, the image you see is just your external shell – your physical self, but it’s not who you really are.The soul is your very essence, and resides in your body. Your personality acts as a wonderful conduit for your soul to express itself in the outside world, which plays a significant role in how you relate to others and to yourself. No two souls are ever alike, and fortunately, every one of us is uniquely different. It is your soul that determines who you are and what makes you – you.Here’s a great exercise that Louise Hay (author of the best seller ‘ Heal Your Life’) recommends: This week, before you start your day and the very last thing you do before you go to bed, take a moment and stand in front of a mirror and look beyond your own reflection. Look into your eyes . Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Forgive yourself while looking into the mirror and say aloud: "I love you, I really do love you!"I know this may sound easy, but believe me when I say that many of us have a real problem looking into our own eyes, as well as directly into others. It is said: That the eyes are the windows to your soul . When you learn to do this, a more positive shift in your soul begins and you’ll soon realize that the real you is truly beautiful!

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