What's the BEST thing you got from Louise Hay? What changed YOU?

Dear friends,I am reading the You Can Heal Your Life-book from Louise Hay over and over. Every time I find new tips that I try. But which of those really really worked for you immediately? Can you share that with me?For me, up till now, the next ones worked best:- if friends from the past didn't treat you respectfully, then forgive them, say thank you for the time you shared and move on with your life. Try to forget them because they don't bring you the good things you need. > Works for me, though still hard sometimes.- if you have bad thoughts, replace them with good thoughts, so think of your dream house or something else that is very nice. > Works for me, gives me more power and a better mood.- say to yourself all the time: You are wonderful, I love you and everything you do is right. > Works for me too, it gives me a smile on my face which is wonderful!I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.

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  • I do feel more and more as I go through this journey of self discovery, that it is important for us to spend time with people who make us feel good too. We should not try to please others at the expense of our own happiness. Life is precious and we need to enjoy every moment.
    • yes isabel I totwllay agree with your concepts and of course in thinking Louise is a TEACHER AND i HAVE MANY TO LEARN. i´M IN THE PATH, sHE´S A GUIDE


  • Dear Friends,
    Louise is such a wonderful teacher. She radiates love in such an amazing way and I have been inspired by her messages.
    In "You Can Heal Your Life" Louise says that " All Dis-ease comes from a state of Unforgiveness". I think the most difficult thing for many of us is to TRULY forgive. I have also read in another of her books, that there is a difference between forgiveness and acceptance, and this has really made sense to me. "Forgiving someone does not mean that you condone their behaviour. The act of forgiveness takes place in your own mind. It really has nothing to do with the other person. The reality of true forgiveness lies in setting yourself free from the pain. It's simply an act of releasing yourself from the negative energy that you've chosen to hold on to. Also, forgiveness doesn't mean allowing the painful behaviours or actions of another to continue in your life. Sometimes forgiveness means letting go; you forgive that person and then you release them. TAking a stand and setting healthy boundaries is often the most loving thing you can do - not only for yourself, but for the other person as well. "
  • Thanks Lisa,your comment is a reminder to me of those simply pure ideas so capital , indeed, universs is talking and hearing, what else? Louise posess lots of virtues one easyly notice, and she is a TEACHER by her plenty right. I am always helped by her plays and healing structure.

    Love to you all!!

    • Interesting. I have just started the path and I have alot of anger and guilt towards people from the past. That now its time to forgive and walk. Otherwise I will be alone for the rest of my life.
    • httBeieve, it´s profoundly necesasary to release you and your life, you are who is getting relief1111




    • Forgiveness seems to be necessary with no doubts, we are who break free and release pain and sorrow, try it, it is not easy but pretty essencial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • When Louise was on Oprah she said that it's as if The Universe is listening to everything we say and think and mirroring it back to us and that really spoke to me. Now I "listen" to everything I think and say a lot more carefully.

    Louise also says that The Universe is always speaking to *us* and she asks if we are listening. I'm more aware now than I ever was and those two concepts are a huge part of it :)

    Much love

  • Trix. I identify with your reading over and over Louise book, I also do the same with "The power is inside you", both much appreciated as this wise woman who I have much to thank. I recommend her plays to every person who as me has arrived to hard circumstances to face, the awesome is ONE CAN FACE THEM and also get wellbeing. May we all can be happier and healthier!!!!!



  • "It is only a thought and thoughts can be changed" - I'm getting the book - for sure.

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