Advice please: this book is hard on me

I've been reading my head off the past year about the conscious/unconscious and changing patterns. I've read some really great things, have made progress in my life thanks to good books.

I really thought I knew something about myself, until I started reading 'You can Heal your Life' last week. This book has hit me like a sledge hammer. I feel like I have been set back 100 steps. For instance, I tried to do the mirror affirmations about loving your self and I just can't bare to bring myself to it. Every time I look at myself inside I'm screaming "No way, there's NO WAY!"

All areas are hitting me like that. I can't read more than a chapter at a time before I have to put the book down. It drains me emotionally. I had a day off Tuesday and read three chapters, but had to take a nap after each one, I'm not even kidding.

It has revealed a LOT of issues for me and, I hate to say it, but its shaking my confidence. Has anyone else had this kind of issue with the book? I'm going to keep on reading, but it would be great if someone could tell me how they got through. Thanks in advance!

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  • Ryan, it's funny you posted that, because just yesterday I was listening to Wayne Dyer and he explained we are source energy inside a host, and the source is who we really are. I think that is what you were referring to? Now the mirror exercise takes on a whole new meaning. I'm so much further than I was a month ago with this stuff, like a whole new world has been opened to me. I'm taking in everything I can. Thanks for the link, I look forward to doing the VIP exercises :)
  • So then, are you saying you feel like repeating the affirmations is a lie? Like you are not being truthful with "reality"? I think it is important to diferentiate between "reality" and "appearances". What you see in the mirror is an appearance. The one DOING the seeing, if you go deep enough, is the reality!

    p.s. I do a little exercise you might find useful using colors and shapes, it is much more specific than a general affirmation:
  • it took me 2-3 weeks before I could look in the mirror and say I love you to my reflection. I printed out all her affirmations from the book, saying them 1-2 times a day, knowing/believing they would help me......they did---more than any other book, and there have been many along the way, I feel this book has led to my spiritual success....
  • Krysalys, thanks for the recommendations, I will put them in my amazon cart! I'm still having trouble with the mirror exercise, avoiding it like the plague. I will try the 'willing' affirmation like you suggested. I am starting to actually feel a sort of bliss while writing my affirmations, while before I was just trying to get through them. I think that is a positive sign. With time I'll get there. I'm so fortunate to have found that book, and this site for that matter. Thanks again!
    • Hi Keif, I'm glad the affirmations are working for you! I also get a lot of info and good advice from the group on this site called Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. Check it out if you have time!
  • This book has been real helpful to me. I listen to it in audio form and I don't put pressure on myself when saying the affirmations. I think you could try holding your throat and saying "I am willing to change" first. that's the affirmation that rang truer for me than loving myself. I also said I release the need for rejection. Now, the other day I looked deep into my eyes and said "you are beautiful. I love you." shortly after that, 3 people told me that I'm beautiful. This is a issue I'd struggled with. I listen to Heal your life on audio. and some of her other audio books, like "love your Body" have been helpful to me as wel (got it pretty cheap on itunesl. I also recommend the Esther and Jerry Hicks books if you haven't checked them out yet, and The game of life and how to play it" by Florence Scovel shin. Hope I've helped!!
  • Vee, thanks for the reply. I'm already feeling better about this book just spending the past few days doing the recommended exercises in it (Even the mirror one). I guess what was disturbing is that I felt very knowledgeable about my self... until I picked up this book. I discovered a LOT of things that have been holding me back and am now very thankful for knowing. The funny thing is this book was given to me by a friend over a year ago and sat untouched. If I would have read it a year ago I would have been more closed minded about it. I must thank my friend today! Better late than never.

    Please recommend further reading that would be beneficial to self-improvement. Thanks!
  • Hi Keif,
    This book is meant to be read slow and steady and do the work she suggests on the way. It is a book that you will need to read again and again, and each time you will understand it in ways you did not do before. This book does speak to you and bring home lots of issues. Needing to sleep is one way of you body telling you that some things are being released on a very deep level. If you have trouble saying I love and approve of myself, then first try saying- I want to love and approve of myself, I choose to love and approve of myself, or even though I feel that I just cannot love and approve of myself, I choose to forgive myself for being this way, and I choose to love and approve of myself. By making a choice statement, you are effectively programming your mind to recognize that you always have a choice and you are free to pick any.

    Many people go through issues and feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do on themselves to get to a better feeling place, and they do give are doing the best thing for yourself by committing to stay on track however tough that may seem, and that means you have already succeeded!
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