Hello!! I find this group fascinating and too continent if you know what I mean as english isn't my native language. I appreciate the whole Hays play and it is very important to me, so it was too helpful to watch several videos at this site and knowing Louise and listening her voice explaining those wise and smart advices and know,ledges. Lots of love to you Louise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a question too, If we follow a psichoanalitical therapy, you know, many times it's necessary to look to your past freely associating ideas and feelings, dragging pain and suffering toi the present, many times. My question:Isn't itdangerous because of L.O.A. Aren't we atracting those past experiences we are talking about with our psichologist, to present????'????Thank you all for your replies.Love and lightHerminia

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  • Many people are living from their past pain --and creating lives to match-- but they are doing so unconsciously. These past patterns can sabotage us without our knowledge, until we bring them into the light of awareness (which is what self-reflection and analysis does).

    So, these ideas are brought up so that they can be lovingly dealt with and banished from our thinking, so that we can replace them with positive, life-affirming new thoughts.

    BUT, we must consciously let go of the past. Many psychoanalysists are not quick to replace the past, so they --perhaps unwittingly-- keep their patients stuck in those past patterns. Like any medical treatment, we must consciously take charge of our own progress and if the therapist is not keeping up, find a new one.

  • Hello! I think it's good to take a look to the past in several moments, for taking profit, for learning much about us or about the others, but not in the sense of repeating the situations.
    But, if there is one thought which give you so much's because you doesn't pass over, that's mean you don't pass the page. Some times it's hard to pass the page, but is necessary if you want to be happy, if you want to increase. We can talk about it because i had experiences very heavy, but in fact, actually and thanks to "The secret", i learn to forgive to myself and to the others. Lot of light and love for you and all the members. Moni from Barcelona.
    • I am who thank you for your words Moni, your answer gave me what I think it's a clue, it is about passing the page I know I have a pair of heavy ones to pass, I do appreciate your experiences and I feel I could learn from you. Thanks for offering it. >Moni, maybe we can use our languages, I don't know if it's unfair for the other members, what do you think I don't speak, unfortunately, catalan but castilian is my native language. We'll do the best. Thank you again and my wishes of ligth and achieves for your road!!!!!!!
      Herminia from Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina

      PD:dID I tell you that I love Serrat? Every argentinian does!
  • Yes Val,
    • Thanks for your advice, i'll do both, and, thanks for your clear english

      Best regards

    • I agree that we can balance LOA with our lives analysis. How will it result to LOA, as we atract things we are thinking about and time after time. How can we do fot not to givepast materials to LOA to manifestate. Besides, I appreciate psichoanalysis values in the way to remove past problems but I think it can be dangerous bringing us past and negative experiences which LOA be able to multiplicate, and psichoterapy does consist in bringing experiences and emotions from past

      Herminia Suarez
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